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Anime has shown us a lot over the years. There have been sad stories that turned happy as well as ridiculous tales that turned serious. However, anime does not seem to know how to draw a line between two ideas that should never blend.

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From gaining powers from dating women of different ages and learning how to do martial arts so you can buy the best lunch box you can, these anime have no shame and do not pretend to be something they are not. Here are ten action anime that have the most ridiculous plots you may want to watch.

10 Date A Live

Have you ever wanted a harem of girls and date them with the world’s safety on your back? That’s right. Date A Live is about Shido Itsuka, a high school student, who must go on a date with girls who are “Spirits” so they cannot destroy the world.

He has the power to seal a Spirits’ power by making them fall in love with them and giving them a kiss.

9 Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!!

Gonna be the Twin-Tail is an anime that flew under a lot of fans’ radars when it made its debut. It tells the tale of your typical high school student, Soji Mitsuka, who has a fetish for the twintail hairstyle.

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When he meets a girl from a parallel universe named Twoearle, she gives him an armor that is powered by twintails. By transforming into Tail Red, he must protect Earth as a young girl with red twintals.

8 Inferno Cop

If you did not know Inferno Cop was an anime, you probably have mistaken it as a cartoon made by an amateur. It is three minutes each episode, after all. In truth, Inferno Cop was created and directed by Akira Akemiya and Hiroyuki Imaishi from Trigger and CoMix Wave.

The series is about a police officer named Inferno Cop, who has a flaming head and is on the path to revenge after his family is murdered.

7 Ben-To

You Satou would have never thought reaching for a half-priced lunch box would get him beaten half-to-death in a supermarket. It turns out that this supermarket has something called Lunch Box Brawls, free for all battles where your victory depends on who claims the lunch box first.

He is then invited to the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club by Sen Yarizui to train to compete.

6 Keijo!!!!!!!!

Keijo is an acquired taste. The series focuses on girls who are playing a fictional sport called “Keijo”, a women-only sport that has become popular in an alternate reality.

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Nozomi Kaminashi has given up on her dream of competing in the Olympics and instead wishes to become a Keijo player with the highest ranking in the world.

5 Speed Grapher

Speed Grapher has a ridiculous plot, but it also has an intriguing story. A former war photographer, Tatsumi Saiga, wishes to find out the secrets behind the Roppongi Club.

He discovers that the “Goddess” of the club is a girl who has the power to give people powers through her saliva based on their profession and hidden fetishes.

4 Cuticle Detective Inaba

If you are in the mood for an action anime that is also a parody, then Cuticle Detective Inaba is right up your alley. Hiroshi Inaba is a part-human part-wolf who runs his private detective agency.

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Together with his cross-dressing secretary, Yuuta Sasaki, and his assistant, Kei Nozaki, they go about their daily lives as well as try to arrest Don Valentino, a goat who lives on eating money. This is a series to watch if you do not want to think about much and relax.

3 Puni Puni☆Poemy

Ten-year-old Poemy Watanabe is a magical girl in the world of Puni Puni☆Poemy. The series is a spin-off from the Excel Saga franchise and was made into a series after it became an inside joke.

When an alien kills her parents, Poemy decides to protect Tokyo… by skinning a talking fish, turning it into a wand, and changing into Magical Girl Puni Puni Poemy. What other magical girls can get away with using such a horrid power and look so cute?

2 Arcade Gamer Fubuki

Arcade Gamer Fubuki story focuses on a girl named Fubuki Sakuragaski who loves to play video games. By using the power of “passion panties” she gains special powers and can beat various games.

That is not all, as she also turns into a magical girl with wings and can utilize a sword to make herself stronger. The series also uses cameos of famous games such as Pac-Man and Sonic.

1 The Qwaser Of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata was perhaps the most controversial anime back when it made its debut back in the day. For one, the plot is absolutely ridiculous on that it is built on fan service and violence to the tenth degree. Alexander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell, the protagonist, gains power by drinking soma.

Doesn’t sound that bad yet? Yeah. Soma refers to breast milk. By drinking breast milk, Sasha gains various powers and can defeat the villains. What other anime can get away with a plot like this?

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Action anime is extremely entertaining, often in different ways. These action anime are fun because the plots are utterly ridiculous.

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