10 Amazing Ahsoka Tano Cosplay (That Every Star Wars Fan Needs To See)

Fearless, strong-willed, disciplined, and at the same time engagingly friendly, Ahsoka Tano has legions of admirers because of her personality, fighting skills, and last but not least – her unique looks. Featuring the biological traits of her Torguta species, Anakin‘s apprentice wears a modest outfit. It simultaneously allows Snips’ beauty to stand out and gives her the necessary flexibility to take down her enemies.

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Through their hard work and extraordinary skills, an impressive number of cosplayers have achieved more than a simple imitation and many of their portrayals are worthy of live-action films and TV series. Here are 10 cosplays that pay tribute to the lovable The Clone Wars and Rebels heroine, that will impress every Star Wars fan.

10 Mblackburncosplay

Here, Mblackburncosplay created this spectacular The Clone Wars season 7 Ahsoka cosplay and its crowning achievement is the meticulously detailed outfit. It is decorated in blue and white – the colors of her Torguta head tails. The achievement of this hard-working artist makes fans even more impatient about seeing Tano in a live-action adventure and very soon they will get the chance in The Mandalorians second season.

9 Mckenna Fellows

Talented cosplayer Mckenna Fellows has cosplayed Ahsoka Tano many times over and she is clearly a big fan of her because of the Rebels show, where the character is more mature, looks slightly different and fights with a pair of white sabers. One of her most accomplished outfits depicts Ahsoka or Ashia (as she was known after the end of the Clone Wars) as she appeared in her final scene in Rebels and in the Star Wars universe, chronologically speaking.

8 Crayola Juice

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between The Clone Wars‘ Ahsoka and Rebels‘ version of the character is the way her enemies perceive her. While she was still an inexperienced apprentice, Tano’s foes frequently underestimated her.

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During the time of the Empire, Ashia was considered a force to be reckoned with and that is exactly the type of impression that Crayola Juice’s cosplay and her stoic pose give.

7 Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando 2015

One of the most refreshing and cheerful cosplay versions of Snips showed up at the WDW and UOR 2015 and was dressed in a gorgeous, dark shade of red but it was her smile that stole the show. So many fans love Ahsoka exactly because of her affinity for comedy and ability to lighten the mood and keep hers and her allies’ spirits up even in the toughest of times. That’s how Tano got her nickname – by always countering Anakin’s lessons with witty remarks.

6 Rei Kennex

Another fan of Star Wars Rebels is Rei Kennex who hasn’t just perfectly recreated the renegade Jedi‘s armament but also her trademark battle stance. Ahsoka was adept at Form V, which was, fortunately, her master’s preferred style and later on changed her preference to Jar’Kal – the form that involves wielding two lightsabers. Her combat style is extremely athletic and agile and it is probably the one thing that this talented cosplayer can’t replicate despite the fact that her first name is similar to that of another powerful Jedi.

5 Amber Brite

In this one, Amber Brite, like the majority of cosplayers, went for the Rebels‘ Ashoka and did quite superbly. Furthermore, the cosplayer’s natural facial structure is quite similar to that of the animated series version.

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Tano became a different person following the end of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire. It is at that critical moment that she turned from an apprentice to a leader that the last remaining foes of the Empire could pin their hopes on.

4 Daisy_Cosplay

Daisy_Cosplay is another fan that has performed astoundingly well when it comes down to her Ahsoka cosplay. The artist has flawlessly transformed herself into the Rebels’ version of the Jedi to the point where even the lightsabers are the correct shape. One of them is longer – with a normal-sized blade and the other one is shorter and it is known as a shoto lightsaber (almost a dagger).

3 Star Wars Celebration 2019

This cosplayer who made an appearance at the 2019 Star Wars Celebration also decided to pay tribute to Ahsoka’s ending scene from “Family Reunion and Farewell,” the Rebels‘ season finale.

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The cosplayer has improvised with additional elements since it wasn’t quite clear what exactly Tano was wearing because her angelic white robe was almost fully shrouding her. The character’s fate following that scene is also uncertain. All that fans know is that her voice was heard when she was encouraging Rey during the final battle in The Rise of Skywalker (2019).

2 JediManda

Here, JediManda has chosen perhaps the most distinguishable pose of Tano – the combination of her reverse lightsaber grip and her proud stance. The worn-out effect painted on her garments reminds old fans and informs new ones of the numerous adventures and battles this beautiful but vastly experienced Jedi has gone through. The outfit was presented at the Wizard World Louisville in 2015.

1 Victoria

Some cosplayers admire Ahsoka not only because of her ferociousness as a warrior but also for the innocence and downright cuteness of her earlier days in Clone Wars. Victoria is one of those fans: she has put on Tano’s The Clone Wars season 3 scarlet outfit and wears it with the innate confidence and positivity that is so characteristic of Snips throughout all the stages of her life and Jedi career.

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Ahsoka Tano has become one of the most popular characters in the entire Star Wars universe. These cosplayers impressed with their looks.

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