10 Amazing Works Of Little Witch Academia Fan Art You Have To See

Little Witch Academia is chock full of adorable character designs and lovable characters, so of course, it’s a regular stop for fan artists. We love the cute Harry Potter meets Sailor Moon meets Kiki’s Delivery Service aesthetic of the show, and we love seeing our favorite characters represented in fan art.

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There’s so much amazing fan art to look at that it can be hard to know where to start looking for it. So we have collected 10 of our favorite Little Witch Academia fan arts, all of which pay really good tribute to the series. Check them out below.

10 Witchguard On Duty

We love any fan art that takes the characters out of their usual setting and puts them somewhere else. We especially like it when they get a new costume, and we get to see how they might behave in situations outside of the ways we usually see them in the series.

In this case, our ever-dependable Diana has left behind the magic school where she excels beyond her years and is instead spending a summer as a lifeguard at a pool. She looks cool and bored, like any teenage lifeguard would, but also absolutely ready to jump in to save the day.

9 Akko In The Sky

This is a really lovely painting of Akko. It’s digitally painted, which gives it a much more realistic feel, making it seem almost like a photograph instead of a painting. But the fact that she has this giant, over the top witch’s hat and the big doe eyes that are usual in anime girls.

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She’s got cartoony dimensions and looks just delighted to finally be flying, with wand in hand and surrounded by doves, who seem just as happy to accept her as one of their own. The colors are lovely, and the love for the series is obvious in this piece.

8 A Toony Akko

This one is so cute, and it really captures the feel of the anime. It is definitely sketched more in an American cartoon style, looking like she could be a character in Gravity Falls or Steven Universe, which is a fun way to see Akko, who we are more used to seeing in a traditional anime style.

We like how sketchy the greyscale block coloring is on this, giving it a fun unfinished look, even while the linework is really solid. It is really clear this fan artist really wanted to pay tribute to this great main character from Little Witch Academia.

7 The Trio

This piece totally captures Akko and her relationship with her roommates at the academy, Lotte and Sucy. Akko is constantly cheerful and motivated, even when things aren’t going well, and she’s often enthusiastic about doing things that are fun but which are also probably going to get all of them in trouble.

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Still, Lotte and Sucy love her, and they always end up going along with her schemes, even when they’re a little bit apprehensive about it, which is clear in both of their expressions in this great fan art.

6 A Witch Of Love And Justice

So Akko isn’t exactly dressed as Sailor Moon in this fan art, but the resemblance is definitely there. Plus, they’re both magical girl anime in their own ways, and they both feature spunky main characters who aren’t particularly good at the magic part of “magical girl,” but they’re cheerful and try their best anyway.

Akko’s pose here definitely reminds us of our favorite Sailor Scout, like she’s about to declare that she’s going to punish us in the name of the moon. Or at the very least, she’s gonna show us that she really can fly on her broomstick, thank you very much.

5 A Poisonous Witch

Sucy is definitely one of our favorite characters in Little Witch Academia. She’s broody and rarely smiles, but she also has this totally weird obsession with mushrooms and other plants that will probably kill us if ingested.

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Of course, that’s her whole specialty when it comes to being a witch, and her skills with plants and potions have gotten Akko and Lotte out of tough situations in the past. Her weirdness really speaks to us, and this fan art perfectly captures that oddness, complete with her mushroom obsession and sharp teeth.

4 Akko On A Broomstick

Akko is really, really bad at flying on a broomstick. It’s one of the great understandings we have about her as a character and the series in general. She tries her best, but magic just doesn’t come as naturally to her as it does to her classmates.

Still, she never gives up, and throughout the series, she gets just slightly better at flying each time she gets on a broom until she’s finally able to fly with confidence and pride and maybe even a little bit of defiance against all the people who thought she didn’t have the chops.

3 Whoa!

Akko’s love for magic and her desire to be a witch began when she was a little kid seeing a show being put on by Shiny Chariot, a witch who was famous for making big spectacles out of magic.

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Akko’s little face with stars in her eyes, with her obvious feelings of excitement and awe here, complete with a shiny “Whoa!” next to it to really drive the point home, and we can see a blossoming witch coming through from her feelings here. She’s ready to pursue her own dreams.

2 Akko And Diana

Okay, we couldn’t get all the way through this list without acknowledging a ship or two. And what better ship than the obvious one: Akko and Diana. These two are rivals from the moment they meet, not that Diana would necessarily think that of Akko.

They slowly grow to like each other and eventually come to depend on each other in order to save the magic of the world together. So it’s no wonder that lovely intimate images of the two of them looking like they’re very affectionate with each other have cropped up. We love a rivals-to-lovers story in anime.

1 Ready To Fight For Their World

Here is another one of Akko and Diana. This is a redraw of one of the final scenes of the series, in which Akko and Diana combine their powers in order to save magic and the world. They both look fierce and ready for action, and they don’t look like they’re going to go down without a fight.

The fact that they’re sharing a wand shows even more how much they’re ready to work together to achieve their goals. The art on this one is also really nice. It’s hard to redraw something done by professional animators, but this fan artist has created her own spin on the look, without losing the cuteness or the intensity of the moment.

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What happens when the fans of Little Witch Academia ware also incredibly talented? They come up with these amazing, museum-worthy pieces of fan art!

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