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One of the most beloved and emotional anime to have graced the earth, would be the romantic slice of life anime, Clannad. Although many loved its anime, Clannad started as a visual novel developed by Key three years before the anime debuted.

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Since then, Clannad has become an iconic series among the anime community. From its focus on friendship and companionship to its later heartbreaking and emotional take on family, Clannad is a high recommendation amongst older anime fans. Therefore, here are 10 anime to watch if one enjoyed Clannad.


Angel Beats is about a male named Otanashi who dies and meets a female named Yuri in the afterlife–who is leading an army against a female named Angel. Though he questions everything, Otanashi decides to side with Yuri only to later become invested in Angel. Therefore, the anime focuses on Otanashi’s journey to uncover the truth.

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Like Clannad, Angel Beats has a great soundtrack and is beautifully animated. While both anime can make viewers feel teary-eyed while watching it, Angel Beats emphasizes comedy more. If one loved Clannad, then Angel Beats is worth watching.


Little Busters is about a boy named Riki Naoe–who joins a heroic group called the Little Busters thanks to an invitation by a male named Kyousuke. Now in his final high school year, Kyousuke wants to create a baseball team. However, he needs more people to join. On top of that, someone finds a document that requests the Little Busters’ assistance in discovering the world’s secret by finishing missions. Therefore, the anime details Riki’s recruitment and secret seeking journey.

Like Clannad, Little Busters started as a visual novel created by Key. Little Busters will leave most fans in tears because of its emphasis on tension, love, family, and friendship. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Little Busters should not disappoint.

8 K-ON!

K-On is about a female named Yui Hirasawa–who arrives at her school’s music club to resign her submission to join because she felt she didn’t meet the club’s expectations. However, the club becomes frantic for members and influences Yui to join to which she does. Thus, the anime focuses on Yui’s time with the club.

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Both series contain like-minded characters with goals to form a club. Although similar, Clannad focuses more on emotion–while K-On is more comedy oriented. However, K-On’s animation and sound-track will leave many fans soothed. If one liked Clannad, then K-On is worth watching.


Hyouka is about a male named Houtaru Oreki who’s sister recommends him to join a club where he must solve an old mystery regarding its roots. Furthermore, the anime follows Oreki’s mission to solve this old case alongside many other side quests with his expertise, skills, and fellow club members at his side.

Like Clannad, Hyouka is one of Kyoto Animation’s most-popular anime series. Like Tomoya from Clannad, Oreki has a similar uninterested mindset that eventually changes as the series progresses. Hyouka’s animation and art-style are top-notch too. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Hyouka is a must-watch.


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is about a male student named Kyon who influences a classmate named Haruhi Suzumiya to form a club–concerning her passion for inhuman things. To his dismay, Kyon, alongside three other students join the club, and the anime showcases their various ventures with their club higher-up, Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Like Clannad, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya contains some emphasis on romance and amusement. The male protagonists from both series have an unceremonious outlook on life. Both have great animation, an appealing art-style, and a magnificent soundtrack. If one enjoyed Clannad, then The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is worth viewing.


Ef: A Tale of Memories tells two stories that involve romance, denial, and recollections that eventually come together into one cohesive storyline. The first story focuses on a growing relationship, jealousy amongst friends, and an unknown affection from afar. The second story highlights a male’s challenge to put his child-like attitude to the test when conversing with a female who has a memory problem.

Like Clannad, Ef: A Tale of Memories contains many dramatic and romantic scenes that’ll tug at fans’ heartstrings. Ef: A Tale of Memories is also beautifully animated and has a long-lasting musical score that’ll keep fans in tune. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Ef: A Tale of Memories is a must-watch.


Your Lie In April is about a great pianist named Kousei Arima who can no longer play piano due to his mother’s demise. Several years later, Kousei meets an expert female violinist that motivates him to play again. Thus, the anime showcases Kousei’s journey to regain his love for playing the piano.

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Like Clannad, Your Lie In April contains emotional and dramatic scenes that’ll tug at fans’ heartstrings. The characters in both series develop in time, and Your Lie In April’s sound-track is as breathtaking as Clannad’s. If one loved Clannad, then Your Lie In April’s a must-watch.


Lucky Star highlights the lives of a couple of high-school girls and their various activities and societal takes. Mostly, the anime showcases the growth of their friendship and their opinions on Japan as a whole. Featuring one of anime’s best female protagonists, Konata Izumi, this is a Kyoto Animation production worth watching.

From a character standpoint, both series contain characters that are identical to each other from a personality standpoint. Also, Lucky Star highlights friendship and humor within the daily lives of its characters like Clannad does to a degree. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Lucky Star’s a must-watch.


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 tells the story of a girl named Mirai Onozawa and her little brother who witness an earthquake occur before their very eyes. After the carnage ends, the siblings meet a female biker who decides to help the children find their loved ones. Therefore, the anime follows these three on their journey to reunite the siblings with their parents.

Like Clannad, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a heart-wrenching anime about the importance of familial relationships. Both series give a somewhat realistic take on life by placing their characters in tough circumstances–be it physically or mindfully. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is worth a watch.


Toradora is about a male named Ryuuji Takasu–who meets an enthusiastic female named Taiga Aisaka and discovers that both are in love with each other’s friend. Thus the anime focuses on their journeys to aid the other in their romantic quest.

Like Clannad, Toradora has many dramatic and emotional scenes that’ll make a viewer teary-eyed since both highlight familial relationships and love to a great extent. Both series are nicely animated and contain a remarkable soundtrack. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Toradora is worth watching.

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Are you a fan of the romance anime known as 'Clannad'? If so, you'll really enjoy these 10 anime shows that are quite similar to Clannad.

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