10 Anime You Never Realized Were Reboots & Remakes Of Older Titles

Few things in this world that are almost universally agreed upon by everyone and that would be reboots or remakes rarely live up to the original work. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule but for the most part, this is just a sad reality.

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Some of the hate these reboots or remakes receive from fans are not on how bad the newer version is but on how well it follows the anime’s canon. That said, there are some pretty terrible reboots out there. Here are some that might surprise you.

10 Hellsing Ultimate

The original Hellsing is one of the greatest anime to ever dawn fans television sets. After all, how many anime out there has gun-toting Dracula’s shooting NAZI zombies and vampires?

Following up such a classic anime would be a daunting task but somehow the creators of Hellsing Ultimate pulled it off with the utmost ease. Hellsing Ultimate didn’t just up the violence and over the top blood splatters, it was actually vastly superior from a storytelling standpoint than the original.

9 Digimon Adventure Tri

When Digimon Adventure was first released in 1999, it appeared to be nothing more than a generic version of the more popular Pokemon. Fortunately, over time, Digimon Adventure proved its many critics wrong as it became as popular as the anime it was meant to replicate.

Sadly, like so many other anime before it, the reboot just couldn’t live up to the same magical wonder as the original. Digimon Adventure Tri was dead upon arrival even if the anime was blissfully unaware of this fact.

8 Sailor Moon Crystal

Often times, it is a child-like nostalgia that is responsible for fans having disdain for reboots of their favorite anime. Sometimes they guard a series they enjoyed as a child so much that they cringe at the very thought of a reboot for fear that they will dislike it.

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This isn’t an irrational fear as it happens way too often but it doesn’t help when anime like Sailor Moon Crystal changes all the parts that made the anime so popular during its first run.

7 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The original Fullmetal Alchemist brought with it a host of fans who had been clamoring for it to be adapted into an anime. In 2003, Fullmetal Alchemist arrived and with great fanfare.

During its original run, it was on everyone’s must-see list. While it didn’t run as long as say a Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist carried a loyal fan-base that waited patiently for its revival. They were rewarded with 2010’s Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that in some fans’ eyes improved upon the original.

6 Hunter X Hunter

Usually, when manga series are adapted to anime, the manga is either complete or is so far ahead of the original that there is no way it could catch up. Sadly, Hunter X Hunter went against the norm as its 1999 version was halted permanently for a complete and total lack of source material.

Since it was such a fan favorite, it was brought back in 2011 as a reboot and picked up where the original left off success wise.

5 Blood-C

It shouldn’t be that surprising that most anime fans do not get weak in the knees at the sight of blood in their favorite anime. In most cases, they are disappointed when there isn’t enough.

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When Blood+ was first released, it seemed to have that perfect blend of storytelling and gore. Sadly, the same cannot be said for its successor Blood-C, who ups the violence but completely forgets about the story it is supposed to be telling. Not to mention that the pace is unnervingly slow.

4 Devilman: Crybaby

It is no secret that Netflix has revolutionized how people view not just TV series but anime as well. Not everything Netflix touches turns to gold but for the most part, it carries a great track record of presenting its own unique stamp on new or rebooted material. Devilman: Crybaby excels in almost every aspect.

The fluidity in the animation is spot on and it does a great job of staying true to its roots, while also venturing into the unknown from a storytelling standpoint.

3 Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta

Some anime series get off on the wrong foot and never recover. Most time this is a death sentence, no matter how much the fan-base still has a love for it. Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta is one of the few anime series that got a second chance and for the most part, made the most of it.

Fans of the anime were ecstatic about the reboot and have given it high praises ever since. This anime proves once and for all that first impressions aren’t always lasting impressions.

2 Berserk

While some fan-favorite anime have initial success and popularity at the time of its creation and airing, it is one of those rare gems that avoids falling into the anime dustbin where only a select few hardcore fans remember it.

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The original Berserk was an instant cult classic, from its gory battles to its unique but fluid animation style. Sadly, the same cannot be said for its remake, which wastes fans’ time with its unoriginal storytelling, to its below-par animation.

1 Gundam Build Fighters

The Mobile Suit Gundam series is a beloved anime that grew too big for its own good. Many fans point to the original as being the best version of the series, with all the other versions just building off of a known product.

For the most part, this is true, as the hardcore fans have stuck with the anime even at its lowest points. Thankfully, Gundam Build Fighters didn’t build off any of the previous versions, instead, it rebooted the title altogether. Some fans might say for the better.

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In the world of anime, there are many reboots and remakes. Here are some unexpected titles that fans might not know are adaptations and not originals.

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