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As one of Batman‘s fiercest enemies and arguably Gotham‘s most powerful warrior, Bane ranks among DC fans’ favorite villains. Cosplayers take on the Bane look, with some dressing up like how the villain is commonly depicted in comic books, and while others dress up like Bane from films such as Batman & Robin The Dark Knight Rises. These outfits are unique, scary and luckily enough – easy to re-create in real life.

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This has prompted many passionate cosplayers – particularly the ones who are strongly built like Bane himself to create amazing costumes and adapt the appearance of the Gothamite that has physically challenged Bruce Wayne the most. Here are 10 cosplay of Bane, which every single true Batman and DC fan needs to see.

10 DJC Filmz

The Bane costume of DJC Filmz, posted on Imgur stands out first and foremost with its tight, intimidating mask that is painted in the most epic way possible, making the cosplayer’s head look like a black skull. The trademark green tube, supplying Bane’s brain with his specialized venom, the thick black gloves and the military-like equipment around the waist area prove that the artist did all the necessary research.

9 MegaCon 2012 Bane Costume

The Bane cosplay that appeared at the MegaCon 2012 is simplistic and detailed at the same time. The black and white mask is terrifying to say the least. The tube’s material is metallic, which gives this particular Bane much more grit. The villain’s belt is decorated with all kinds of metal plates that really sell the character’s brutality and the best part is the wrist display on the left arm.

8 C2E2 2020 Bane Cosplay

A Bane cosplay that blew everyone away made an appearance at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2020. This artist’s work is impressive even if you pretend that he is not carrying a gigantic bank safe.

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The fat metal vambraces, the backpack and the yellow tubes transporting the venom, the neck armament, the steel belt and the various items on it – it is all stunningly realistic and detailed.

7 Megacon 2013 Steampunk Bane

A different kind of a Bane showed up at the MegaCon 2013 – less-armored and more old-school but undoubtedly original. He wears an Iron Man-like chest light and the venom is entering his left hand, which is covered by leather, medieval-looking glove and vambrace. The mask is made of the same material and has many cool little details. This cosplayer’s dedication is further proven through his blind eye contact lense.

6 Fan Expo 2013 Toronto Bane Cosplay

Distinguishable through his choice of deep scarlet color, the Bane cosplayer that made an appearance at the Fan Expo 2013 in Toronto certainly stood out. The red venom tubes go in his arms, legs, chest and neck.

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Two pieces of technology in the shape of a cube are visible on his chest and at the center of his belt. The chains and the big, thick modern greaves add to the character’s ferocious appearance.

5 Gavrok

Gavrok‘s version of Bane is also unique. It is a medieval depiction of the character that lacks the tubes and venom but this portrayal is just as scary and impactful. The arms are wrapped in leather, while the torso, legs, shoulders and especially the neck are fully protected by armor. The grittiest ornaments are on the head and the face. It is the type of soldier that would spread fear across any battlefield.

4 RADcostuming

RADcostuming are obvious fans of Christopher Nolan‘s work, considering their Bane cosplay. The differences between Tom Hardy’s suit and the cosplayer Ryan’s costume are tough to notice. The film version of the costume features real metal plates, whereas this one only has a vest. The mask and the leather bracer are spot on. One arm is free of any armament, which is an accurate depiction of the Dark Knight Rises villain.

3 You’re so Bane

Tom from You’re so Bane takes his work very seriously and his detailed, meticulously crafted Bane cosplay is solid proof. This costume puts an emphasis on the venom tubes – the two protruding from the hands are glowing with neon light.

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The creepy red eyes on the mask are transparent and the massive, intricately designed belt completes this impressive version of the Bane from the animated series.

2 ZenSfxCosplay

A neon-light covered Bane cosplay costume, the qualities of which are best displayed in a dark environment is the work of ZenSfxCosplay. This particular costume might be more impressive on the back than it is on the front but nonetheless the level of detail of that complexly built backpack is astounding. The tubes end in each of the two gauntlets so every time the wearer goes for a punch, it will be accompanied by a blinding trail of light.

1 Dontsmashme

A 9gag user called Dontsmashme has come up with this highly impressive Bane costume, which looks best when it is worn in dimly lit places. It features massive spiked vambraces and multiple tubes with various lights attached to them. Perhaps the most subtle and intriguing element of this costume is the presence of two Batman-like symbols – the spikes on the exterior of the arm and the shape of the mask’s white section.

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If you are a true fan of the Batman lore and DC Comics, you'll need to see these 10 epic Bane cosplays! They're just too badass to miss!

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