10 Awesome Jason Todd Cosplay Every Batman & DC Fan Needs To See

Batman is known as the greatest detective in the DC Universe. Along with Superman and Wonder Woman, he is a part of the trinity, which is considered the absolute pinnacle of superheroes. However, every now and then even the best make mistakes. His greatest mistake was not being able to save Jason Todd, the second Robin, from the hands of the Joker. However, he has since returned and he has made his own mark on comic fans. His cool but simplistic appearance offering many the opportunity to put their own spin on cosplays.

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Here are the 10 best Jason Todd cosplays that fans around the world have to see.

10 Battle Hardened Vigilante

Starting off this list is the really cool design by darkknightfx. A compilation of a variety of different cosplayers designs, what really makes this version of the Red Hood stand out is how rugged all of it is. Showing lots of dirt and wear on the armor.

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Readers can notice this by the scratch marks on the leather jacket and the bullet hole on the armor. What is particularly gratifying is the helmet, which is super iconic, is maintaining the same battle damage as everything else on the design.

9 When You Lose Your Friends

The next one on the list is based on the design from Rebirth. After Red Hood’s team got unceremonially disbanded due to comic circumstances, he changes his design to be even more rugged, being even more low tech than he was before. What’s great about the cosplay by henchman_of_chaos is that he kept that in mind even in the photography to the actual design where it is more rugged than ever. The best part is the mask, which looks incredibly menacing with bold black lenses.

8 Waiting For The Right Opportunity

Another battle-damaged take on the character, what makes thelootcollectors interpretation unique is the armor mesh on the chest and lower wrists. Although it is spandex, the texture on it is incredible with a kind of chainmail mesh throughout. The actual hood is also really cool, where it looks very hand me down and worn along with the high tech helmet. This really looks like something Jason Todd would cobble together by himself with no help from anyone close to him.

7 No Longer The Arkham Knight

Based on his appearance in Arkham Knight’s DLC, this one really does look like the game was brought to life. From the jacket, the hood, and the guns, they all look like thwy came straight out of the video game appearance. However, barbdwittcosplay still puts in his own take in some areas. Namely, the red domino mask and having eye holes for his helmet. Depending on the incarnation, Jason Todd will still wear his domino mask even when he takes off the helmet in order to protect his identity.

6 Advanced And Ready

A different interpretation that’s only worn by cosplay_knight_svd, it looks like a transition piece of Jason Todd’s development from the Arkham Knight to the Red Hood. Complete with the armor that is mostly worn by Batman and combined with the Red Hood motifs, it possibly translates to a what-if where Red Hood actually won the confrontation. Probably the best part is actually the colors where it is a more subdued such as the red parts of the suit, being more sepia-esque as opposed to the shining red most are familiar with.

5 The Outlaw

Worn by the.prince.of.gotham, this version of the costume is absolutely fantastic. For starters, this is based on the New 52 design due to the overall color palette and the shape of the mask. However, the added addition of”outlaws” on the back shows an incredible original touch courtesy of ravenswoodleather. Finally, photography by tmicosplay is really cool as it shows the inner thoughts of the Jason Todd character as he is considered the black sheep of the Bat-family.

4 A Red Helmeted Assassin

A collaboration piece for a Red Hood cosplay and worn by cosplaywill92, this version of the suit is quite breathtaking. Once again, the helmet is incredibly shiny with a nice red sheen which is contrasted by the dirty and worn armor plating. The torn-up hood is also a nice touch as it still adds to the more rustic appearance of the character. But the absolute best part is the katanas, which are bold and blood red. Perfectly matching with the overall design.

3 Red Hood Noir

Before the discussion of the cosplay takes place, it should be mentioned that winchestermedia’s photography is phenomenal, giving out a noir vibe with heavy shadows. However, the actual cosplay itself is also utterly fantastic. Worn by jordan.j.cosplay, everything about the suit is perfect. From the torso having a nice texture mesh, the gauntlets having the classic Batman fins but red, and the helmet, which is arguably one of the most comic book accurate interpretations yet.

2 Incredibly Comic Accurate

Speaking of comic book accurate, the suit created by slyfoxcosplay is totally the most accurate. For starters, the helmet is incredibly metallic with white lenses that glow, the jacket is very worn, and what’s particularly exciting is the torso.

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Each muscle and sinew is sculpted similarly to a Michael Keaton Batman suit or the ones seen in the Joel Schumacher films. Finally, the other elements of Red Hood are also present, such as the grenades. All well-designed. The extra makeup from the J and his hair dye are also nice touches, and the comic text is just next level.

1 He’s Got Your Number

Last but not least is the suit created by nightlightworkshop. Based on his interpretation in the Injustice 2 video game, this Red Hood is almost exactly the same as that interpretation, from the leather jacket to the more basic-looking weaponry.

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The absolute best part of the suit by far is the helmet. Absolutely worn and battle damaged, with loads of scratches and indents, it basically encapsulates the Injustice interpretation of the character to an absolute T.

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Jason Todd is an iconic character as Red Hood and Robin, and these cosplay are simply fantastic.

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