10 Awesome Penguin Cosplay Every Batman & DC Fan Needs To See

One of Batman’s smartest and surprisingly sane villains, Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a Penguin is more than a classical mobster antagonist. His costume has a few distinctive features that allow him to stand out from the crowd. The character’s depiction in live-action films, video games and animated series all have him be overweight, wearing monocles, a tuxedo and frequently – a hat and of course – he is armed with his hidden high-tech weapon – the umbrella that has had numerous lethal application in his stories.

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Many cosplayers have produced stylish and shiny versions of his outfits as it would befit a Gotham City mobster. Here are 10 awesome Penguin cosplay, which every Batman and DC fan has to see.

10 San Antonio Comic Con 2016 Penguin Cosplay

This cosplayer made an appearance with his awesome costume at the 2016 San Antonio Comic-Con. The outfit is inspired by the live-action motion pictures, in which the character of the Penguin has been included, particularly Batman Returns and his Dany DeVito version. It is the full set. The cylindric hat, the umbrella, the grumpy expression, painted in white face and the extended aquiline nose truly bring the villain to life.

9 San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Penguin Cosplay

Flickr user Mooshuu has photographed the stunning costume of this Penguin cosplayer at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. This is another movie-inspired cosplay and an example of the hard work, attention to detail and dedication that fan artists frequently devote to honor the legacy of their favorite characters. The face makeup totally sells the villain’s conniving nature and the decorated suit looks expensive, as it should, especially since it is worn by one of Gotham’s richest crooks.

8 AuroraCeleste

Cosplayer AuroraCeleste really puts an emphasis on that endless nose of Mr. Cobblepot to the point where she can use that thing to fend off robbers with.

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Her prosthetics are subtly glued and the monocle decoration contributes to that natural Penguin contrast between the undeniably fashionable way, in which he dresses and his rather unpleasant body and mannerisms.

7 Wizard World Chicago Penguin Cosplay

A spectacular cosplay that was shown at the Wizard World Chicago depicts a more original approach to the gangster’s appearance. The villain’s typically black eye shadows are crimson red. His suit is replaced by a coat and a medallion is worn around the cosplayer’s waist, hanging off a long chain. The red make up definitely gives out and equally creepy vibe – nothing is scarier than a mobster who is seemingly painting his face with the blood of the people he has whacked.

6 KoninginCreations

KoninginCreations turns on the style when it comes down to their version of the Penguin. This gangster costume is predominantly made out of dark red, nearly purple velvet that neatly matches the eye shadows of the villain.

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The sharp, pointy fingers of the gloves stand out, which is another typical feature of Oswald’s clothing and they further prove the artist’s knowledge of the character. The photo itself looks like a promotional poster for the mobster’s political campaign – hugging a little girl in front of everyone, trying to look nice for the people.

5 Wondercon Penguin Cosplay

This Penguin cosplayer who made an appearance at Wondercon decided to abandon the nose makeup and actually go for the beak. Very few official versions of the character have involved Oswald Cobblepot putting on a similar decoration on his face – one such depiction is in Batman: The Telltale Series. Funnily enough, the old-school glasses resting on the hat provides this particular portrayal of the character with two sets of eyes.

4 Martin De Martian

The cosplay that was shown at the Phoenix Comic-Con was the work of Martin De Martian. This variation of the Penguin wears a long furry coat that almost touches the ground as if he is some kind of an over-privileged royalty.

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The lavish piece of clothing is quite funny when compared to the simplistic white shirt and pants that almost resemble pajamas. Ultimately, it is an outfit that lets the humorous, overly egotistical side of the antagonist come out.

3 Flanders Expo 2017 Penguin Cosplay

The Penguin cosplayer that graced the 2017 Flanders Expo with his presence based his outfit on the movie version of the character, like many other fans choose to do. The most striking aspect of his work is the seamless makeup, which sharpens the lines of the wearer’s face and achieves that innate evil expression, which DeVito perfected throughout his on-screen performance. The cartoonish feel of the antagonist is dropped and the weird facial deformations look quite real.

2 SmilexFergus

The outfit that SmilexFergus goes for throws away the character’s regular formal appearance and gives us a proper look at his true self – a cunning mobster that is capable of striking you down with his underrated weapons. The Penguin’s bald head is a rare sight to behold and it is another hint that SmilexFergus’ version of the villain is going all out, brandishing his deadly umbrella and ready to deal some damage.

1 Weeping Penguin Cosplay

Heri Mkocha has captured a stunning cosplay portrayal of Penguin, who is laughing through tears. His makeup is partially ruined by drops that are dripping across the side of his left cheek. Whether this look is an accident or a deliberate artistic choice, the photo is a good reminder of the character’s depth and Oswald’s troubled childhood, caused by his deformed appearance as depicted in Tim Burton‘s movie.

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