10 Awesome Riddler Cosplay Every Batman & DC Fan Needs To See

Blending apparent madness with elements of logic, Edward Nygma is perhaps Batman’s greatest intellectual rival. The Riddler has proven time and time again to have Bruce Wayne’s number, even if the villain’s obsession with proving his superiority often ends up instigating his downfall.

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Be it through the comics, DC’s animated shows, Gotham, the Arkham games, or Batman Forever, the Riddler has amassed countless fans en route to becoming a truly iconic villain. Naturally, this means cosplayers have continually sought to inject a dose of reality to this larger-than-life personality.

10 An Enigma

Cosplay by IntrusioniCreative.

Debuting in 1948’s “Detective Comics #140,” The Riddler’s gimmicky nature and preference for flashy escapades were not uncommon traits for a villain during the Golden Age of comics. In some ways, the Riddler feels almost like a villain of the week, one who is too silly to last too long. However, Edward Nygma is more than just a gimmick.

IntrusioniCreative’s cosplay photo highlights the sense of mystery that surrounds Nygma, a villain who seems capable of anything despite being merely a normal human.

9 A Gender-Bending Riddler

Genderbent cosplay is incredibly popular, and certain characters lend themselves well to the process. Edward Nygma is defined by his intelligence and not his physique; in fact, the Riddler’s physical prowess mostly comes down to his unique weapons rather than any significant fighting skills.

Combined with Nygma’s typically stylish wardrobe, and the end result is a comic character who is accessible to most cosplayers.

8 A Stylish Villain

Once upon a time, fans had to wait until conventions to share their passions with like-minded individuals. While cosplay has been around since the 1980s, it really caught on in Western regions during the 2000s, coinciding with anime’s rise in popularity outside of Japan. Nowadays, it has never been easier for cosplayers to showcase their talents.

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Jokol.cosplay’s dashing Nygma was inspired by Gotham‘s version of the character, who was arguably the best part of that show.

7 Forever

Photo by aekirk. Cosplay by Snezhik-S.

Batman Forever is quite divisive. Some appreciate the film’s set designs, blend of gothic imagery and deranged silliness, and action setpieces; conversely, others criticize Batman Forever for mishandling certain characters. If nothing else, Jim Carrey’s Riddler is certainly more manic than the villain’s comic version.

Regardless of what someone thinks about the portrayal, the Riddler’s outfit in Batman Forever is undeniably memorable and flashy. This cosplay does it justice.

6 Armed & Ready

Even if typically very stylized, DC has a history of leaning towards the side of grittiness and realism. Gotham tried to do just that by combining the Batman mythos with the skeleton of a police procedural. The results were somewhat mixed, but Edward Nygma was definitely a highlight.

Jokol.cosplay is back again with a stunning rendition of Cory Michael Smith’s Riddler, one that encapsulates the character’s propensity for theatrics.

5 Gotham’s Smartest

Edward Nygma has embraced his fair share of costumes over the years, ranging from a rather cartoonish original design to his understated but far more menacing look in Batman: Hush. Cosplayer leovash decided to take the villain in a distinct direction and opted to envision a steampunk version of Edward Nygma.

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The costume is fantastic and would not have seemed out of place in Gotham by Gaslight.

4 Good At Being Bad

Inspired by Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within, alyardcosplay brought to life one of the most vicious and diabolical non-comic versions of the Riddler. Along with the character’s traditional high intelligence that prompts the villain to treat other humans as beneath him, this Nygma also finds a great deal of pleasure in hurting others.

Like the source material, this cosplay is simple but very effective. This is a Riddler who is comfortable with who he is.

3 A Snookered Bat

Gotham took its time to firmly establish and develop Edward Nygma’s persona, as the character goes through a well-realized arc that showcases his transformation into the Riddler. This storyline made it easier for viewers to connect with the character as a person rather than just a villain, which might explain why this version is so popular with cosplayers.

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Also, how often does an opportunity present itself to wear a bowler hat?

2 A Match Made In Gotham

Riddler is usually too narcissistic to reach out for help, believing that his unrivaled mind should be able to overcome any challenge. That said, Riddler is also intelligent enough to recognize his own physical limitations, which is why a team up with the acrobatic Catwoman might seem reasonable.

From the Riddler’s perspective, any other villain is merely a pawn in his chess match with Batman; naturally, most other villains feel the same way about Nygma. In this photo, riddle.mi.this’ Riddler is beginning to regret teaming up with franchy.the.liar‘s Catwoman.

1 Gotham

Gotham ended its run after five seasons. Although that is generally a decent return for most shows, DC’s crime drama needed a couple of years to really find its footing; in some ways, Gotham still had a lot of stories to tell once it came to an end.

Ravenscroftjamie’s Edward Nygma serves as a tribute to a show that generally did a better job handling villains than heroes. Cory Michael Smith’s Riddler might be gone, but he is not forgotten.

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Along with being Batman's intellectual superior, DC's Edward Nygma also has an iconic look that is perfect for creating awesome cosplay.

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