10 Awesome Vulture Cosplay Every Spider-Man & Marvel Fan Needs To See

Ever since making his debut in 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #2, Adrian Toomes has served as one of the Web-Slinger’s most consistently entertaining villains. A genius engineer who invented an electromagnetic harness that allowed the wearer to take to the skies, Toomes eventually settled into the hectic life of a career criminal and took up the mantle of the Vulture.

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Like many of Spider-Man’s villains, the Vulture boasts an outlandish costume that looks fine on the pages of a comic or in animation but does not translate all that well into live-action. As such, the character did not gain a lot of traction as a cosplay option until Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced a more grounded version of Toomes as part of the MCU. Since then, awesome Vulture cosplays have become more common.

10 A Professional

Cosplay by Givewave Studios. Uploaded by iranga4c.

Regardless of whether the comic’s harness or Michael Keaton’s exo-suit is used as a reference, a Vulture cosplay requires a lot of work to get right. If creating the costume at home is not viable, there is always the option to turn to professionals who specialize in bringing to life media characters like Adrian Toomes.

Givewave Studios is one such company, and it has amassed an impressive portfolio of costumes. Givewave’s Vulture outfit is almost a perfect replica of the one worn by Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

9 High Stakes

Photo by alangamblephotography.

Homecoming‘s Toomes ended up embracing a life of crime after his legitimate salvaging business was run out of business by Damage Control, an organization owned by Tony Stark and the government that called dibs on any cleanup duties resulting from Avengers-type battles. A family man, Toomes used crime to support his loved ones, although he also enjoyed the power afforded to him by the Vulture suit.

Thatjaiguy’s photo is not only fantastic, but the caption highlights the definitive Toomes’ quote from the film.

8 Sinister Five

Debuting in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 #1, the Sinister Six consisted of Spider-Man’s greatest villains (at the time), which naturally included Vulture. While Toomes’ relevance has varied over the decades, he remained a regular fixture of the Sinister Six up until 2012’s Ends of the Earth storyline.

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With the exception of the absent Kraven, this photo taken at NYCC 2019 brings together five of the original members of the Sinister Six.

7 Beneath The Wings Of A Vulture

Cosplay by seattlegeekscosplay.

Seattlegeekscosplay went the extra mile when it came to this stunning Vulture cosplay. Once again inspired by the Homecoming version, the outfit’s crowning achievement is undoubtedly the pair of wings that almost seem like they are made from Chitauri technology.

Realistically, Toomes’ flying suit is too large and high-tech to fully recreate for a cosplay session, but Seattlegeekscosplay found a splendid middle ground by focusing on some of the costume’s defining features.

6 Duel To The Death With The Vulture!

For this entry, Lordsoto1 opted to concentrate on the Vulture’s classic comic look. Toomes’ original outfit is iconic in its own right, but it has never been particularly popular at conventions. Along with not being a simple attire to put together, it is also one of those costumes that can look downright silly if not executed perfectly.

In this case, Lordsoto1 did an absolutely stellar job paying homage to Marvel’s vintage villain.

5 Wings In The Night

Photo by Red Island Media.

Certain cosplay photos are so amazing, they could only have been possible through teamwork. Dreadlord_Cosplay’s AvestaCon 2019 Vulture outfit is mesmerizing on its own, with the wings being particularly impressive; however, it is the ambiance created by the setting that really elevates this photo to unprecedented heights.

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This Vulture is dangerous, and it only takes one glance in his general direction to realize as much.

4 Vulture

If a character is popular enough to generate cosplay, then they are popular enough to generate genderswap cosplay. Admittedly, Toomes has not exactly spawned legions of female Vultures; that said, sometimes only one is required.

Created for 2017’s DragonCon, speakofchange’s Vulture is majestic, a characteristic of the villain that often gets undermined by Toomes’ facial features and expressions in the comics.

3 Ready for Hollywood

It takes a lot of confidence to upload a side-by-side photo, but snowhawkcosplay’s Vulture cosplay more than holds its own when paired up with Homecomic‘s original.

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With the exception of the wings and perhaps the helmet, Toomes’ costume could feasibly be created from items already present in someone’s wardrobe, even if finding a jacket that chic is easier said than done.

2 Homecoming

Homecoming‘s Vulture seemed to strike a chord with many people. Casting Michael Keaton probably helped in that regard, but Toomes’ backstory also made him a somewhat sympathetic character. As highlight by uncrowned_kin9’s caption, Vulture’s hatred for society’s powerful and rich added depth to the villain.

In the comics, Toomes was also a victim who utilized his own technology to obtain justice, but he became a criminal because he enjoyed the rush provided by being the Vulture.

1 Merc With A Vulture

Cosplay by seattlegeekscosplay.

Adrian Toomes might have grown more popular at conventions since Homecoming‘s release, but he has a long way to go before he even begins to approach Deadpool’s numbers. Like Harley Quinn and Attack on Titan‘s Survey Corps uniforms, the Merc with a Mouth will always make an appearance at a comic-con.

Seattlegeekscosplay’s Vulture found himself carrying an unwanted passenger, one more likely to tip in quips than five-dollar bills.

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A classic Spider-Man villain, Marvel's Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture, has inspired many cosplayers to reach for the sky.

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