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Studio Ghibli films are some of the most beloved anime films of all time. Many people think of them as being a big part of their childhood. One of the most notable Ghibli films is Kiki’s Delivery Service. A lot of fans have memorialized their love for the film by getting tattoos representing Kiki, Jiji, or their friends or the city in which they live.

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While there are many Kiki tattoos out there, some are definitely standouts and have really made a mark on the fans and are super recognizable by anyone who loves the little witch and the film she is in. Here are the 10 best Kiki’s Delivery Service tattoos.

10 Tombo And Kiki

This ultra-cute tattoo of Tombo and Kiki is a great example of a Kiki’s Delivery Service tattoo. The characters have no black linework (outside of Tombo’s glasses) which makes it look sweet and magical, since there is no black ink to detract from their colorful outfits or the green grass they sit on.

The fact that they don’t have faces does not even affect the recognizability of the characters, and their posture is exactly right for both of them.

9 Jiji

Jiji is everyone’s favorite black cat familiar. He is a deadpan little guy who is always mumbling under his breath and getting nervous about people paying attention to him.

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This is a great rendition of him that really captures his big eyes and ears and the little fangs that make him such a cutie. The tattoo even got the Jiji-specific way that his tail curls in a little “n” shape.

8 Kiki On Her Broom

Kiki is not a great flyer when she first takes off to start her training as a witch, which just shows her determination to succeed since she uses her broom to start her delivery service.

On this tattoo, Jiji is barely holding onto the broom as Kiki flies, showing that she probably did some clumsy maneuver that sent him flying from where he was perched on her shoulder or in her bag.

7 Kiki Flying In Black Ink

This is a lovely rendition of Kiki flying. She is, of course, recognizable by her dress and hair, and by Jiji perched on her bag.

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The artist has rendered her in their own style, making her a little more unique to the person who has the tattoo. The posture and facial expressions are also great, showing that she is feeling confident and happy as she flies off on her broom to start her training.

6 Jiji Framed

This tattoo also has another Ghibli character beside it, No Face from Spirited Away. Jiji here has a less cheerful facial expression. He looks more like the slightly grumpy cat who is always just a little apprehensive about the decisions that Kiki is making, like leaving him to pose as a stuffed cat whenever a delivery falls out of the basket on her broom.

This tattoo is also hand-poked, which is a very delicate method of tattooing that can take a long time since it does not use a tattoo machine and is just a person hand drawing the picture.

5 Jiji With Flowers

As evident on this list, Jiji is a very popular character to get as a tattoo. That makes sense because animal tattoos are so cute and cartoon animal tattoos can be especially so.

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Here, Jiji is rendered with his usual big smile and big purple ears. He is surrounded by little red flowers that look very vibrant next to him. It will remind viewers of him sitting in a window box garden with his new lady friend, looking out over the ocean.

4 Kiki And Jiji

This image of Kiki and Jiji is very cute and stylistic. Jiji is positioned on Kiki’s head, behind her iconic red bow. Just her eyes and hair are visible, but it is very clear who the character is.

It is a very simple tattoo, and not very big, but it is clear that this person loves the film. The ultra-vibrant red against the more subtle brown of Kiki’s hair and black of Jiji’s fur really stands out on this tattoo.

3 Kiki On A Ladder

This tattoo design is pretty much the exact opposite of the last one. Here, Kiki sits on a ladder with a big book open in her lap, Jiji perched beside her looking over her shoulder. She is surrounded by flowers and jars and plants.

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This tattoo is ultra-detailed and the colors are lovely and subtle, all working together to frame Kiki, who is at the center of the image.

2 Watercolor Kiki

Watercolor tattoos are pretty popular, and it is easy to see why. The colors are vibrant and blend together to give the tattoo a painterly look. Kiki looks like she’s flying against a sunset backdrop.

She and Jiji, while in sharper relief, also look painted, and the tattoo artist has drawn her face slightly different than in the film, making her look unique and like she belongs in this watercolor rendition.

1 Kiki And Jiji In Black

Kiki and Jiji are also pictured here doing the thing they are best known for doing: flying on a broom. It is clear that here, Kiki feels very confident in her flying abilities. S

he and Jiji look happy and content like they have finally figured out how to make their delivery service work and they are finally settling down to a comfortable life in their seaside town.

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Kiki's Delivery Service is one of the most notable Studio Ghibli films. Here are 10 of the best tattoos fans of the film have got.

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