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There have been many manga genres over the years, one of the most notable is shoujo. Best known for being more catered to young girls, it has since been an amazing genre that has catered to everyone. From having some of the best romances ever told in fiction to having superheroines showing up later down the line, like Sailor Moon. However, only the cream of the crop shows up for all of them and some have become many fans absolute favorites. These are the ones particularly shown in Myanimelist with the user base.

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These are the 10 best shoujo manga in the market according to Myanimelist.

10 Glass No Kamen (8.45)

Climbing up into the world of entertainment, Glass No Kamen is a story about Maya Kitajima who has an absolute love for everything entertainment and has a natural talent for acting. Having the ability to imitate an entire performance word for word after watching it once, her talents get discovered by former actress Chigusa Tsukikage.

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Selling over 50 million copies around the world and becoming the second highest-selling shoujo ever made, readers are engrossed in a journey that takes Maya Kitajima to become one of the greatest actresses in the entertainment world and take the role as the Crimson Goddess.

9 Fruits Basket (8.49)

A surprisingly dark shoujo, this award-winning manga is the story of Tooru Honda, a young orphan who gets adopted by the Souma family. However, the Souma family holds a deep secret. They transform into an animal of the chinese zodiac if they are hugged by someone of the opposite gender. It is up to Tooru to heal the hearts of the Souma family who has been heavily burdened by the curse. This manga notably won the best manga award in 2007 American Anime awards.

8 Ohayou, Ibarahime (8.53)

Also known as Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, Tetsu Misato works at his father’s housekeeping agency where he ends up taking a job at a mansion he has only seen as a child. Far into the mansion lies the isolated and hermit-like daughter of the estate. After meeting her by chance, they quickly got to know each other and slowly begin to develop feelings for one another. Determined to learn about the real Shizu Karasawa, Tetsu tries his hardest for both of the sake of their love despite her supernatural condition.

7 Kamisama Hajimemashita (8.54)

One of the more unique entries on the list, after her deadbeat dad skips town in order to get out of his gambling debts, Nanami Momozono becomes homeless. After saving a man from a dog, he offers her a home which she happily accepts. However, she got more than she bargained for as she becomes the new local deity for a shrine. Now riddled with new responsibilities and a cranky ex-familiar, readers are able to explore the fun of a former human trying to learn how to be a god.

6 Ouran Koukou Host Club (8.55)

Ouran High School, an academy fit for the upper-class. Within the school is a club that only the elites have full control of, called the legendary Host club. After Haruhi Fujioka accidentally breaks an incredibly expensive vase in the club, she gets mistaken for a boy and has to repay her debts. Ouran Koukou Host Club is a wacky manga where even the simplest events turn into a giant mess. She has to learn the world of the elites as the crazy adventures in the host club ensues.

5 Banana Fish (8.56)

An incredible action manga, this shoujo tells the story of Ash Lynx who was raised both beautifully and as a murderer from his adopted father, Dino Golzine. However, now that he is of age 17, he has tried everything in his power to go against his adoptive parental figure. However, things turn for the worse when he learns of a conspiracy regarding his older brother sanity in Vietnam that is directly linked to Dino Golzine. Now he has to uncover this along with Eiji Okamura who arrived at the worst time for all this to happen.

4 Skip Beat! (8.64)

After learning that she is considered to be nothing more than a mere housemaid by her friend and love interest, Shoutarou “Shou” Fuwa, Kyouko Mogami decides to enact her own personal revenge by becoming an idol just like him. Embarking on a unique journey where she learns more about the trade, Skip Beat! is a tale about the path to stardom and forming new relationships and learning new skills along the way.

3 Nana (8.70)

A story of two girls both named Nana, they are both very different women whose paths diverge together. One seeks to come back to Tokyo to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, the other rejects romance in order to pursue her career as an aspiring musician. Both sharing the same train and later the same apartment together, they both support each other through thick and thin as they deal with themes of friendship, romance, dreams and so much more.

2 Natsume Yuujinchou (8.74)

Unfortunately wishing to be a normal person like everyone else, 15-year-old Takashi Natsume possesses the ability to look at Yokai,  ghost-like creatures that only he can see. After his grandmother leaves behind a yokai book called the book of friends, Takashi is suddenly with a huge variety of yokai he has to connect with for their freedom.

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A lovely slice of life manga, Natsume Yuujinchou happily pits the dynamic of between having a normal life and having a supernatural one. Finding the balance between both of them and learning the greatest lessons from both sides.

1 Akatsuki no Yona (8.85)

Finally, the last shoujo on the list is considered a favorite by many. Akatsuki No Yona takes place in the Kingdom of Kouka where the sole princess lives a life of relative peace. After the one she once loved stages a coup and murders her father, Yona escapes her life of the palace.

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Wishing to save her kingdom, she learns of her solution when she meets a priest who tells her to recruit the four legendary dragon warriors. This is a story about a young naive girl as she goes on her journey to becoming an incredibly strong and powerful leader.

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The Shoujo genre can go underappreciated. These are what MAL says are the genre's best titles.

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