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For more than thirty years, Star Wars figures had been pretty much the same. Then, the Black Series debuted in 2013. While long a staple of other toy brands, the six-inch scale was met with some skepticism by tried and true 3 and 3/4 inch enthusiasts. But seven years later, it’s safe to say Black Series is here to stay.

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There have now been over a hundred figures in the line since the launch of The Force Awakens in 2015. That’s a lot of plastic. Which are the cream of the crop? Here are the ten best Star Wars Black Series figures, ranked. Credit for all pictures goes to the amazing photo archive at Rebelscum!

10 Bossk

Bossk is always a good figure. While the 1980 vintage version might seem a little toothless in comparison, toy companies really can’t go wrong with a bipedal lizard in a spacesuit. Released in early 2015, the Black Series Bossk features the greatest amount of articulation and detail the character has seen so far. With a movable jaw, he’s able to snarl and talk smack to lowly Imperial officers who think they don’t need bounty hunter scum to help them find rebel instigators like Han Solo.

9 Ahsoka Tano

The first (and hopefully not last) Ahsoka Tano in the six-inch scale is the adult version from the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. Depicted in a more realistic fashion than the slightly exaggerated style of the cartoon, Ahsoka is 100% badass with her twin lightsabers and wide range of motion. As the recent conclusion of the Clone Wars series made clear, Ahsoka is an iconic character deserving of a great figure and this early 2016 piece arrived as the Black Series really started hitting its groove.

8 Battle Droid

While the Battle Droid may be the subject of derision by some fans for its silly, decidedly non-threatening demeanor, the figure is one of the best offerings in the line. Released in 2019, the Black Series Battle Droid is an engineering marvel that melds super articulation with a spindly frame. The result is a figure as durable as it is posable. The Battle Droid can also fold up completely as it did in the films for easy storage, or hiding from Jedi with lightsabers.

7 General Veers

General Veers has the rare distinction of being an Original Trilogy Imperial who actually wins something. He leads the ground assault on the Hoth Rebel base in The Empire Strikes Back and he hands it to the Rebels something fierce.

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His figure represents one of the most startling examples of Hasbro’s recent innovation of Photo Real face printing technology. Whereas in the past figures were simply hand-painted, leading to some stray eyes, now they’re basically miniaturized versions of actors through a process that’s still a little mysterious.

6 Princess Leia (Bespin Escape)

Another Photo Real marvel is this version of Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back. A Target exclusive in 2018, she represents one of the best likenesses of any Carrie Fisher toy in any scale. While not perfect, this figure, along with her Hoth counterpart on shelves now in snazzy retro packaging, represents a huge advance from early Black Series versions of the Princess of Alderaan. Those tended to be less than flattering in likeness, and the scale tended to be out of sorts, too.

5 Wampa

Another entry from The Empire Strikes Back, and not the last. The best Star Wars movie yields the best Star Wars figures. Not surprising. The Wampa monster tried to snack on Luke Skywalker and lost an arm for it. But he gained immortality in the toy boxes of generations of Star Wars fans. This hulking version of the character from 2015 brings a level of detail and articulation that previous versions in the 3 and 3/4 inch scale weren’t able to realize. And oh yeah, that arm comes off.

4 Rey (Island Journey)

Photo Real is standard across the Black Series line these days, but this version of Rey from The Last Jedi was the first figure in Star Wars to test it out and she remains one of the best. Featuring an incredibly spooky good likeness of actress Daisy Ridley, Rey (Island Journey) also features a lot of versatility as she trains to become a Jedi under the uncertain tutelage of Luke Skywalker. Released in 2018, Rey remains the best version of the character and one of the best in the line so far.

3 Greedo

Greedo appeared in the second-ever wave of the Black Series in 2013, and to this day remains an outstanding example of sculpting and articulation. Greedo is famous for shooting first – well, maybe – in the cantina in A New Hope, and he’s been a popular subject for toys since 1979.

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While his original Kenner version missed the mark in terms of accuracy by a wide margin, the Black Series edition is a faithful, exacting recreation of the alien mask and costume. It’s a shame that no other aliens from the cantina have appeared in the line at all in the last seven years.

2 Gamorrean Guard

The Gamorrean Guard is one of the best creatures in the Original Trilogy and he generally makes for a good action figure. His Black Series version was so great he got the deluxe treatment. Released as an exclusive to Target in 2018, the Gamorrean Guard required a bit more room than the normal Black Series box allowed. Featuring a wonderful likeness, hinged jaw for recreating that Force Choke bit, and premium soft goods, he’s absolutely one of the finest examples of accuracy in the entire line.

1 Hoth Rebel Soldier

This figure is so new he’s not in the archives yet, but these promotional pictures from Hasbro show how amazing the Hoth Rebel Soldier truly is. On shelves right now as part of the 40th-anniversary celebration of The Empire Strikes Back, the Hoth Rebel Soldier represents a huge step forward for the line. Featuring an interchangeable faceplate – that fits inside his backpack! – the soldier can adjust his look in any number of combinations for a lot of variety. His detail, articulation, and existence – for there now must be a Black Series-scale AT-AT Walker – make him the best of the best.

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The Black Series of Star Wars figures is probably the best in the history of the franchise. That makes these toys the best of the best.

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