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It’s always great seeing characters from different worlds come together in the pages of comics, bringing the unimaginable to life in your hands. Batman/TMNT is a good example: imagine how cool it was seeing the Turtles team up with the Dark Knight  against the likes of Ra’s al Ghul and Shredder. It gives you the feeling of being a kid again but in a good way, one that rewards you for being a fan of both series.

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Batman/TMNT was lucky enough to get an animated movie adaptation last year, which only made seeing those characters in action together even better. However, there’s plenty of other great crossovers out there, and here we’ll list the ones we also think deserve the animated movie treatment.

10 Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica

Probably not the first crossover to come to mind, but it’s a fun one: upon getting word that Hiram Lodge plans to turn Riverdale’s Sweetwater Swamp into a tuition-free university, Ivy sets out with Harley to stop his plans, as rare plants exist in the swamp. They crash a costumed gala Hiram is hosting, and in the ensuing struggle, Zatanna and Sabrina Spellman (who are there as stage magicians) cast a spell that unintentionally causes Harley and Ivy to switch bodies with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. While Betty and Veronica (in the bodies of the anti-heroes) must outrun Gotham’s police force and other criminals to return home, Harley and Ivy (in their new bodies) continue with their plan to sabotage Hiram. Mayhem ensues.

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While this crossover wasn’t a huge success when it came out, there’s potential there to improve on the concept for a film, especially if the creative team behind the Harley Quinn animated series gets involved. It’s crazy that this hasn’t been made sooner, as both the Archie and DC properties are under the Warner Bros. umbrella.

9 Batman/Elmer Fudd

As crazy as this sounds, we could see this comic—-where wabbit hunter Fudd tracks down Bruce Wayne’s alter ego in search of his love Silver St. Cloud—-working as a full-length feature. The right director and animation team could evoke the combination of over-the-top noir elements (having Fudd narrate the film with his speech impediment intact) and surreal humor (like seeing other reimagined Looney Tunes characters in a bar, for instance) that made this story memorable. While the comic only ran one issue, there’s still room for a longer and loonier narrative. And having regular Looney Tunes actors like Billy West and Bob Bergen reprise their roles alongside Kevin Conroy’s Batman would be downright hysterical.

8 Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell has seemingly called it quits on playing Ash Williams again (unless Mortal Kombat 11 surprises us), but one way for him to go out on top would be seeing him voice his iconic role in an animated take on this story that sees the Deadite slayer slice his way through Marvel’s super-powered undead. While it wouldn’t have any connection to the MCU (despite rumors we’ll be seeing the Marvel Zombies pop up in the What If?… series), it’s unlikely to happen since Marvel hasn’t made a lot of their separate direct-to-DVD content recently, and Disney wouldn’t be crazy about it. Fingers crossed though.

7 Justice League/Power Rangers

Now this could be incredible. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, along with Lord Zedd and his Putties, end up getting teleported to the DC Universe before crossing paths with the Justice League. As with most of the entries on this list, rights issues–in this case between Warner Bros. and Hasbro–would be the main obstacle. Not seeing Batman or Superman react to a Dinozord would be an absolute crime.

6 Joker/Mask

Another under-the-radar crossover that could be dark comedy gold if done right, this one sees the magical mask end up in Gotham and into the hands of The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime dons it, using its power to commit crimes on a much larger and destructive scale, leaving it to Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Detective Kellaway to stop him.

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This is one of the few stories in which Batman is overpowered by his opponent, and spends a good amount of time in a hospital bed. A film version could follow that, and it could be harrowing (and kind of funny) to see a Dark Knight that goes through all of his resources to take down an enemy that basically says “no” to pain. Also, seeing a Joker with the unlimited power of the Mask could not only make for an insanely cartoonish time, but it could reignite interest in the Mask property as a whole. Let’s call this one Batman vs. The Mask instead, though.

5 New Avengers/Transformers

The Avengers meeting the Autobots and taking on both the Decepticons and Doctor Doom; how could not that not be amazing? While this crossover wasn’t received well when it came out, maybe an animated version could do a better job bringing these two iconic worlds together in a way that makes sense. A revised story (like one that doesn’t take place during Marvel’s Civil War event) could make the story easier to follow than having to go back and read other comics.

4 Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

With the box office success of Freddy vs. Jason in 2003, a sequel was in the works that would have pitted both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees against fellow horror icon Ash Williams. Unfortunately, creative differences between New Line Cinema and Robert Englund (who didn’t want Freddy to lose) and Bruce Campbell (who didn’t want Ash to lose) ended the project, though it later saw life as a graphic novel (with a sequel, no less). But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

While the story would have to be rewritten to accommodate all three leads (including the events of Ash vs. Evil Dead for example), we could absolutely see this working as an animated film. Not only would it give Campbell another easy opportunity to play Ash, but also for Englund as Freddy, who previously voiced the role for 2011’s Mortal Kombat

3 Batman vs. Predator

With the Predator rights at 20th Century Fox (under Disney) and Batman at Warner Bros., it’s unlikely we’ll see this mashup get the film treatment, unless by some miracle the studios can make a deal. If that’s ever the case, we’d be in for a treat as Batman fights for his life against the alien trophy hunter. The Predator works best against an opponent that can match them equally, and–much like Joker/Mask–it would be exhilarating seeing Bats get pushed to his absolute limit, both physically and psychologically.

2 Archie vs. Predator

Another Predator crossover that would be gosh darn delightful to see animated would be this one, where a teenage spine-snatcher sets its sights on the fun-loving youngsters and other residents of Riverdale. What’s made Archie vs. Predator so memorable is how it sticks to the core principles of both properties, making it all the more funny seeing Archie and his friends (drawn close to their traditional designs) getting butchered by one of the most fearsome villains of all time. Nailing that mixture of dark humor and bloody violence would be tricky, but there’s no doubt that the right director and animators could make it work.

1 Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham

Judge Dredd still remains one of the best comic book characters, and while 2012’s Dredd was amazing, we’re still waiting on that rumored sequel (or some other project set in that universe). But Dredd’s got no shortage of stories from the comics, and seeing his first crossover with Batman get an animated movie would lift our spirits in the best possible way.

Batman pursues Judge Death to Mega-City One, later being apprehended by Dredd himself. Amidst coming to blows with the lawman, the two of them must work together in order to defeat Death, who teams up with Batman’s villain Scarecrow (here with a much scarier design). Imagine a visceral and surreal epic on the level of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm for this one. Better yet: giving Dredd the exposure could renew interest in a Dredd sequel.

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In a perfect world, we could have comics combine to make these awesome animated flicks. Maybe one day.

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