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The intense and emotional ending of Avengers: Endgame also brought to a close the first stage of the MCU, known as The Infinity Saga. Consisting of three phases, it started from 2008’s Iron Man to 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, and for the most part told the story of the Mad Titan Thanos and his journey to collect all the Infinity Stones, and how Earth’s mightiest heroes fought to thwart his plans.

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Starting with the upcoming Black Widow, MCU’s phase four begins, which will see the return of many previous characters and also the introduction of many new ones such as The Eternals. Here are ten storylines from the comics that will hopefully be adapted to the big screen at some point.

10 Annihilation (2006)

Grandiose cosmic wars and events are a common sight in Marvel comics, there seems to be one every few weeks. But the Annihilation event of 2006 stands separate from the rest due to its different nature. Different in the sense that most events that take place in the Marvel Universe seem to revolve around planet Earth in one way or another, and almost always involve earth-bound mainstream superheroes such as The Avengers or X-Men.

But in the case of Annihilation, the events take place at the farthest corner of the Universe, where the likes of Guardians of Galaxy and Nova team up to defeat a reality threatening entity, and Earth is everybody’s last concern.

9 Secret Wars (2015)

Marvel’s Secret Wars event was one of its biggest in recent years. It saw the collision of the Ultimate universe and the main Marvel universe, in which the Ultimate universe is destroyed, and the Ultimate lineup of Marvel comics is ended after fifteen years. With the stakes of both the Universe at peril, and Dr. Doom at the top of it all, the stakes had never been higher before for the heroes.

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It was a mega event that featured many alternate versions of mainstream Marvel heroes, ultimately changing the status quo of many of Marvel’s well-established characters.

8 Avengers vs X-Men (2012)

This crossover event from 2012 saw Marvel’s two most popular superhero teams going against each other in a fight over the Phoenix force. The series was a commercial success on release and made huge sales.

More importantly, it featured some exceptionally epic fights between some of Marvel’s most celebrated characters such as Wolverine vs. Captain America and Thor vs. The Phoenix. Eventually, when the X-Men join the MCU, this event could serve as a base for another movie, something similar to Captain America: Civil WarThrough this, the Phoenix force could be introduced to the MCU, one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the comics.

7 The Vision (2016)

Tom King’s The Vision run was one of the most highly praised comics of the century, having been labeled as the best comics series of 2016 by IGN and it also won an Eisner Award, which is the comic book equivalent of an Oscar. In a world where most comics deal with world-ending threats and supervillains, The Vision tells a heartbreaking story of family and humanity.

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The series humanizes Vision in a way that had never been done, painting the android in a whole different color. It contains many potential storylines that could be adapted into the upcoming Wandavision Disney+ series.

6 Original Sin (2014)

The 2014 storyline featured Nick Fury and The Avengers as they try to unravel the mystery behind the murder of Uatu The Watcher, and in the process reveal dark, traumatic secrets stored in the Watchers eye. Uatu is a part of species called The Watchers, who observe the events occurring all across the universe.

Following the investigation of his assassination, The Avengers came face to face with disastrous truths about themselves, and the storyline brought some major changes to the Marvel comics universe, such as Thor losing his status as being worthy of Mjölnir.

5 Spider-Verse (2015)

2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a smashing success by any and all means, and 2015’s Spider-Verse storyline was a major inspiration for it. The series introduced several different incarnations of Spider-Man from various alternate universes, who all teamed up in an epic, multiversal fight against The Inheritors, a family of supernatural entities who hunt and feed on the life force of Spider-Men.

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Featuring many fresh alternate Spider-Man concepts such as Spider-Ham and Spider-Gwen as well as a battle of high stakes, Spider-Verse is a quintessential modern classic. Sooner or later the MCU will introduce the concept of the multiverse in its films, and possibly a live-action Spider-Verse adaptation will soon follow.

4 The God Butcher (2012)

The God Butcher storyline from 2012’s Thor: God of Thunder is often regarded as a modern classic. Part of the Marvel NOW reboot, the comic contains some of the finest story writing and action sequences in Thor’s history and follows three different versions of Thor from three timelines, as they solve the murder mystery of The God Butcher.

The series introduced one of the strongest and deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe, Gorr. Seeing how Thor will be appearing in future MCU movies, this storyline could potentially be adapted for a movie and introduce a new, fantastic villain.

3 The Galactus Trilogy (1966)

With rumors that the Fantastic Four will be joining the MCU soon, it is inevitable that they’ll get their own solo movie at some point, and the inspiration for those movies will surely come from the comics.

One such potential storyline from the FF comics is The Galactus Trilogy, the oldest entry in this list and considered an essential story for any FF fan. The most noteworthy aspect of the storyline is that it introduced Galactus and Silver Surfer into the Marvel Universe, the former being one of the most popular and fearsome Marvel villains who devours worlds, not because of he is evil, but simply because he has to sedate his hunger.

2 Maximum Carnage (1993)

Spider-Man has the largest and most diverse rogue’s gallery in the whole comic kingdom, and Carnage has been a long-standing part of this rogue’s gallery. And with good reason, as he is one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes. 1993’s Maximum Carnage storyline ran for 14 issues and is one of the most iconic storylines featuring the fearsome villain. In the comics, Carnage escapes from prison and goes on a city-wide massacre, and Spider-Man and Venom are forced into an unlikely alliance to stop him.

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Seeing how Carnage is returning to the big screens in Venom 2, fans can hope for a future movie inspired by this gruesome storyline.

1 Secret Invasion (2008)

Out of all the storylines described in this list, Secret Invasion has the highest chance of being adapted into the MCU soon, considering a hint of it was already given at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The 2008 series told the story of the shapeshifting aliens Skrulls and their invasion of Earth, which they accomplished by impersonating several Marvel heroes over a long period of time. The Skrulls have been a part of the mainstream Marvel comics universe for a long time, and judging from the post-credits scene of Far From Home, they could finally play a major role in the upcoming phase four of the MCU.

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There is a lot of big screen-adaptable material to be mined from the Marvel comics, and here are 10 storylines that would make great MCU additions.

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