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1For years, author Robert Kirkman reinvented zombies within the pages of the acclaimed series, The Walking Dead. Beginning as a comic book series, The Walking Dead eventually evolved into a cultural phenomenon, launching several TV series, novels, and video games as well. With a dark and gritty approach to the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead really succeeded through its use of compelling characters and by raising moral questions.

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Recently though, the comic series met a surprising, yet fitting end, leaving many long-time fans of the series without the stories that inspired it all. Thankfully though, there are many other great comic books that fans of The Walking Dead are sure to like just as much.

10 Saga

Though it doesn’t share many similarities with The Walking Dead, Saga has still proven to be an insanely popular series with a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. Granted, there are still some very weird elements to the series overall, but the characters are actually thrown into some very similar situations.

One thing that both series have in common is that they are both centered on groups of people who are simply trying to survive. Of course, one is set in a sci-fi/fantasy world with all sorts of weird new creatures and elements while the other is very grounded and gritty, but there are definitely some surprising similarities between the two. While Saga may not be super close to The Walking Dead overall, it is still another great image series worthy of attention.

9 Babyteeth

From the brilliant mind of author Donny Cates, Babyteeth is centered around young Sadie Ritter after she tries to survive with her family having just given birth to the Antichrist. With an apocalypse on the way and several different groups going after her, Sadie definitely has a lot on her plate in almost every issue of this great series.

With a dark tone and some surprising moments of humor, Babyteeth has a lot to offer fans of suspense and the supernatural. Though zombies may not be the main focus of the book like with The Walking Dead, Babyteeth is still a must-read for any fan of horror comics.

8 Nailbiter

Part of what made The Walking Dead so appealing was its very realistic approach to the situations. With a similar mindset, Nailbiter (for the most part) also takes a very realistic approach as the characters try to uncover the dark and mysterious secrets of one small town in particular.

Set in a town that has seen more serial killers than anywhere else, detectives and police must rely on the assistance of Nailbiter, a recently released serial killer, in order to solve the mystery. Featuring all sorts of graphic moments and surprising twists, Nailbiter is easily an underrecognized gem from Image comics, and perfect for any fan of The Walking Dead.

7 Southern Bastards

While author Jason Aaron may be most known for his critically-acclaimed Thor run, he has also done wonders with series such as Southern Bastards. Set in a small town that has been taken over by the high school football coach, Southern Bastards has everything from drama, to violence and much more.

Though it is a fairly short series overall, Aaron is sure to pack every page with emotion, making the series well worth a read, even if the reader isn’t a fan of sports. Despite being more realistic than most other titles on this list, Southern Bastards is still a fantastic read that many fans of The Walking Dead are sure to enjoy.

6 DCeased

DCeased offers readers a great look at the DC universe should it ever become overrun by zombies. Incorporating a great amount of DC lore and science within it as well, the series is full of high-stakes and incredibly tragic losses.

Furthermore, while it is hard enough for the average person to survive an event like the zombie apocalypse, DCeased offers a great look at how some of the world’s greatest heroes would approach the problem. Packed with action and drama, it is easy to see why the series proved to be so popular.

5 Marvel Zombies

Before DC launched their own version of a zombie-infested Earth, Marvel did the same thing in their Marvel Zombies series. Like DCeased, Marvel Zombies also offers a look at some of the tragedy that would occur if the planet were to see a rise in the undead.

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With much more material in this series than DC currently has in their own, Marvel Zombies has proven to be a fan favorite for many years now. Aside from its similar aspects to The Walking Dead, it is still a great read for any fan of zombies, and also originally written by Robert Kirkman.

4 Invincible

While The Walking Dead may be Robert Kirkman’s most successful and popular series, the author also has many others within his portfolio. Another one of his longer-running and more popular reads was none other than Invincible. Revolving around a young Mark Grayson, Invincible began as a great coming of age story for a young superhero, and eventually turned into a full-fledged thrill-ride.

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With all sorts of crazy twists and turns that only Kirkman could come up with, Invincible offers a lot of similar drama that fans of The Walking Dead are sure to connect with. Though it may have a brighter tone overall, Invincible is still full of some insanely dark moments and offers plenty of gore as well. Even if an individual isn’t a particular fan of superhero comics, Invincible is still worth a shot due to its unique approach to the genre.

3 Oblivion Song

As yet another great series from Robert Kirkman, Oblivion Song focuses on an entirely different post-apocalyptic universe. Of course though, there is a twist that makes it difficult to truly classify this series as “post-apocalyptic.”

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After 300,000 people suddenly vanish for years, some eventually start to give up looking for them. However, one man in particular refuses to do so, revealing all sorts of wild and crazy sci-fi twists. With some unique forces at play and strong characters, Oblivion Song is likely to satisfy anyone missing The Walking Dead.

2 The Boys

Fans of the violent and gory aspects of The Walking Dead are likely already familiar with The Boys, especially given the popularity of the Amazon Original series. Though The Boys isn’t exactly the same tale of survival as The Walking Dead, it still does some unique things with the superhero genre that have made it worthy of the attention it’s gotten.

Full of high stakes and great drama as well, it is easy to see why The Boys has been so popular. Likewise, with some key differences between the show and the comics, fans can appreciate both in completely different ways.

1 Y: The Last Man

Before Brian K. Vaughan began working on Saga, he had done wonders within the pages of Y: The Last Man. Like The Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man follows a small group of characters in a post-apocalyptic setting. However, instead of the Earth being overrun by zombies or some other creature, everything with a “Y” chromosome suddenly drops dead, with the exception of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

With a larger mystery at hand and plenty of people after him, Y: The Last Man grows more in stakes with each passing issue. Featuring a lot of the same drama and situations as some characters in The Walking Dead as well, both make for great tales of survival despite their radically different situations.

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The Walking Dead is a comic series that's popular right across the board, but here are some other awesome similar comics!

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