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The anime Darwin’s Game is relatively new, the first 11 episodes having just started airing this past January. But as a manga, it’s been around for eight years, and it has a pretty loyal following, even though it hasn’t reached a high level of popularity here in the States just yet.

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But where there are fans of a manga, there are cosplayers, and Darwin’s Game, like every other manga, has its fair share of really awesome cosplay looks that loyal fans would recognize anywhere. Here are 10 amazing Darwin’s Game cosplay that look like they came straight out of the anime.

10 Shuka

Shuka is probably the most popular character we’ve seen cosplayed from Darwin’s Game. This makes sense since she’s the main female character in the series. She also has some of the most complex outfits, so for cosplayers looking to really test their skills, cosplaying as Shuka is a really great way to do that.

This cosplay focuses on Shuka’s iconic blond pigtail braids and the black scrunchies she wears to keep them in place. It can be surprisingly difficult to fix wigs up into braids like this, so we’re really impressed with the look.

9 Rein

Rein is a fairly young character in most of the manga, and she has a pretty youthful sensibility about her when it comes to how she dresses. Though the pun isn’t quite the same in Japanese, the fact that this character named Rein is often seen draped in a raincoat works pretty well for us as an unintentional joke, and this cosplayer has gone for that look.

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This cosplayer perfectly captured her short black bob. She is also wearing contacts to capture the bright blue eyes that are a focal point of Rein’s character design.

8 Shuka The Queen

This cosplayer clearly has strong feelings about Shuka, since she added text to the image declaring that she’s a queen. We can’t help but agree; Shuka is a great character with great outfits, and that’s honestly all we can ask for.

This cosplayer also perfectly handled Shuka’s iconic blonde braids, held up by red scrunchies. Her makeup subtly gives her a cute anime sort of look, with a blushing cheek and just the slightest pink on her nose. We can also see Shuka’s red dress peeking out at the bottom of the image, showing that she went all out on this one.

7 Sudou Kaname

Sudou Kaname is the main character of Darwin’s Game, but he also has the least recognizable look of any of the characters. He mostly appears in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie, which doesn’t make for an easy time of cosplaying.

But this cosplayer found a way around that for his photos, focusing instead on what makes Kaname special: an ability to create objects out of thin air using a sigil in his hands. The cosplayer used photo editing software to make his hand blue, showing that Sudou is just about to use his ability.

6 Shuka With Shuriken

Darwin’s Game is an action anime, which means that even incredibly cute characters with awesome clothes are participating in combat. Shuka is no exception, and here she is seen in a black dress, her hair still in her braids with its scrunchies, ready to fight.

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We’re really impressed with the weapons props here, the short daggers she’s ready to throw or attack with at any moment and the chains draped around her neck and arms, which she can control in combat to order to cut people as well as to tie things up.

5 Liu Xuelan

We know that Shuka is the character in the series who has most of the really awesome outfits, but this cool costume for Liu Xuelan is just so awesome. This cosplayer has gotten all of the little details just right on this one, perfectly matching the maroon sash around her waist to her pants.

She even got the color of the shoes just right. But we’re most impressed by the awesome mask, which looks just like Xuelan’s mask in the series and makes us feel like we’re going to get attacked by a cool cat person with a sword any second.

4 Shuka In A Red Dress

Shuka’s red dress is probably her most recognizable outfit, and this is such a great example of cosplay of the dress. It has a million bows and ruffles on it, and this cosplayer has really taken the time to make sure that she gets all of those little details just right here.

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Her wig is also perfect, looking almost like she isn’t wearing one at all. We’re really impressed by the fact that the scrunchies in her hair match the dress so perfectly but also that her red-eye contacts are also perfectly suited to this look.

3 Schoolgirl Rein

We’ve mentioned already that Rein is fairly young at the start of the series. She’s 13, so she’s in middle school, which means that she spends a lot of time in a school uniform. This cosplayer does a great job with Rein’s moody look and big blue eyes, her face framed by a short dark bob.

Her school uniform look is spot on, with a polo shirt and a red bow tied at her neck, plus a navy blue vest worn over the shirt, really driving home the look and making her look like a young Rein ready to go to school.

2 A Sweet Shuka

We really love the way that this cosplayer looks because, on top of being a really good example of a Shuka cosplay, she has also got a sweet, youthful face that seems to match what Shuka looks like in the anime.

Her cute poses also emphasize that she really understands the character. She has created the cosplay in red velvet, which makes it seem very luxurious, like Shuka takes her wardrobe very seriously and wants to come across as elegant and lovely, not like she’s wearing something that seems like cosplay itself.

1 Rein In A Raincoat

We mentioned before how much we like the fact that Rein wears a raincoat in the series. This cosplayer has gone all-in on the concept, with a high collar raincoat that looks almost exactly like the one that Rein wears in the manga.

She also has the hood pulled up over her head and a slightly pouty, very serious expression on her face, just as Rein often does, giving her a youthful, obstinate air like she’s annoyed to have to be here. Her heavy bangs and blue eyes also look spot on, reminding us a lot of our favorite super-mature teenager.

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