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Batman is known for punching way above his weight class. As a member of the Justice League, Batman faces some of the greatest threats the universe has ever known and triumphed, with the help of his friends. As one of the best tactical minds in the DC Universe, without Batman’s expert planning things would have gone a lot worse for his cohorts.

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However, even in one on one battles, Batman is known for beating people who he shouldn’t. A rather vocal section of Batman fans are big believers in “prep time”- that with enough prep time, Batman can beat anyone. However, there are some fights that Batman has won with no prep time that are extremely questionable. This list is going to look at those fights.

10 The Hyperclan

Grant Morrison was given the reins of the Justice League in 1996 and his JLA run is considered one of the greatest Justice League runs of all time. The first four issues had a new group of heroes, the Hyperclan, coming to Earth and taking proactive steps in saving the Earth the League didn’t.

However, they had a dark secret (spoiler) – they were evil White Martians. They took down the entire JLA, except Batman. Batman then proceeded to use his knowledge of Martians to beat them. Now, yes, using fire he’d be able to beat a few, but they’re shapeshifting telepaths with the powers of Superman. He wouldn’t be able to defeat them all, even knowing their weakness.

9 Blockbuster

There have been several Blockbusters over the years, but the one who fought Batman the most was the first. Mark Desmond made a formula that gave him super strength and durability, but also made him dumb. He and Batman would clash over the years before he died on a Suicide Squad mission.

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Batman is a normal human. Sure, he’s super smart and can fight with the best of them, but he’s still just a human in peak physical condition. Pretty much anyone with super strength and durability can beat him unless he has some kind of special weapon. But even then, he can’t take a single hit. Blockbuster should have one-shotted Batman constantly.

8 Man-Bat

Kirk Langstrom created a formula that made him into, well, a man-bat. It allows him to fly, enhances his physical abilities, and to top it all off it gives him super hearing and echolocation. The only downside is that he gets more animalistic. Now, he does have some definite weaknesses in his bat form, but Batman never should have survived his first fight with him long enough to take advantage of them.

It’s not just the super strength that would win the fight, although that would definitely help, but the fact that he can fly. He could avoid just about anything Batman threw at him, pick him up, and then just drop him. Even if he was in a stupefied animalistic state, he’d still be smart enough for that.

7 Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is known as the most dangerous martial artist in the world. She’s a master of multiple styles of hand to hand combat and has victories over nearly every other martial artist in the world – except Batman, naturally. Now, sure, Batman is a great fighter, but that doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable.

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Lady Shiva is just way better than Batman. He does have the advantage of his utility belt, but when it comes right down to it, a skilled martial artist can beat just about anything he has on him. Once she gets in close, there’s really not much Batman would be able to do to take her down. He may be stronger, but stronger doesn’t matter very much against someone as skilled as Lady Shiva.

6 Bane

Bane will go down in history as the man who not only broke the Bat, but the one who took his city away from him as well. Bane has had some pretty serious victories over the Dark Knight, but in the end, he always loses.

Here’s the thing- he shouldn’t lose. Ever. First off, the drug Venom gives him super strength and Batman is still just a normal human. Bane is an extremely skilled fighter, so it’s not like Batman outclasses him there. Plus, he’s just as good a tactical thinker as Batman, if not better. There should be no way that Batman beats Bane, even with prep time.

5 Poison Ivy

Nowadays, Poison Ivy would definitely beat Batman if she wanted to. Connected to the Green, she’s not only virtually immortal, but she can command plant life. Every human being has gut flora, plant life that helps us digest food. She can control that, too. Batman wouldn’t stand a chance against her.

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Even back in the old days, before she developed her connection to the Green, Poison Ivy would still be able to beat Batman. How? Mind control pollen. She used to hit Batman with all kinds of mind control stuff made from plants that he should have had no defense against, especially in their first fight. This another time when Batman should have never gotten past his initial battle.

4 Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is a supersoldier. His physical superiority isn’t the only reason he would beat Batman. It’s not just his great skill that would allow him to beat Batman, even though he’s probably just as, if not more, skilled than the Dark Knight is.

What would win the fight for Deathstroke is the fact that he uses ninety percent of his brain. See, Batman is known for beating opponents superior to him because he’s smarter than them. Well, Deathstroke is smarter than Batman. He’s virtually completely superior to Batman in every way. There’s no way Batman should be able to beat him.

3 The Flash

Batman has somehow beaten the Flash – you know, the Fastest Man Alive. He’s the guy who can move at the speed of light and travel through dimensions, the guy who can vibrate through matter, and of course, the guy who can hit someone a thousand times in a second.

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Batman comes up with some great plans and has access to all kinds of technology. However, there should be no way that Batman can beat him at all unless Flash lets him do so in order to make him feel better about himself.

2 Superman

Yes, Superman gave Batman a Kryptonite ring. However, Kryptonite doesn’t take away Superman’s powers immediately. It merely weakens him, and over time, it will kill him. However, Superman has fought through Kryptonite poisoning many times in the past.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of anti-Superman measures Batman takes – if Superman wants to win this fight, he would. There’s just no way that Batman can beat Superman. He’s just too fast, too strong, and the list of superhuman abilities continues to that very tune. Maybe he lets Batman win because Batman lost his parents and Superman feels bad for him? That’s a very Superman thing to do, after all.

1 Darkseid

Darkseid is the God Of Evil. He commands an entire planet of followers. He can punch it out with Superman, if he so chose, and barely even flinch. Did we mention the eyebeams that he can use to destroy anyone he wants no matter where they are or how fast they run?

Batman has somehow beaten him. He even had to build armor that allows him to fight Darkseid in the first place. There’s just no way that Batman could even attempt to hurt this supervillain. The only credible time was in Final Crisis, when Batman used a god killing bullet Darkseid had fired into the past to kill his son Orion, which Batman had managed to find (thanks, Grant Morrison). Anyway, other than that singular time, there’s no way Batman should have ever gotten close to beating him.

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Batman has a suspicious habit of coming out on top of fights that he shouldn't have won. He shouldn't have had a chance against these DC characters.

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