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John Wick was a surprise hit in 2014, launching a franchise and reigniting Keanu Reeves career yet again. To the surprise of everyone involved, the story of a hitman coming out of retirement to get revenge on the people who stole his car and killed his dog resonated really well with audiences.

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The John Wick series has quickly become one of the greatest action franchises of all time. John Wick himself is such an engaging character that it’s easy to start wondering what it would be like if he interacted with other fictional characters, like those of the DC Universe. Without further delay, here are 10 DC characters John Wick should crossover with.

10 Green Arrow

Oliver Queen has been a hero for a long time, with some drastic changes in his personal life behind the scenes. He and John Wick would make an interesting duo. Green Arrow has a similar underlying anger hiding behind everything he does in a similar fashion to Wick.

Plus, both men rarely miss and kill when necessary. In John Wick’s life, it seems to be frequently necessary. Their combined killing power could inflict some serious damage on their enemies.

9 Huntress

Speaking of people with an affinity for arrows and killing bad guys with them, Huntress would make an interesting partner in crime for John Wick. They would inevitably fight right off the bat since neither of them trust anyone else.

But once they got over that, they would find themselves to be an effective crime killing duo. Honestly, Huntress and John Wick would be great love interests for each other. The couple that slays together, stays together.

8 Jason Todd

The second person to wear the mantle of Robin and be Batman’s sidekick definitely did not retire from the position quietly. With the help of the Joker and a crowbar, Jason Todd met his untimely fate. Though he did eventually return to the land of the living, he came back an even angrier than he was when he died.

Proficient in both armed and unarmed combat, he could be especially helpful to John Wick in his fight. The opposite is true, too.

7 Wonder Woman

This one would be amazing. John Wick has found himself at the mercy of forces greater than him for longer than he might like to admit. While he has used his considerable abilities to fight back, and frequently comes out on top, recent battles have left him in a terrible position.

Having someone with the power level of Wonder Woman at his back would make his fight that much easier. Wonder Woman would find him to be an effective warrior and more than worthy of her help.

6 Deathstroke

As one of the top mercenaries in all of comic books, Deathstroke brings a variety of skills to the table that John Wick is familiar with. Admittedly, there’s an equal chance that their meeting would end in a fight as it would end in a partnership.

Either way, an encounter between John Wick and Deathstroke would be undeniably epic. One might say that it could even be explosive.

5 Ra’s al Ghul

John Wick is more than familiar with secret societies led by an enigmatic and egotistical person. The League of Assassins is no different than the High Table, though Ra’s al Ghul’s goals are far more lofty. Ra’s would undoubtedly try to recruit John as he did Batman, and would be about as successful.

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While John might briefly team up with him if their goals dovetailed, it’s unlikely that a permanent alliance would be born.

4 The Question

Renee Montoya was first introduced to comic book readers as a member of the GCPD working under Commissioner Gordon. But over the years her life has gone through some serious changes.

Montoya inherited the identity of The Question from Vic Sage, and transitioned from cop to hero. She would make an interesting team up for John Wick. Her skills as a detective would complement John’s as an assassin well.

3 Deadshot

Deadshot never misses. Ever. If he did, he’s have to stop using the name Deadshot and switch it up to something more wishy washy. As the top assassin DC has to offer, Floyd Lawton and John Wick have a lot in common.

Both men are professional killing machines, though only one of them seems conflicted about it. That would be John. Floyd, on the other hand, loves what he does. John’s somewhat loose morals might actually rub off on Deadshot.

2 Harley Quinn

If a relationship with Huntress doesn’t work out, Harley Quinn might come knocking on his door. Even if she has no romantic interest in him, her fascination with his skill set would be almost endless.

Watching the level of chaos, destruction and violence John is capable of inflicting would be intoxicating for Harley. She would inevitably want to join in on the action. Together, they could tear the criminal underworld of both New York and Gotham apart.

1 Batman

The Dark Knight is possibly the greatest control mechanism DC has in place. The man has plans within plans prepared to take care of any hero or villain if things go south. That being said, guns still aren’t something he uses in his strategies. Batman is still not a fan of them.

John Wick, on the other hand, is a huge fan of firearms. While the two would make an excellent team, John would at least have to stop killing people for it to work. Batman might be able to let his liberal use of guns go if John stops shooting everyone.

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DC Comics has its fair share of assassins, but who would work well with John Wick?

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