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The comics industry is going through a monumental shift, thanks in large part to a changing audience and completely new methods of distribution. New characters are coming to the front of the DC Universe like never before.

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As the cycle of characters continues to change, there’s a number of heroes and villains that appear to be poised to be an even larger part of the next 10 years of the DC Brand. Here are 10 characters that could actually define the next era in comics.

10 The Batman Who Laughs

A relatively new addition to the rogues’ gallery of the DC Universe, The Batman Who Laughs was created as a result of the Dark Knights Metal narrative, which saw the rise of a number of new characters.

Coming from a universe where Batman finally broke, the Batman Who Laughs is a cross between the caped crusader and the Joker. He’s equal parts skilled and completely maniacal and has quickly become the favorite of many readers.

9 Kid Flash

Wallace West is also a pretty recent creation of the DC Universe. While the original Kid Flash, Wally West, has once again appeared with The Flash title, it appears that Wallace West is the real future of the scarlet speedster.

Wallace possesses all the best qualities of the original Kid Flash, but also a number of other characteristics that makes him a true hero. He clearly resonates with a younger audience and may one day be the torchbearer for speedsters everywhere.

8 The Immortal Men

The Immortal Men enjoyed a short miniseries in the comics, but there’s definitely more of a story to be told with this group of heroes. Coming out of the New Age of DC Heroes, there’s got to be a future for the team.

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Lead by the Immortal Man himself, this short series showcased a range of new characters, including unique creations like Ghost Fist and Reload. Caden Park the new team leader,  has been positioned to be an interesting hero for the next era of comics.

7 Batgirl

Barbara Gordon has been Batgirl for some time in the comics. That is, besides from the fact she spent some time as the computer genius Oracle. Batgirl’s current run in the comics has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Gordon may be getting her own film in the DCEU in the future, but she’s also a hero set to be on the rise within the comics. She’s started to appeal to a growing audience and her rogues’ gallery is becoming as colorful as the original dark knight.

6 Mr. Terrific

Mr. Terrific may have enjoyed recent successes thanks in part to his appearance in the Arrowverse, but Michael Holt’s story is a lot more detailed than what has been seen on screen.

It’s apparent that DC has faith in the character as they have even based a team around him, known as the Terrifics. He’s an interesting team leader and one that could bring in a new type of more thoughtful hero.

5 Neon The Unknown

Neon the Unknown also emerged during the New Age of Heroes gimmick that DC had created, as part of the Unexpected miniseries. The character is actually one of the more powerful heroes in the universe.

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He’s got an incredibly interesting power set and a background that is equal parts tragic and inspirational. His motivations are quite clear and the character could be poised to be incredibly popular if brought back in the right way.

4 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s cinematic and animated success has spilled over into the comics, where she is gaining a lot more attention. The quirky nature of the character and her anti-hero activities has made her a force to be reckoned with.

There’s no other character capturing imaginations quite like Quinzel right now and she’s going to be a reoccurring player in the larger DC Universe as everything continues to shift.

3 Aquaman

Perhaps it’s his own cinematic success or the fact that the comics have managed to reinvent him a few times in the last couple of years, but Aquaman really is bringing in a new era.

Once a laughing stock, Arthur Curry and his supporting characters have been one of the most consistently entertaining aspects of DC. As the Atlantis lore continues to be built there’s a lot more to be down with the aquatic king.

2 Robin

Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce and Talia Al Ghul, has had an interesting journey in the comics thus far. He has often been an opposing force to his father who he clearly resents in many ways.

He’s been both an enemy and sidekick as one of the most recent teenagers to take on the Robin mantle. It seems that Wayne’s future is set in stone as he’s sure to be a threat that Batman will have to face again.

1 Power Ring

Another more recent character, Jessica Cruz, who has taken on the mantle of Green Lantern and Power Ring, is becoming a very influential voice within the Lantern Corps.

Every time a new Green Lantern is introduced they become a defining part of their era. While John Stewart is still creating a legacy, it feels as if Power Ring could be standing by his side as a major part of the future of DC.

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From The Batman Who Laughs to Power Ring, here are 10 DC characters who could define the next era of comics.

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