10 DC Characters That Wouldn't Survive In Marvel's Savage Land

The Marvel Universe contains one of the most uninhabitable lands known to humankind. The Savage Land is home to dinosaurs, savages, and civilizations that aren’t known about in the outside world. Surviving it is almost impossible.

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While some heroes and villains in Marvel have managed to get out alive, others have barely set foot in there before being attacked. The characters of the DC Universe might not fare so well. While some like Superman or Wonder Woman would use their fantastic gifts to get out alive, others might not be so lucky.

10 Robin

The boy wonder is a survivor at heart. No matter what version of Robin gets sent into the Savage Land, the results will likely be quite the same. He can adapt and survive for quite a long time.

However, Robin is only human and usually quite young. The Savage Land would be completely out of his depth and he wouldn’t have the resources to navigate such a treacherous landscape.

9 Atom

Atom is a formidable hero and one that’s certainly quick at thinking on his feet. However, when stuck in a jungle surrounded by creatures, without any technology, he is certainly out of his element.

Shrinking could put Atom in a lot of danger but growing may result in a lot of unwanted attention from some of the larger beasts. There really isn’t a good solution to his problem therefore.

8 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is one of the most intelligent people in the world. He is used to luxury and unlimited resources, which are not the conditions he would find in the Savage Land.

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Without a Lexo Suit to protect himself and the right technology to help him survive, Lex’s big mind would be probably worthless when faced off against a number of the Savage Land’s deadly threats.

7 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an up and coming hero after living many of her days as a straight-up villain. Despite her change of heart, her abilities aren’t well suited to a jungle.

The urban jungle is normally where Harley is at her most comfortable, as she is able to use the resources around her to cause chaos. Her agility will help her escape lots of threats, but Harley wouldn’t last in the Savage Land for very long.

6 Mister Terrific

Mister Terrific is a great team leader, an Olympic athlete, and an inventor. He may be able to survive in the Savage Land longer than most therefore, thanks to his incredible abilities and great tactics.

That said, no strategy could see a normal human survive for a long period of time in the Savage Land, assuming they are not tailor-made for the area like Ka-Zar. Without T-Spheres and a strong team, Mister Terrific would likely fall.

5 Scarecrow

Scarecrow is ironically pretty fearful of a lot of things. His usual tactic is to instill fear in his enemies, but in this kind of environment his fear gas will only create more problems; ones he may not be able to deal with.

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Scarecrow could in fact rile up a lot of the animals and put them into some kind of rage, which may result in his own destruction. Scarecrow would not stand a chance in the Savage Land and is not physically strong enough to last.

4 Black Canary

Black Canary can handle herself in a fight and could actually push back on some of the tribes that might attack her in the Savage Land. However, her greatest strength may also be her downfall.

In a forest of unnatural or unpredictable creatures, the canary cry could have a grave impact on the wildlife around her. It may make Black Canary a quick target and rile up some peaceful beasts. In order to survive, she would have to stop using her only weapon.

3 Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is a successful film, but the titular character’s name is also shared with a member of the Legion of Superheros from the future. Val Armorr’s gift is that he’s incredible at martial arts; in fact, he is one of the best in the world.

While Armorr’s abilities might even surpass Batman’s, those fighting skills are unlikely to be very useful when fighting against a T-Rex or a poisonous spider.

2 Catwoman

Catwoman is a great thief, but with nothing to steal her abilities become quickly pointless. She’s a skilled combatant but she is used to a life of luxury in the grand scheme of things.

Catwoman had a tough upbringing which shows that she can adapt, but she’s never had to be in an environment like the Savage Land. Catwoman’s agility and claws would help her more than other characters, but her inexperience my cause a problem.

1 Adam Strange

Adam Strange is famous for being put in unbelievable circumstances and surviving against the odds. He’s an explorer, adventurer, and a great adaptor, having survived in the jungles of Earth and wastelands of other planets.

However, Strange has always had with him futuristic technology or a clear plan. A sense of where he is, or at the very least, resources to use. The Savage Land might get the better of him and more importantly, might make him curious enough to put himself in danger.

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Marvel's Savage Land takes no prisoners. Here are 10 DC characters who are unlikely to survive the prehistoric land.

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