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The DC Universe is constantly shifting as new heroes and villains take the place of those who are standing down from their roles. Of course, the next generation has to be taught by someone, which is why so many characters could step up to be excellent teachers.

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Whether it’s their experiences, skills, patience, kindness or even ruthlessness, the characters on this list each have unique qualities that make them especially suited for being a mentor or professor to those hoping to follow in their footsteps. The future of the super industry is certainly bright with these characters teaching others.

10 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been through her own strict training in Themyscira, so she would have already learnt how to be a good teacher thanks to her own capable mentors.

She’s very kind and caring but has a strictness to her that has seen as become a fierce warrior on the battlefield. While the lasso of truth could be used on her students, she garners respect from almost anyone and would therefore get complete honest from anyone she trains.

9 Shazam

Shazam may seem like a strange choice to be a teacher. But with his unbelievable power, he’s certainly a great role model for using his abilities responsibly despite his real age.

What’s more, the best teacher is often someone who can relate to their students. In this case, Billy Batson is still a student himself so perhaps he will understand how to exactly get a message across to his pupils.

8 Arsenal

Roy Harper has been a student of one of the best for some time. He’s finally stepped out of the Green Arrow’s shadow though, becoming the famous archer Arsenal.

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While their abilities are similar, he’s a great example of someone who learnt how to persevere in his training and came out of it a better man. He’d be a great leader of other vigilantes who are just making their start.

7 Supergirl

Supergirl has had to learn a lot about becoming a hero after arriving on Earth. Much like her cousin she’s had to make her own way pretty much, although the family members do try to help one another.

Having taught herself so much it seems obvious that she could make an exceptional teacher and has earned a lot of respect. She is a symbol of hope which is what any young hero needs when starting in this career.

6 Brainiac

Brainiac is ruthless, cunning and absolutely evil. Yet he’s also incredibly intelligent and understands that he may someday need a replacement. He could therefore be quite a good teacher.

With all the resources in the universe he’d certainly set up his next heir to be just as powerful. The heroes of Earth need to be put on notice that he could be training another threat very soon.

5 Katana

Katana has taken so many souls thanks to her enhanced sword. She’s been on a path of revenge for many years and has tried to rid the world of the evil that consumes it.

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The character is a martial arts master and an expert with a blade and she could certainly take a step back and become a valuable teacher to those who have earned her trust.

4 Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is a lot of things. But he’s most importantly a valuable team mate, leader and hero. These qualities are something he can pass along to a new generation.

His calm and peace in times of great crisis is why the heroes have been victorious so many times. He can talk about the big picture in a way no one else can; demonstrating the role of a hero in the multiverse.

3 Catwoman

Catwoman is a thief and has crossed Batman many times. If she’s looking to train up a new cat burglar then there’s a few teachings that she can pass along.

For starters, she has a moral code unlike most other villains in the DC Universe. Perhaps teaching that code can ensure a slightly better world. Secondly, she really has got some great experience in robbing national treasures!

2 Batgirl

Batgirl has been a valuable member of the bat family for some time, defeating many dangerous villains and learning a lot from Bruce, the various Robins and those other heroes around her.

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As she continues to path her own career its clear that she’d be a great mentor, perhaps being able to train a new hero in a similar way to how she learnt, with a supportive environment around them.

1 John Constantine

Constantine has been a wielder of the dark arts and some more conventional magic for such a long time that he’s one of the most experienced sorcerers in the DC Universe.

He’d be an excellent man to become a teacher as he’s made so many mistakes over the years that he knows exactly what to show a new generation so they don’t make those same errors.

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DC Comics might not sound educational on paper, but these 10 characters would actually make great teachers. Just not in the way you think.

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