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The DC Universe may contain some remarkable heroes, but plenty of them could have a villainous streak. While the vigilantes and supers of the universe are morally just, they could be more interesting as villains.

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Perhaps due to their design, weaponry or characteristics, these heroes would actually be excellent villains in the DC Universe. Here’s 10 of those heroes who should make the switch.

10 Ragman

Ragman is a little sinister in design as it is. He’s reminiscent of Scarecrow in many ways. His tendrils are especially terrifying and the rags come from some kind of mystical background that can only be assumed to include dark magic.

The character could be changed easily as someone else could wear the suit. Plus he’s pretty invisible as he has healing factors, which would make him an even more sinister threat on the battlefield.

9 John Constantine

Talking of dark magic, if there’s someone who has flirted with the evil forces in the past it’s John Constantine. He could very easily fall into that darkness and if he does he’s a genuinely serious threat to anyone.

Constantine has such a great knowledge of magic, satanic forces and hell that if he were to use them to his advantage he’d perhaps be one of the most evil forces that the Justice League would have ever had to face.

8 Huntress

The Huntress is already a bit of an anti-hero, but she could very easily be turned into a villain. Taking after the family business it would be very easy for the vigilante to become a heartless killer and mob leader.

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Huntress has the wisdom and capabilities to lead a local gang and certainly the abilities to defend herself when needed. The Huntress brand could be made sinister far easier than fans may realise.

7 Batman

Batman has already been changed to be a villain in some versions, however that’s often because he has started to use lethal force. It’s rare that Bruce Wayne becomes a villain through his normal methods.

However, a dark figure in the night, taking down anyone he perceives to be a threat can become even more dangerous if he starts to get confused by the real threats out there. He could easily be written to become a darker presence.

6 Wonder Woman

Diana doesn’t really have a villainous bone in her body. Her background with the Greek gods could easily give her a bit of a god complex and her training could have produced a very different type of character.

Perhaps thinking she is fighting for justice, Wonder Woman might not come to value humanity and could actually be villainous in her actions. Villains based on mythology are always incredibly interesting.

5 Kid Flash

Kid Flash could easily be upset about living in Barry’s shadow. Wally West has been made to look a little like a villain before but it’s because he just wanted to fight to save his family.

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This turn gave audiences a taste of what an evil Kid Flash could look like. It would be a unique rivalry, as the student turns against the teacher trying to show how he’s been pushed down for so long and then erased from history!

4 Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate should be far more evil than he is. He knows exactly how fate works and could make the wrong choices many times in order to move it in the right direction.

He could be a villain that believes he is truly doing the right thing but at the cost of a lot of lives. The delusional villain is one of the most interesting ones to explore and for heroes to fight against.

3 Hawkman

Hawkman has been pitched as the love of Hawkgirl’s life, as if their destinies have been tied together. A character like this can be written in quite a different way though. What if he had been gas lighting her the whole time.

Perhaps they don’t belong together at all and he has been manipulating Kendra into believing she must stay with him. This would completely shift the dynamics of these characters.

2 Mera

Mera could politically manipulate the system to become ruler of Atlantis and abuse her powers. It’s been a story that has worked in this way in the past with other characters and could turn the Atlantean queen.

It would be interesting to see this hero fall from grace and with the powers of the tide behind her she’d be a formidable threat both on and off of the battle field.

1 Shazam

Shazam could be a hero that takes a very different path if someone else got their hands on the powers. What’s more, by giving such amazing abilities to a kid he could make plenty of mistakes.

There’s actually a number of ways therefore that Shazam could be turned into a more threatening villain in the DC Universe and there’s still time to make that shift in the comics.

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DC heroes are among some of the most recognizable characters in pop culture, but which ones would actually work better as villains?

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