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The Venom symbiote has bonded with a number of characters over the years. He’s been both a villain and an anti-hero and has done some pretty terrible things throughout his comic book career. It’s rare for the alien creature to actually be controlled, no matter who he has bonded with.

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While the Marvel Universe has plenty of experience with this beast from outer space, the DC Universe has never encountered anything like this. Here are 10 DC heroes that could be interesting hosts for the Venom symbiote if they were ever forced to bond with the monstrous creature.

10 Superman

The man of steel is a pretty difficult man to control in his own right. His iron will and sense of self would be difficult for any symbiote to try to take over.

With the powers of Venom, however, Superman would be even more unstoppable than he already is. The symbiote rarely has the powers of speed, flight, and laser eyes, so Venom would probably enjoy being bonded with the Kryptonian. Plus a symbiote S would be a cool design.

9 Aquaman

Venom is also not used to being associated with the water and it could be a strange combination to have Aquaman and the symbiote bond with one another.

Perhaps these powers could then be expanded to other life so that Aquaman has a league of symbiote fish, dolphins, and sharks by his side. It could be quite a sight and who knows what a symbiote would do as king.

8 Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is no stranger to bizarre mystical and alien threats. That’s why the nature of this creature wouldn’t be too foreign to her. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean she can control it.

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A symbiote whip, sword, and shield would mean that Wonder Woman gets a bit of an upgrade, but Diana’s own sense of moral righteousness would mean that perhaps Venom couldn’t control her actions.

7 The Flash

What happens if the fastest man alive is bonded with a Venom symbiote? Well, no one is overly sure as it has never happened before. The only comparison that could be made is when the Flash took on bloodwork.

Flash has often been compared to Spider-Man in terms of personality and even the suit, so it would be interesting to see a black Flash costume, with Barry becoming a much darker version of himself.

6 Zatanna

Whether the symbiote would be able to carry out magic is a mystery, but Zatanna would have an even better chance of defeating any DC supervillain with the help of Venom.

Not only is the costume perfectly suited to being Venomized, but the personality of the character allows for a duality between the dark and the light; a metaphor that Venom would certainly bring to life.

5 Green Arrow

Asides from all the cool trick arrows that could be created by the use of the Venom powers and the fact that the design of the hooded archer linked with the symbiote would be amazing, there’s plenty of character intricacies linking these two.

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Whether it’s the version of the character from the CW, who has already battled so many inner demons that one more might throw him over the edge, or the joke-cracking one from the comics who would tackle this threat differently, bonding Green Arrow and Venom is a smart choice.

4 Frost

Killer Frost has only recently become a hero and has taken away the murderous title from her name. But all that good work could be undone if she bonds with Venom.

Part of the character is built on opposing these instincts to kill and to maim. What would happen if these desires were turned back on by an alien that simply wished to decimate the human population?

3 Dr. Manhattan

The powers of a god shouldn’t be in just anyone’s hands. Dr Manhattan is already a questionable person to be able to hold so much power; he can be manipulated despite his abilities.

The Venom symbiote would take full advantage of the power set that he has been gifted with and potentially cause destruction on a mass scale throughout human history. This would definitely be a compelling struggle to see unfold.

2 Hawkgirl

A flying, demonic, bird-like Venom really is one of the most dangerous sights to behold. The character of Hawkgirl has been resurrected countless times over the years.

The idea that perhaps the symbiote could continue on that life cycle with her is an interesting one. What’s more, mentally and spiritually the character should be able to fight back against this alien invader.

1 Green Lantern

The concept of a symbiote being given the ability to create anything with a ring powered by willpower is almost unimaginable. In fact, a Green Lantern bonding with a symbiote could take them towards a black ring.

The reason why it would be difficult and a vicious struggle between the host and symbiote is because a Green Lantern is all about their willpower and their ability to fight back.

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There are a lot of great DC heroes out there that would make a great bond with Venom. Here's a look at 10 we'd love to see.

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