10 DC Heroes Who Would Never Be Worthy Of A Green Lantern Ring

The Green Lantern Corps is one of the most storied groups in all of comics. Created by the Oan Guardians of the Universe, the Green Lantern Corps exists to police the universe and each member is armed with one of the greatest weapons ever forged- a Green Lantern ring.

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Harnessing the green light of willpower of the Emotional Spectrum, the ring can create just about anything its bearer can imagine. Great heroes like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner have all wielded Green Lantern rings, but not just any hero has what it takes to use a Green Lantern ring. This list is going to look at some heroes who would never be worthy of a Green Lantern ring.

10 Wild Dog

Most people have no idea who Wild Dog is. He’s basically a low rent version of the Punisher that wears hockey memorabilia instead of a cool skull shirt. He’s a bit of a joke but his last comic appearance, in the Young Animal’s Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, showed that he could be a very cool character.

That said, even though the Guardians don’t have as much of a problem with killing as they used to, Wild Dog would still never qualify for a Green Lantern ring.

9 Superboy (Connor Kent)

A fan-favorite character left out of both the New 52 and Rebirth until recently, Connor Kent is back in all of his irreverent, mouthy ’90s teenager glory. A clone containing DNA from both Superman and Lex Luthor, Superboy is back in his classic costume and kicking butt.

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While he’s a great hero in his own right, Superboy just doesn’t have what it takes to be a Green Lantern. He might be able to make the ring work with his willpower, but one of the prerequisites for getting a GL ring is being able to overcome fear and Connor may have a problem there.

8 Impulse

Another Young Justice member, Impulse is the grandchild of Barry Allen from the future. Born with a connection to the Speed Force, he traveled back in time and learned the superheroic ropes from some of the best and has only recently returned to the DCU.

Impulse’s Speed Force driven hyperactivity would disqualify him from getting a Lantern ring. He just couldn’t focus well enough to create any constructs and the Guardians already have their hands full dealing with rebellious Lanterns like Guy Gardner to put up with a hyperactive teenager.

7 Red Hood

Red Hood is the black sheep of the Bat family. The second Robin, he’s constantly overshadowed by the skills and accomplishments of his fellows. His death at the hands of the Joker and resurrection have made him a more violent and rebellious hero.

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Red Hood’s penchant for violence would disqualify him from getting a Green Lantern ring. Jason Todd is just too angry to be a Green Lantern. A Red Lantern, on the other hand….

6 Damian Wayne

The current Robin, Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. Although he is a very skilled and intelligent young man, the Guardians would never ever consider letting Damian Wayne within a hundred yards of a Green Lantern ring.

There’s no doubt that he has the willpower to use a Green Lantern ring but his temperament and arrogance would disqualify him from being a Green Lantern. Plus, he’d think he knew better than the Guardians and start trying to boss them around.

5 John Constatine

Calling John Constantine a superhero is a bit of a stretch, but he knows more about magic than just about anyone and is a member of the Justice League Dark. He definitely has the willpower to be a Green Lantern but too much of his life has been spent being a bit too dishonest for the Guardians to consider him.

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Even if they did consider him for some reason, it’s pretty much guaranteed that he would refuse because he wouldn’t want the added responsibility of patrolling the spaceways on top of all of magical grifts.

4 The Demon

Much like Constantine, calling Etrigan a superhero is a stretch and probably a farther one than doing it for Constantine. A Rhymer in Hell’s demonic hierarchy, Etrigan has been known to assist the heroes of the Earth mostly because of his connection to immortal human Jason Blood.

First off, the Guardians would not want to get involved in the war between Heaven and Hell, so they definitely would not give Etrigan a ring. Anyway, he’d fit much better in the Sinestro Corps since demons and fear go hand in hand.

3 Wally West

The third man to take up the mantle of the Flash, Wally West has been a superhero for most of his life, starting out as Kid Flash and working his way up, taking his uncle Barry Allen’s place as the Flash after Barry’s death. The loss of his family due to DC’s constantly shifting continuity and his knowledge of that loss drove him a bit crazy lately and that’s why the Guardians wouldn’t give him a Green Lantern ring.

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Right now, Wally is just too distraught and distracted for the Guardians to even consider him for being a Green Lantern although it’s possible he may have made a good one at an earlier point in his career. His recent loss of control shows that his willpower just isn’t up to snuff anymore.

2 Green Arrow

Green Arrow has been Green Lantern adjacent for a very long time. One of Oliver Queen’s best friends is Hal Jordan; the two went all kinds of adventures with each other. Hal even left him a Green Lantern ring to use in an emergency but he was only ever able to conjure up one arrow from it.

It’s because of this lack of willpower that the Guardians wouldn’t even consider giving Ollie a GL ring. It took everything he had to form just one arrow.

1 Batman

On paper, Batman seems like he’d be a great Green Lantern. He definitely has the willpower. With all of his knowledge, he’d be able to come up with some great constructs and would probably be of great service to the Corps. However, there’s one huge thing that kept the Guardians from choosing him- fear.

Deep down, Batman is all about fear, whether it be instilling it in criminals or feeling it. Batman is motivated by fear as much as anything else and this is what would keep him from being a Green Lantern.

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The Green Lantern ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Not every DC superhero, however, is cut out for using one.

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