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The DC Universe is full of some of the best villains in comics. However, while some of them are incredibly dastardly, their design, motivations, or perhaps even their personalities could make them more suitable as heroes.

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While most of the villains on this list will never make that leap towards the more heroic side of the coin, there’s still plenty of reasons that they might be more effective in that role. Here are 10 DC villains that may serve better as heroes.

10 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor has tried to save humanity plenty of times before. He’s even flirted with heroism but that doesn’t mean that he will actually make that switch. His vast intelligence and resources does make him a great candidate to be a hero though.

He can achieve things that many others can’t and his technology may actually be able to save thousands of people and perhaps shift the world itself. It’s a shame that this transition will never come to fruition.

9 The Joker

The Joker is an absolute madman and loves the chaos he can create. While he is sadistic as a villain, the character could be quite compelling as a hero. His erratic nature would make him unpredictable on the battlefield.

He could also be a family-friendly hero, one that makes kids feel safe while fighting crime in entertaining ways. Of course, he will instead be making the face of fear be that of a clown.

8 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has made some moves towards being a hero. In many ways, she is a climate and environmental activist. By changing her methods slightly she could very easily be re-written as a hero through and through.

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Her motivations are incredibly powerful and indeed her abilities are entertaining to watch. She would, therefore, tick many boxes in terms of public appeal if she were to become a hero.

7 Black Manta

Black Manta is a villain with a difficult origin. He’s been born essentially into this pirate life, but there’s certainly some room for redemption. There’s also a space for a character like Black Manta.

It’s obvious that those hailing from Atlantis would want to protect the oceans, but Black Manta could easily serve as a hero of the seas, stopping over-fishing, fighting off other pirates, and perhaps even rounding up poachers.

6 Livewire

Livewire is a villain that was actually given some redemptive qualities in the Arrowverse, before her death. There’s a way to build up this character as a hero and indeed there aren’t any other heroes like her.

From the character design to the powers and even the fact that her origin as a radio presented could be turned into a redemptive arc, it could all work in the favour of producing a hero.

5 Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul is an incredibly powerful individual with control over a whole network of warriors. Resources like that could be used for good. Perhaps a bit of a league of heroes rather than assassins.

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Ra’s Al Ghul could easily create a bit of a training camp for warriors who want to see justice in the world. His who gimmick could be flipped on its head, turning the leader into a more inspirational figure.

4 Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is pretty much a villain at this point. With bombs in the necks of humans, huge manipulations, and a number of decisions that have cost lives, Waller isn’t to be trusted.

If the character was changed slightly to be somewhat more heroic, it would actually change the face of ARGUS. It would become a real force for good in DC, rather than an unknown entity.

3 Anarky

The idea of bringing down political corruption is one that many can get behind. Although Anarky’s ideas are flawed and his methods are violent, there’s plenty that can be done to change the character to make him more heroic.

What the villain stands for can also be seen from a side of light rather than darkness. His ideas could very much appeal to other heroes in the DC Universe and he could even be quite an inspirational figure as well.

2 Enchantress

Enchantress is one of the many magical villains in the DC Universe. Her abilities could be used for good though and with the number of mythical threats, another good witch could be key.

She’d be a great member of the Justice League Dark and she’d certainly make quite an anti-hero if the villain can’t be pushed too far towards the other side.

1 Thinker

The Thinker, much like Lex Luthor, is one of the most intelligent beings in the world. He could do so much good with that mind and in some ways, he believes he is already doing that work.

The number of problems he could solve could probably win him infinite awards. From medical cures to stopping wars, the Thinker could be an absolute force for good.

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While DC Comics has some of the best villains, some of them, due to their methods and personality, could actually make better heroes that antagonists.

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