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Green Lantern: Earth One is one of the installments of the Earth One series that sometimes gets forgotten among Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. However, it is getting a second book later this year, barring any further delays in production and distribution. It seems like a perfect time to revisit the first book for some of the things we might have missed in an intense story.

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The story does seem a lot different than what fans are used to. Earth One stories usually are. With enough similarities to hearken back to original concepts of the characters, they ring familiar. Green Lantern is a mythos that has been reinforced following an extraordinary run by Geoff Johns. Green Lantern: Earth One departs from this, but still seems familiar.

10 Green Lanterns Are Not Without Fear

Hal Jordan comes across the ring by chance. He comes to wield it by merely wanting to survive. Unfortunately, every Green Lantern that he comes in contact with is hesitant to help. One of them actively lies to them.

It seems like every Green Lantern has learned to fear the Manhunters that have hunted them down and driven them into hiding. They fear what might happen if they stand up alone and don’t want their courage to endanger others.

9 The Green Lanterns’ Situation Mirrors The Climate On Earth

The Manhunters rule Oa and various other worlds through fear of losing everything to the Manhunters’ wrath. Through Hal Jordan’s dreams, we see what has occurred on Earth to bring it to the point where Hal Jordan doesn’t want to return.

There was a nuclear explosion at one point which allowed for government programs like NASA to be corporatized. In the end, Jordan’s Captain Amy Seaton is told that there is now a one-party system, which leads everyone to exist in futility and resist the urge to fight.

8 Penelops

When Kilowog and Hal Jordan come across the remains of Penelops, it should be a real dreadful moment for Green Lantern fans. Penelops is pictured as a massive being, whose corpse is now petrified. In the main continuity, Penelops was one of the strongest Green Lanterns.

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Penelops was strong enough to shift the orbits of planets. Other Green Lanterns would go to Penelops to seek further training. Penelops would refuse. Why Penelops did this is unclear. Seeing the corpse of the strongest Green Lantern frozen, apparently defending against attackers, is a lot to take in.

7 Volkov

The person who retrieves the ring and power battery from Abin Sur’s wreckage is Jordan’s crewmate named Volkov. This Volkov is a man with no direct correlation to anyone in Green Lantern mythos, but there is a Russian heroine in DC Comics history named Vostok that is similar to this character.

In the Doom Patrol, Valentina Vostok was a Soviet pilot that crashed and became the new host for the negative energy being that possessed Larry Trainor. She took the name Negative Woman and joined the second incarnation of the Doom Patrol. It’s unclear if the connection is intentional, especially given the name difference, but this ambitious character should have a reference.

6 Penelops’s Race Is Not Extinct

Despite the gruesome scene with Penelops corpse, the race from Penelo has at least one survivor. When Hal summons the remains of the Green Lantern Corps, answering the call is a member of the Penelo race. This is not a mistake.

When the Corps discusses fighting the Manhunters and fleeing to attack another day, this Green Lantern states that it has no homeworld to return to. This just shows that this race survives with at least one ringbearer. For those fans of the strongest Green Lantern, it’s a welcome sight.

5 Sinestro The Green Lantern Willing To Sacrifice Innocents

When Hal relays the Guardian’s plan to create a feedback loop and kill everything on Oa, the first Green Lantern to agree that it should work is Sinestro. He even suggests that it’s a small price to pay for destroying the Manhunters.

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This should be as no surprise as Sinestro’s point of view mirrors that of the surviving Guardian. Especially given that this Guardian has formed a new Corps that traditionally, Sinestro has led in the comics.

4 Kilowog Is A Scientist.

It’s easy to forget that Kilowog was initially a scientist with the 2011 film and subsequent depictions of him as a trainer of new Lanterns. In the comics, he was a scientist and inventor. He even created the Rocket Red armor for the Soviet Union’s protectors.

Kilowog is a genius and the various creatures in his lab show that his role as a genetic scientist is honored in Earth One. He’s even able to heal Jordan’s injuries through skin grafts. He also notices that humans and the denizens of Bolovax Vik are genetically similar.

3 Wait, Is That G’Nort?

G’Nort was a joke of a Green Lantern. He was created by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis for Justice League International. By coincidence, G’Nort first appeared in the fight against the Manhunters, who had set up their base in the uninhabited sector of space G’Nort was assigned to patrol.

G’Nort is an unlikely cameo for such a serious story as Green Lantern: Earth One. However, when comic fans make lists of Green Lanterns from memory, G’Nort inevitably shows up.

2 The Dawn of the Sinestro Corps

At the end of the comic, the lone Guardian is disappointed that Hal and the Green Lanterns didn’t follow his instructions. If they had done so, both the Manhunters and Green Lanterns would have been destroyed. That would have served his plans very well.

Then we see that this Guardian has not been idle in his exile. He has created a new Lantern Corps, with a gigantic power battery. The main difference, ominous for even the most casual of fans, is that it’s yellow.

1 The Threat of the Yellow Lanterns Is Mirrored On Earth

Near the end of the story, Hal approaches Amy Seaton near an enormous billboard that resembles a campaign poster, but is more propaganda, given that it’s been stated that this is a one-party system. It’s unclear who Colonel Jask actually is, but his identity is unimportant.

The slogan is “a future without fear.” The Yellow Lantern Corps relies not on willpower, but on the raw emotion of fear. While the story alludes to the next volume being almost entirely set on Earth, it’s possible that the Yellow Lantern Corps may find a ring-bearer on Earth to fight Hal Jordan.

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Green Lantern: Earth One is a great story, and there are likely a few details that you missed while reading it.

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