10 Dragon Ball Characters That Are A Throwback To Classic Toriyama

Dragon Ball is a series full of some of the most iconic characters in both the realms of anime and manga. Many faces in this series are among some of the most recognizable in both mediums as well. However, things changed for the more serious when the “Z” era of the Dragon Ball manga came around.

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While the situations got more dire and characters were less goofy, Toriyama managed to throw in a few characters that felt like they came straight from his original style. This list will be looking at these more goofy characters that managed to make their way into the new era of Dragon Ball.


While Majin Buu goes through many transformations that fit right into Dragon Ball‘s “Z” era, the original form that he shows up in takes a much more different approach. The “Innocent” Buu form is a direct throwback to the original age of the series.

This form has a much more comedic appearance and a goofier demeanor to go along with it. This character felt like he came right from the old age of the series and his fighting style made it pretty apparent that that was Toriyama’s intention.


While Jiren is a character that is completely played straight with his crazy serious attitude and “dark” origin story his design says otherwise. Jiren looks exactly like what comes to mind when one thinks of a generic alien, at least in the face.

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This initially turned a lot of fans off who expected a new main villain more in line with Cell, Frieza, and other well-known antagonists of the series. However, once more fans noticed Jiren was a throwback to classic Dragon Ball more welcomed him.


As soon as Jaco showed up, in the new Dragon Ball Super side of things, many fans could tell exactly what era he was coming from.

Jaco is one of the newer characters of Dragon Ball Super that feels like he really came from the classic world of Toriyama’s creations. He fits very well in the new Super series because that series is the perfect mix of old and new Toriyama.


To go with Jaco is the first daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Briefs and Bulma’s older sister, Tights. In the series starring the Galactic Patrolman, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, she is Jaco’s right-hand girl much like Bulma is with Goku in early Dragon Ball.

This role, along with the general tone of this spinoff manga just makes Tights feel like she’s from a much earlier era than she actually is.


While Dr. Gero may be a more serious Dragon Ball character he still feels like a classic Dragon Ball villain. This is mostly due to his actual allegiance and role in the series.

Gero is a direct result of Goku’s childhood adventures which include the downfall of the Red Ribbon Army. Gero’s mission to kill him is a direct result of that.


Much like Dr. Gero, Android 16 is a direct result of Goku’s antics from his childhood in early Dragon Ball. In fact, he is a lot like the peace-loving Android 8.

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However, while their personalities are similar, 16 is more of a twist on “Eighter”. While 8 becomes close friends with Goku very early, 16 is literally programmed with the mission to kill him.


Janemba is a lot like Majin Buu with his early Dragon Ball influence. While he is nothing like that early tone in the series, he could be mistaken for an early character in his first form.

He’s goofy, innocent, and unassuming. Three adjectives that are fitting for a more comedic villain of Toriyama’s style.


During his short time in Dragon Ball‘s finale, Uub can easily be seen as a reference to the earlier days of Dragon Ball.

This character doesn’t have crazy powers (yet) but he is a great martial artist with a style a lot like the early fighters of the series.


King Kai is one of the reasons that the fighting style of the “Z” era of the series became so radically different from the original fights seen in the series. This ironic due to his demeanor feeling so much like old Toriyama.

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King Kai is a lot like Master Roshi when Goku first met him. No one would expect this old goofball to be able to teach some of the best fighting techniques in the universe, but Toriyama always shows fans that looks can be deceiving.


Funny enough, if Mr. Satan was present in the old era of Dragon Ball he actually would have had a shot at being the strongest man on Earth. It actually would be fun to see a fight between him and some of the Z-Fighters during that time.

This human strength and comedic energy make Mr. Satan one of the best classic throwbacks in the entirety of the series.

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These classic Dragon Ball characters are so Toriyama! Let's check out 10 Dragon Ball characters that are a true throwback to the series creator!

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