10 Elektra Cosplays That Look Just Like The Daredevil Comics

The femme fatale first introduced during Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil, Elektra is an assassin who is one of the main love interests of Matt Murdock. Although somewhat famous for her first death against Daredevil’s archenemy Bullseye, Elektra is better known for her seductive personality, deadly assassin’s skills and her twin sais.

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Because of these characteristics, Elektra has since appeared in video games, the Netflix show, and is popular enough to have many cosplays of her. Many of these cosplayers look incredible and stay true across the characters appearances in comics, films or something completely composite. As such, here are the 10 Elektra cosplays that look like they came right out of the comics… with a few equally stellar exceptions, of course.

10 A Shining Assassin

Starting off this list is from French cosplayer kylliecosplay. Having an extremely comic book accurate version of the costume, the cosplayer really does showcase the gracefulness that Elektra embodies as a character. Not only that but the quality of the costume itself is also high.

What’s also commendable is the lighting that is done for the cosplay, as it shows every single fold and tie that is on her arms and her general body. This really shows just how much detail there is for the costume in general.

9 Ready To Strike

This is one of the few exceptions in the article because it was just too good to pass up. Worn by cyber_bird with photography taken by carlos_adama, the suit is extremely well made. With well-textured black leather and red accents, it really looks like something that came straight out of the Netflix show.

Although this costume is not from the comics, it should be included anyways as it eventually went on to inspire the brief black and red design seen in the Daredevil comics that came out not too long ago. That, and the cosplay is just fantastic.

8 Not Even The Stars Are Safe From The Sky!

Worn by cheesycosplay, this is another costume that is incredibly comic book accurate.  With a nice bright red to the fabric, what’s nice about the cosplay is the braided like texture on the design. This is just one of the elements that are distinctly the cosplayers own.

For starters, the outfit is noticeably more exposed than the design that Elektra is typically known for. This also includes the red bandaged boots which are not here. But aside from that, this is still a very solid design that remains faithful to the comics.

7 A Very Clean Design

Compared to the other entries that came before this one, the design worn by juulianalopez is one of the cleanest versions to be shown. The bright red fabric is paired nicely with the cosplayers hair and skin, which allows the whole aesthetic to have a strong contrast effect to the whole piece.

Aside from that, the fabric also gives off a very nice sheen giving off an almost orange red effect. Absolutely fabulous work from a really good Elektra cosplay.

6 The White Dove

Extremely distinct in her own right, the cosplay by nilu.alice.cosplay forgoes the classic red design in favor of the white costume that the character wore briefly during her comic tenure.

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The cloth is nothing much to write home about as it’s quite simplistic, but similar to the last cosplayer shown on the list it has strengths within contrast. Complete with the comic accurate red katana, her black hair and general pose really delivers an extremely balanced version of Elektra.

5 A Modern Reimagining

Here’s another exception on this list, which is a design created by coveredcosplay that is really unique. Replacing the impractical red garments of the comics in favor of a modernized biker getup, this cosplay really looks like a possible direction that the Netflix show could have taken if it didn’t go for the black and red look.

Yet despite its original appearance, this is still Elektra at the core of everything and as such she retains all of the original elements that the character is known for, from the bandanna to the sais.

4 Assassin Of The Night

Inspired by the recent black and red outfit that Elektra briefly wore, the cosplay design by fabicosplay is well made and just like the other cosplayers before her is very well balanced. Just like the comics, the only red aspects of the costume is the red sash, scarf on her face and the red accents on her legs.

Although the cosplayer is missing some of the intricate armor details from the comic, it is still extremely impressive to look at nonetheless.

3 A Somber Ninja

Props to the photographer satindress.cosplayphotography for the choice of tint, but the Elektra outfit worn by erinomegacosplay is absolutely phenomenal. Not only are the reds extremely dark but thanks to the lighting and the makeup, it really makes the character look more somber.

After all, Elektra is an assassin and killing another human being wouldn’t be something to be proud of. This is something the cosplayer succeeds in, being both beautiful and deadly, as well as being a human being.

2 The Black Sky

Another cosplay based on Netflix’s Daredevil, the design worn by ramonas.flower is much more streamlined then what viewers saw in the show. For starters, it is much smoother in appearance, with a heavier focus on the black cloth of the design.

Because the cosplayer is enhancing the Japanese aspects of the character, this makes Elektra look more like a ninja and effectively makes her appear to work more practically. This is combined with good red colors which help her stand out despite her overall dark-hued appearance.

1 100% Comic Book Accurate

One of the coolest looking versions of Elektra is one that isn’t really a proper cosplay at all. With the use of strong body paint, seekayseee is able to achieve the character of Elektra in arguably the most comic book accurate way possible.

From getting the line work right, to the inking around the “garments” to deliver texture. Probably the best thing about this version is the little white paint to deliver extra details and highlights from her headband to the sais.

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Elektra is one of Marvel's most famous assassins, and these cosplayers honor her legacy through their amazing cosplays

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