10 Epic Mandalorian Cosplay (That Every Star Wars Fan Needs To See)

Star Wars is full of incredible costumes and outfits that every fan would love to try on, and Mandalorian armor and weaponry are very high on everyone’s favorite list. Regardless if it is polished to a mirror shine or scarred by battle scratches, this stylish outfit always looks good, and it is no surprise that so many cosplayers over the years have chosen to create their own versions.

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The specialized blaster, the plated armor that covers virtually every part of the wearer’s body, and a variety of cool little gadgets are enough to make even the most sheepish of fans feel awesome when they don the equipment. Here are 10 absolutely epic Mandalorian cosplays that every Star Wars fan will love.

10 Mandalorian Mercs

The Mandalorian Mercs costuming club are some of the biggest fans of the legendary Star Wars clan, and this stylish, ridiculously detailed outfit is yet another proof of their devotion. It is not just the aesthetics that are excellent; the scratched out patches of armor make it look like it belonged to a veteran of countless battles. The pockets for cartridges, the vambrace weaponry, and countless belt tools prove that this is one Mandalorian that will certainly fulfill his contract.

9 AdenBanto

Cosplayer AdenBanto doubles down on the damage that his armor has taken, which gives the outfit extra grit and an aura of authenticity. Armed with two blasters and equipped with a number of other miniature tools, judging by the belt’s contents, this Mandalorian character has quite the history as well as an affinity for technology. His two antennas are likely connected to a rangefinder – an essential part of a Mandalore warrior’s equipment that allows him to track targets down more easily.

8 Ipbatman

The gorgeous female Mandalorian costume posted on Ipbatman‘s Twitter account is so gorgeously designed that spotting the obligatory scratches and battle marks on it almost makes you feel bad.

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The weaponry and props that the warrior needs to carry are comfortably compact in their size, which allows the lady that will be using the armor to move quickly and take out her enemies at maximum speed.

7 Chewy Bread Cosplay

From its deliciously shiny helmet to the scraped protective plates where this Mandalorian hunter took hits, the work of Chewy Bread Cosplay is as good as it gets. The fictional character created by the cosplayer is quite compelling. His armor is composed of different parts, various pieces of clothing that prove his adventurous and perhaps difficult past. Plenty of Mandalorians live far away from their homeworld, scattered across the galaxy.

6 Kara Crofts

One of the most badass versions of a female Mandalorian armor ever made is the creation of Kara Crofts. The white thin white lines and the sky-blue layer of paint visible under the pitch-black that is dominating the armor create an appearance that is as intimidating as it is beautiful.

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This warrior has a few weapons, which probably means they are deadly enough to get the job done. Two blasters and vambrace-attached devices that could be flashlights, wrist lasers, or flamethrowers, which are exemplary of a Mandalorian’s vast range of weaponry.

5 Roberthoneywill1

Roberthoneywill1 is likely a big The Clone Wars fan, and his Mandalorian cosplay that is distinctive with its Darth Maul-like black and red decorations. In truth, the outfit seems to be similar to that of Gar Saxon with a few exceptions, and seeing a live-action version of it that is so meticulously crafted that it might as well have been taken from an actual set of a Star Wars film is quite awesome.

4 Protorep

If the warrior of Protorep was part of the Star Wars lore, the people of Mandalore would have been even more feared. The heavy weapon, which is similar to the Mandalorian Heavy Repeater that the cosplayer is carrying is just as intimidating as the width and thickness of the armor is. Additionally equipped with a jet pack, this is definitely the type of soldier that has the power to turn the tide of any battlefield.

3 Stroke CON Trent October 2018

Another excellent Mandalorian cosplay was displayed at the 2018 edition of the Stroke CON Trent in October. The skilled hunter was very well armed with a sniper rifle in his hands, a wrist-bound display, a secondary weapon, and a variety of other little gadgets.

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This character has faced all kinds of ferocious enemies. The one that left a savage claw mark across the helmet was probably the most dangerous.

2 Eli Fig

An incredible cross between an Earth special forces soldier and a Star Wars Mandalorian, Eli Fig‘s cosplay is epic in a weirdly relatable way. His soldier can exist both in the real world and George Lucas‘ universe, and it would fit right in. The design is perfect, and the pieces of equipment are mind-blowing. The assault rifle, flashlight, vambrace missiles, flame-throwers, and wrist-bound computers are sufficiently large enough to be practical, and, at the same time, they are placed cleverly enough in order not to impede the warrior’s effectiveness.

1 2018 Atlanta Comic-Con

The cosplayer who put on the Mandalorian armor at the 2018 Atlanta Comic Con decided to pay special attention to the banner of the soldier’s clan. In the case of this fan artist, his character belongs to the clan of the True Mandalorians, judging by the symbol on his shoulder pad armor. The decals on the helmet are given to a Mandalorian that has showcased exceptional bravery on the field of battle.

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When it comes to cosplay, Star Wars' Mandalorian armor isn't easy to pull off, but these 10 cosplayers managed to be beyond convincing.

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