10 Fan Art Picture Of Anime Heroes In Modern Day Outfit (Fan Art)

Anime takes place in a verity of worlds. From the samurai world of Ronouni Kenshin to the shinobi world of Naruto. While there are some anime, like Death Note, that takes place in modern-day, it is quite rare when compared to those which takes place in a fantasy world with dragons and magic.

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And those fantasy worlds come with their fantastic outfits. While it’s fun to watch Erza from Fairy Tail rocking a cool armor or Gintoki wearing a Yukata, but one can wonder how much cooler they would look in a hoodie or a suit. Without further ado, here is the list of 10 anime heroes dressed in modern outfits.

10 Nezuko & Tanjiro

This adorable duo from Demon Slayer took the anime community by storm in 2019. Even the Fortnite streamer Ninja famously said that it might be his favorite anime of all time. Demon Slayer came to its height because of its beautiful animations and one of the most adorable siblings in anime.

This fan art perfectly portrays how cute the brother and sister duo is. While Nezuko may be a bit taller than that of anime, she looks just as cuter. It is undeniable that in this fan art by kamado._.nezuko_, both of them look so precious in the matching outfit.

9 Sataka Gintoki

Gintoki is everyone’s favorite hilarious samurai from Gintama. He is the main character from the comedy anime and usually wears white yukata with a blue swirl pattern on the bottom and a blue obi.

In this fan art by samuraigiri93, Gintoki is seen wearing a white T-shirt under a white and blue hoodie. He is also rocking a side bag with black jeans and what looks like a boot. Although this look for Gintama is totally different, he totally looks super cool.

8 Roy Mustang

Roy is everyone’s favorite fire user from the Full Metal Alchemist series. This fan art was brilliantly created by the talented DeviantArtist Angels-Leaf.

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With all the fire he was to play on a daily basis, Roy could surely cool down with a chill beer in a pub. Maybe he is a light drinker because he seems to be in a shy mood already. This fan art surely portrays the flirty side of Roy introduced in the anime. The art as a whole is very good containing textured background and realistic beer mug.

7 Sasuke & Sakura

Sasuke and Sakura are the favorite anime couple for many fans. This is a fan art by a zerochan user IȻhigo Kurosaki. It shows Sasuke and Sakura taking a walk in the evening while holding hands. The shadows and colors in the art are beautiful and the artist has created an outstanding piece.

Sasuke is wearing a casual T-shirt with some tracks while Sakura seems to be returning from work. She is wearing a combination of T-shirt and jeans while carrying a bag. The cute love symboled text boxes are just adorable making this whole fan art heart-melting to look at.

6 Naruto & Sasuke

Anime’s best rivals jamming out after a high school class. This is what the fan art by the DeviantArtist bbernkastel looks like. The fan art portrays both Sasuke and Naruto as teenagers wearing casual modern-day clothes.

The edgy style perfectly suits Sasuke while Naruto’s outfit is more casual. The talent of the artist can easily be seen in the textures of the clothes and the shadows they cast. This is what many fans would imagine modern Naruto and Sasuke to look like.

5 Mikasa Ackerman

This super cool fan art was created by the Tumblr user NORANGELL. This fan art is just beautiful. With the lovely image of Misaka from Attack On Titan to modern-day, it seems as the artist understands Mikasa’s character quite well.

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Everything from the clothing choices to the background of this image work in complement to each other. Not to mention the swag flashing from the outfit itself. NORANGELL has done a beautiful job with the colors and shadows, making the fan art a job done awesome.

4 Erza Scarlet

Erza is one of the main characters from Fairy Tail. In the anime, she is most frequently seen wearing an armor. There are a ton of fan-art of Erza in the modern outfit and this stunning art was created by the DeviantArt user kat-st.

In this fan art, Erza is wearing a sweater and has a new haircut. It shows Erza as deeply innocent and crossing her hands through the back. The texture in the back is quite interesting with the stars complementing the image. All in all, the fan-art does a very good job of portraying Erza as a cutie in a modern outfit.

3 Natsu & Wendy

This fan art shows the duo of dragon slayers in the modern outfit. Natsu is wearing a tracksuit and Wendy is also wearing some exercise clothes. Both of them seem to be getting ready for a workout, wearing bandanas on their forehead.

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The artist has blended the background and the characters perfectly. The color choices are also well thought out. The fan art is shaded well and the details of the fan art are well-drawn. From the sky in the background to the smiles in the faces of Natsu and Wendy, the fan art displays the atmosphere perfectly.

2 Kakashi Hatake

In this fan art titled ‘Can I Have A Date’, the DeviantArt user KejaBlank shows Kakashi from the Naruto series waiting for his date. Kakashi is wearing a suit and tie and is relaxing on the sofa. The shading of this fan art is just perfect and the little details are added to bring the fan art to life. The ninja blade on the sides of the sofa and the rose in the background complement the situation. Also, a photo frame in the background with Kakashi’s eyes is quite hilarious. The artist has done an astounding job of drawing the sketch and presenting the idea.

1 Edward Elric

This fan art by juichee shows the edgy side of Edward from the Full Metal Alchemist series. The camo pants, boots, and necklace of Ed make him seem like a pop star posing for a photoshoot. In this fan art, Ed looks remarkably like a blonde Billie Eilish.

The colors in the art look extraordinary and the faded look really suits the modern style. The details on the prosthetic arm of Ed are clear and precise along with the texture of the cloth and the expression on the face. This fan art definitely deserves the no 1 spot in this list due to its unique art style and a perfect representation of modern-day trends.

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Do you like the anime genre and the fan art it inspires? If so, you'll really like these 10 fan art pictures of anime heroes in modern day outfits!

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