10 Fantastic Four Cosplay That Look Just Like The Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four have been around for ages, one of Marvel’s oldest teams. Their popularity ebbs and flows with the times, Avengers, and other teams taking over the top spot in the company currently. You can tell that Marvel has big plans for the Four though, especially now that they have the movie rights back.

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What’s interesting about them from a cosplay standpoint is they are one of the few teams that don’t ever really change their attire. From their introduction to now, they may have had three or four different costumes, one of which came in the last ten years. While that can put a damper on variety, it didn’t stop these cosplayers from crafting unique looks.

10 The Family

While Ben Grimm is as much a part of the team as these three are, this is a true family. Sue has always acted like the team mother, there to smooth things over when either Johnny gets too hot-headed, or Reed gets too full of himself. Johnny’s always been the rebellious teenager, no matter how old he’s portrayed as.

Reed is naturally the workaholic dad, one that cares, but doesn’t always show it well. All three display that well here, from Reed looking away from the camera to the shades and smirk on Johnny’s face.

9 Doom

Dr. Doom completes the Fantastic Four, giving them one of the best arch nemesis’s you could ask for. That cosplay is phenomenal as well, a spitting image of the character.

It’s rather impressive they can cross their arms considering how bulky it is, even She-Hulk seems to be wondering how they manage to move around in it. Her addition instead of The Thing is a nice touch as well, considering she’s subbed in for him on at least two occasions.

8 Triumph Of Mole Man

If there’s one villain in their rogue gallery that always gets overlooked it’s Mole Man, but thankfully, he gets his due here, standing over Reed’s prone body, basking in his triumph. Having it outside, near a dirt-filled area is perfect, playing into Mole Man’s subterranean home.

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While the cosplay is simple, Bloodyscosplay has a great look for the villain, resembling a much younger version of the character. Mustachemanatee meanwhile looks great as Reed, rocking that beard to a great degree.

7 Future Foundation

This is one of the few costume changes the team has made, happening during the time of the Future Foundation. Outfits, like most of what the team wears, are simple, following a nice black and white color scheme.

What makes the photo so good is the alterations to show off the powers of both Reed and Susan. Sue is fading into the background, disks in each of her hands. Reed meanwhile has elongated their arms and enlarged their hands.

6 Truly Fantastic

This is by far the best photo of all four of them together, each cosplayer individually killing it. The fact that only part of Johnny’s body is on fire like he’s in the process of flaming on is awesome. The stance of Sue, as well as the disk over her hand, is equally so, showing off how protective she is of her family.

Reed’s arm extending outward without the use of any digital enhancements is great, one of the few cosplayers who manages to pull it off. The Thing meanwhile is the star of the whole image, looking as close to his comic counterpart as you possibly could. On their own they are good, but together, they are fantastic (just like in the comics).

5 Six Is Better Than Four

The dedication of Alex Hansen to fully paint himself silver to be the surfer is commendable. He did a nice job on the board as well, stance even one the Surfer has taken before. Having Reed’s hand turned into a large mallet is a unique way of showing off his power, something you don’t usually see with cosplays of Mr. Fantastic.

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That smug look on the Torch is amazing, embodying the character so perfectly. The rest of the crew does well as well, giving us the largest ensemble photo on the list.

4 Perfection

While there have been better team photos, there isn’t a tandem that does Invisible Woman (Maidofmight) and Mr. Fantastic (Superxluigi) better. Maidofmight has the look of Sue, from the natural-looking blond hair to facial features, she looks like someone who could play the character in a movie.

Superxluigi is no slouch in his own right, looking like he’d leaped off a comic book page and into our reality. What sets him apart from everyone else is how perfect his hair looks. That greyed patch is so accurate to the character.

3 Super Skrull

Mole man isn’t the only character who gets overlooked in this rogue gallery, Super Skrull being right there with him. While the Skrull doesn’t get looked at like a joke, they aren’t often spoken of in the same sentence as say a Galactus when they really should be.

This cosplay of him by Sara Moni is as out of this world as he is. The level of detail in it is astounding. From the eyes to the hair to the green elf-like ears, they nailed the look of a Skrull beautifully. Superxluigi, of course, held up his end of the bargain, looking great as Reed, as he always does.

2 Old School

Both of these cosplay look like they something that would have been in the attempted movie from the 90s, and that’s not at all meant as disrespect. They resemble what was worn in the 80s, simple outfits for a team that didn’t care about all the publicity. Well most of them at least, Johnny sure seems to love being in the media.

Centaure and his partner both hit the notes from that era, Invisible Woman’s hands held up like she’s ready to shield them both from an incoming attack.

1 Happy Couple

While they may not be a couple in real life, they do a great job of acting like it on camera. They both look happy to be there, just as Sue and Reed are from the comics (most of the time). Her wearing Reed’s lab coat is a cute thing that it feels like every couple does, showing off that nothing is explicitly one person’s any longer.

Another reason this photo is so great is it shows off how tall Centaure is, length of his arms and legs making him seem like a real-life Mr. Fantastic.

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The Fantastic Four is one of Marvel's fantastic teams, and fans didn't fail to pay homage with these amazing and realistic cosplay!

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