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Justice League is one of the most famous and powerful superhero teams of all time. There are various versions of the team and many superheroes have been its members. While a lot of them focus primarily on their fight against crime, some others also found the time to fall in love, sometimes even get married and have a family.

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Raising children when you’re also running around in a mask it’s no easy task and fans weren’t all that interested in some of the Justice League members’ children. Let’s take a look at 10 forgotten kids of Justice League members who didn’t survive the test of time.

10 Robert Long

Donna Long started out as Wonder Girl, a young sidekick to Wonder Woman, but every sidekick once grows up and sometimes has a family. Donna married Terry Long and in an alternate timeline, they had a son Robert. But he became the villain known as Lord Chaos. He killed his mother but was later pretty much erased from existence, even though he still pops up in comics from time to time, he’s mostly forgotten nowadays.

9 The Flash Twins

Raising kids is no easy task even if you’re the fastest man alive. In the DC universe, several heroes have been known as the Flash and two of them had a set of twins with their wives. Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen had twins Dawn and Don. The tradition to have twins stayed in the family since Barry’s nephew Wally also had twins with his wife Linda Park and they named their super-powered children Jai and Iris.

8 Wonder Woman’s Children

Right now, Wonder Woman has no children in the comics. But that wasn’t always the case in the past. Wonder Woman had a son named Hunter Prince but according to Hunter, she supposedly abandoned him since he was a boy and couldn’t become one of the Amazons. And that’s not all. Diana and Superman also had several biological sons in alternate universes and before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Diana had a daughter with Steve Trevor.

7 Jacob Free

Mister Miracle, known in his civil life as Scott Free, is one of the less-known superheroes, so many fans might not know that he had a relationship with a fellow superhero Big Barda, let alone that the two married and had a son.

The couple welcomed their son into the world in the Tom King Mister Miracle series. They had to learn how to balance taking care of the son and waging war on Apokolips which was no easy task.

6 Equinox

Equinox was Power Girl‘s son but her motherhood wasn’t well-accepted by many fans since she was impregnated against her will. Equinox was created by the mages of Atlantis and he was supposed to combine the magical powers of light and darkness. Since he was so unpopular with the comic book readers, he vanished shortly after he appeared and is mostly forgotten nowadays.

5 Green Arrow’s Children

If you’ve watched the CW show Arrow, then you’ll know that Oliver Queen had a son named William in the show and a daughter Mia. But his children are different in the comics. He had a fairly known son Connor. Oliver got Connor’s mom pregnant when he was still a reckless playboy and he didn’t raise the boy. But many people might not know that Oliver also had a son Robert with Shado but they didn’t form a happy family since Shado was a villain and she assaulted Oliver.

4 John Grayson

Just like Wonder Girl, Dick Grayson started out his superhero life as Batman’s sidekick Robin and he later became Nightwing.

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Nightwing’s romantic relationship with Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl is well-known but did you also know the superhero couple had a son together on Earth-2? On this Earth, Dick took on the mantle of Batman and he raised his son John alone since Barbara had died.

3 Huntress

Helena Wayne used to be known as Huntress but she was later replaced by another Helena, Helena Bertinelli. Helena Wayne was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman from Earth-2. Her parents gave up their costumed lives but when Selina was killed, Helena decided to avenge her death and she took on the mantle of Huntress, mirroring her father’s actions from his youth since Bruce also wanted to avenge his parents’ murder.

2 Arthur Curry, Jr.

Unless you’re Aquaman fans, you might not know that he and his wife Mera used to have a son. Their baby named Arthur, jr. was around in the comics for about ten years, but his short life as a happy toddler ended up tragically. Aquaman’s archnemesis Black Manta managed to provoke Aquaman and Aqualad to fight and he killed baby Arthur in his crib in the meantime. Much later, Arthur and Mera then had another son named A.J., but neither of their sons exists in the current comic book continuity.

1 Bruce Wayne, Jr.

Batman may not seem like a family type at first glance but he has a large family in the comics and not just his bat family but also his biological children. There’s, of course, Damian Wayne who’s well-known thanks to being Batman’s Robin. But the caped crusader’s lesser-known children are Helena Wayne (see above), and, the most obscure of them all happens to be his son Bruce Wayne, jr., who formed the team Super Sons with Clark Kent, jr. in the 1960s.

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Their parents are some of the most well-known heroes in the universe, but who remembers these forgotten children of the Justice League?

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