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The release of the second Frozen installment warmed our hearts with the return of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven along with the introduction of some new faces. The film is now the highest grossing animated movie of all time, exploring themes different from its predecessor, like change, sacrifice, and the search for identity.

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Before and after the movie’s launch, artists took to social media to render the sisters and their friends in their new look. Here are ten pieces of fan art that showcase the emotion, power, color, and bonds of Frozen 2.

10 Jessica Madorran

Perhaps the most integral plot of the Frozen series is the connection between Anna and Elsa.  The two complement each other in how different they are. Where Elsa is withdrawn, Anna is outgoing. Where Anna is bubbly, Elsa is sophisticated. The sisters balance each other but also their kingdom, which they rule together but in different ways.

Artist Jessica Madorran depicts Anna and Elsa holding hands, highlighting their strong sisterhood bond as leaves and frost intertwine them, representing the changes and growth they both undergo. Follow Jessica Madorran on Tumblr,, Deviantart, and Instagram.

9 thereina

Deviantartist lareina’s style has a comic book flair to it, depicting the sisters as dynamic, adventurous, and ready to take on the world. Anna and Elsa are emphasized as powerful heroes, wielding a sword and ice, respectively.

The colors and lines are boldly stroked, making for a crispy, sharp scene while playing the differences of the sisters off one another. You can follow lareina on Deviantart.

8 Pa.Pigling



This piece by Pa.Pigling shows the main characters of Frozen 2 in a vertical lineup. The group faces the unknown with soft, orange light, creating a contrast with the blue and purple shadows that emerge from below.

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The expressions vary, some fearful, some brave, but the group is sure that they will face the coming storm together. You can check out Pa.Pigling’s art at

7 Freesia

This illustration of Anna comes from Dribbble user Freesia. The lines and colors are soft and wispy, reminiscent of the subject’s lightheartedness.

Anna’s posture is curious and uplifted as she stands in a swirl of leaves. The details that subtly adorn Anna’s outfit play nicely against the pale pink background. Freesia can be followed on Dribbble.

6 Tadpole

Tumblr user tadpole’s piece features Elsa with the water spirit Nokk, one of the four elementals of the Enchanted Forest. Nokk nuzzles up to Elsa affectionately as gentle snowfall sparkles in the background.

Tadpole’s use of color blocking in areas like Elsa’s hair and Nokk’s nose beautifully pair with the highlighted areas of the scene. Follow tadpole at Tumblr or

5  y0y0sketch

This piece from y0y0sketch is a portrait of Anna. Y0y0 paints Anna’s features gently from the blushed freckles to the blondish light in her hair. She blends seamlessly with the rich purples, blues, and oranges of the background.

A whirl of leaves swishes past her as a representation of the change she goes through during the film. Anna learns to let go of the past and step into who she is. This portrait captures Anna’s hope and optimism for the future she is heading toward. You can follow y0y0sketch on Instagram.

4 Miacat

Freelance character designer Miacat’s piece features the group wrapped up together in a red scarf with the title to one of the film’s songs, “Some Things Never Change.” The song details the apprehension towards the inevitability of change, which the characters must all face in their own way.

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Though things do change for the group, their fates are all intertwined, represented by the proverbial red scarf of fate. You can follow Miacat on Twitter.

3 CuddlyVeedles

In this piece by CuddlyVeedles, Elsa sings showstopper “Show Yourself” as she twirls among ice crystals. The sense of motion is realized with Elsa’s pose and the way the cape garment blurs out towards the bottom of the painting.

Elsa’s dress has a mesmerizing, holographic shimmer to it that is only outshined by her joyful expression at the discovery of the nature of her powers. Follow CuddlyVeedles on Deviantart and Twitter.

2 luleiya

In Frozen 2, Elsa must face a dark journey alone and separate from the group. Deviatartist luleiya creates a stunning portrait of Elsa using her powers. Everything including Elsa’s expression, the movement, the use of color, and the effects are dazzling.

Luleiya uses sharp lines towards the center of the portrait and blurs the edges out, which highlights the fierceness of Elsa’s expression. The brightness of Elsa’s hair and dress contrasts the darkness of the background, making for a dynamic, startling focus on the guardian of Arendelle. You can follow luleiya on  DeviantartTumblrInstagram, and Twitter.

1 kawacy

In this piece by kawacy, a bejeweled Elsa begins to freeze an autumn leaf. The colors are light and ethereal, creating a kaleidoscopic, dancing effect. Elsa’s jeweled outfit captures the source of light elegantly, transcending her royalty and becoming the personification of winter as her most authentic self.

She freezes the leaf to remember the past fondly but accept the winds of change. You can follow kawacy on, and Twitter.

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Frozen fans have put their creative talent to good use by coming up with some incredible pieces of fan art.

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