10 Genderbent Spider-Man Cosplay Every Marvel Fans Needs To See

Of all the superheroes out there, Spider-Man is one of the most popular ones. Perhaps it’s because he started out his journey in the comics as a teenager and gave thousands of young readers someone to sympathize with. Whatever the reason, when it comes to cosplaying superheroes, Spider-Man is often a number one Marvel cosplay you’ll see on any fan conventions.

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Not only is he popular but also quite easy to cosplay and even if you don’t make your own superhero suit, you can still cosplay Spider-Man without greater difficulties. Women, as well as men, love to cosplay him, and here are 10 gender-bent Spider-Man cosplays every Marvel fan needs to see.

10 Relaxed Spider-Man

Spider-Man faces a lot of problems both in his personal and in his superhero life, and many of these problems are closely connected. That’s why it’s so nice to see that even the friendly neighborhood superhero gets to relax once in a while, just lean back and enjoy the view of the city. That’s what FoxRots looks like in this cosplay, and she seems like the type of superhero people would love hanging out with.

9 Model Spider-Man

You know what people say. You can take the girl out of the model but you can’t take the model out of the girl. Or something similar. Anyway, if Mary Jane Watson ever decides to part ways with modeling and acting and becomes a superhero instead, she will not only kick ass but also break hearts, since she looks great as Spider-Man. Or at least Gnatty Sparkles does. Bonus points for combining the suit with the boots.

8 Psychedelic Spidey

It’s starting to become obvious that a female version of Spider-Man would most likely be a redhead. Hey, why not. This Spidey must have faced some serious mind-twisting adventure, at least judging by the background which brings on strong psychedelic vibes. Perhaps she went toe to toe with Mysterio? Whatever the story here, Rotza Quinzel gave her own spin to the cosplay, and that’s always appreciated.

7 Not So Serious


It’s a different universe but Harley Quinn and Joker would approve of this cosplay since it’s not so serious. After all, doing cosplay is about not only becoming your favorite heroine but about having fun.

And littleposscosplay has the fun part down to the last word. It’s nice to see that despite all the tragedies of his life, Spidey still knows how to goof around and enjoy the day. Bonus points for the adorable freckles.

6 Spidey Sense Alert!

If it wasn’t for his Spidey-sense (or Peter-tingle, how the MCU put it), Spider-Man wouldn’t be where he is today and he would probably die much sooner. Okay, on a more positive note, Superman isn’t the only superhero who hides his suit under regular clothes. This brilliant version of Spider-Man done by Nat Rodgers put so many details into her cosplay that she deserves a spot on this list one-hundred-percent.

5 Night Monkey In Action

Sure, regular Spider-Man is awesome, but Night Monkey is even better, especially for more secretive and/or night missions. And whoever says that these two superheroes are one and the same is clearly lying. Moving on… coraliecosplay shows that you don’t need to don the iconic red and blue suit to be easily recognizable, and she brings to life the best of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the Night Monkey.

4 Miley Morales

It’s sometimes too easy to forget that Peter Parker isn’t the only hero known as Spider-Man. There have been others, most notably Miles Morales, or, in this case, Miley Morales.

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Miley Morales sounds like the type of girl who’d be tough on the surface but with a sense of humor and loyalty to her friends on the inside. Either way, kuro.senpie looks great in this cosplay, and it’s perfect to the last detail, from the costume to her hair.

3 Smiling Spider-Man

The good news is that you can cosplay Spider-Man no matter what your hair color is. After all, Spider-Man is such a recognizable hero that even people who don’t read the comics will recognize the cosplay when they’ll see it. Plus, doing cosplay is about expressing creative freedom and becoming someone else you are. The cosplayer Vix certainly looks like she’s enjoying the cosplay, at least if her smile is anything to judge by.

2 With Great Power…

The caption to this cosplay by Shan’Lea contained the iconic Spider-Man motto, and it’s nice to that Spider-Man’s fans aren’t forgetting what their favorite superhero is truly about, what drives his forward and what’s the defining force behind his actions. After all, Spider-Man wants to atone for the death of his uncle and he’s willing to sacrifice a lot to help people which makes him such a great hero.

1 Wallcrawler

Spider-Man may not be the strongest superhero of all times but that doesn’t mean he’s powerless. Quite the opposite, actually. Besides his agility, he’s also much faster and stronger than any non-powered human, has his spider-sense to warn him about any dangers, can swing around and, of course, climb walls, or crawl walls, more like. Lirael reminds everybody of the last ability mentioned and she looks great while climbing walls.

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These Spider-fans are bringing the web-slinger to life with a bit of a twist!

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