10 Hippolyta Cosplay That Look Just Like The Wonder Woman Movie

Hippolyta might not be the main character when it comes to the Wonder Woman comics and movies, but she’s definitely a fan favorite. As the mother of Wonder Woman, Hippolyta taught the famous warrior everything she knows. Without the guidance of her mother, Wonder Woman wouldn’t be the hero we know today. She’s ageless, immortal, and has 3,000 years of combat experience. In short, she’s one of the most awesome mother characters not just in Wonder Woman’s comics but in DC Comics – a world where mothers don’t often get to show their inner power – as a whole.

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These cosplayers have gone the extra mile for their Hippolyta costumes, and they look just like the character from the comics and most famously, the recent movie. It’s awesome to see how much time and attention goes into these costumes, and the end results are simply stunning.

10 Love The Detail On The Sword!

Via Amazonian Cosplay

This is a wonderful Hippolyta cosplay that really captures the matriarchal and warrior spirit of the character. Tons of detail obviously went into this costume, and even the smallest touches seem to have benefited from a great deal of care and thought.

The sword is especially intriguing, as it seems to have been handmade. The runes across the blade are incredible, and it almost seems like this cosplayer has invented her very own language in order to inscribe her weapon. The crown also looks very authentic, and very true to the comic.

9 She Looks Like A True Warrior

Via Downen Creative Studios

Here’s another Hippolyta cosplayer who seems to have captured the spirit of the comic book character. This person obviously benefits from looking quite a lot like the actress who played Hippolyta in the Wonder Woman movies – Connie Nielson.

That being said, this cosplayer is hardly relying on her visual attributes too heavily, and she has gone the extra mile when it comes to her costume. The sword carries the runes that you’ll find in the actual comic, and her crown looks extremely well proportioned. The armor also looks very authentic.

8 This One Has A Game Of Thrones Vibe

Via Adenry

Here’s another Hippolyta cosplayer that succeeded in creating a breathtaking rendition of the comic book character we all know and love. Although the costume itself is very accurate and detailed, this person definitely knows how to carry herself like a queen. Her posture communicates her authority and her regal nature.

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This particular cosplay definitely has a bit of a Game of Thrones vibe, as her face shares similarities with Sansa. The fur details on this outfit are also quite stunning, and they help create the royal aesthetic that makes this outfit so accurate.

7 Excellent Homemade Cosplay

Via BeautyNBoots

While this outfit might not be as polished and as “staged” as some of the other Hippolyta cosplays we’ve seen so far, it still has tons of character. This outfit was completely homemade, which is definitely worthy of respect. The crown looks like it was made out of cardboard, but you only really notice if you look closely.

The fur cloak fits perfectly with the overall outfit, and it looks like this person might have simply painted a Wonder Woman outfit brown. This just goes to show that you can have lots of fun and experience great results without trying too hard.

6 Ready For War

Via CAZ Art and Design

Hippolyta is the queen of the Amazons, and it only makes sense that this queen is ready for war at all times. After all, her entire society of women is all about honing combat skills and learning various tactics. It wouldn’t make sense if the queen of such a society wasn’t prepared to fight herself, leading the charge to victory.

This particular cosplay definitely captures the “warrior spirit” of Hippolyta. Her shield is especially impressive, and the detailed carvings on its face are spectacular. Every other aspect of the outfit is amazing as well, from the fur cloak and crown to the armor and hair.

5 A Younger Hippolyta

Via OMGCosplay

Even though Hippolyta is typically portrayed as an older woman in the comics, there’s no reason why a younger person can’t dress up as this character. After all, Hippolyta must have been young at one point, and it’s interesting to imagine what she would have looked like as a young queen who’s just getting used to her position of power.

Well, now you don’t have to imagine what that would have looked like, because this cosplayer brought a young Hippolyta to life in stunning fashion. Everything about this outfit is breathtaking, and this person’s youth definitely adds a unique twist to the costume.

4 Sylvia Slays As Hippolyta

Sylvia Slays is a well-known cosplayer, and she created one of the most impressive Hippolyta cosplays we’ve ever seen. Based in Los Angeles, Sylvia started out creating life-sized weapons from the game Fallout. Her first cosplay was a Fallout Vault Suit. She has also cosplayed as Wonder Woman in the past, and she thanked her mother back home in Austria for being “the real Wonder Woman.”

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She definitely has a lot of skill when it comes to cosplay, and the silver details on her armor combined with the helmet plume are especially stunning.

3 The Fur Is Amazing!


One of the coolest things about Hippolyta is the fact that she has an amazing fur cloak. This definitely adds to the feral nature of this character, even though she’s quite civilized. You get the sense that there’s a raw, natural strength lurking inside Hippolyta – even though she’s a queen and an honorable person.

The person who made this cosplay definitely managed to capture that slightly wild aesthetic that Hippolyta brings to the comics, and the rest of her outfit is on point as well. Fur isn’t always easy to pull off, but this person does it with ease.

2 She Looks Like A Real Queen

Via Branded-Curse

There’s something about this outfit that makes it seem like it was pulled directly from the pages of the comic. The fact that this cosplayers seem to naturally have a regal demeanor definitely helps create the queenlike aesthetic that everyone knows and loves from the Wonder Woman movies and comics.

Part of what makes this outfit stand out is the fact that the fur is only added on one side, which makes this queen seem a little more streamlined and combat-ready. One thing’s for sure: those who saw this outfit aren’t likely to forget it anytime soon.

1 Hippolyta With Her Amazons

Via Red Shoes Red Wine

Of course, Hippolyta is nothing without her loyal Amazonian followers, and this picture really captures what it’s like when an entire group decides to cosplay as Amazons. Although Hippolyta holds the group together in the middle of the line. Once again, this cosplayer definitely has a royal vibe, and it truly looks as if she’s the leader of this entire group and the islands of Themyscira.

Part of what makes these cosplays so awesome isn’t just the detail of the outfits, it’s the confidence of the people who wear them. Without that self-assured demeanor, it’s impossible to look like Hippolyta.

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Hippolyta, the queen of Themyscira, is one of DC Comics' most powerful characters so it's only right that she inspired some amazing cosplays

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