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The Hulk is not especially known for his inventive outfits. He is best known for wearing just a tattered pair of purple shorts, and nothing else. However, throughout the character’s long history in comics, he has worn a surprising variety of costumes.

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The Banner/Hulk persona is but one of many personalities who have embodied the Hulk’s gargantuan frame. With each personality, whether it be royal or savage, comes a unique look to distinguish him. Without further ado, put on your stretchiest pair of purple pants, it’s time to rank all of The Hulk personas according to their fashion sense.

10 Classic Hulk

This version of The Hulk may not be the most fashion-forward, and it may be a stretch to even call this an outfit. However, the classic purple shorts on the Green Goliath are a staple of his closet, and for good reason.

The look is simple and effective. This classic Hulk style belongs on the list because it is simply iconic. Nobody pulls off a green top and purple pants quite like this grumpy green giant.

9 King Hulk

King Hulk has a fittingly regal look about him, though tastefully understated. The outfit is like a simplified version of Hulk’s Gladiator look—less armor, more streamlined. It shows not only confidence in his own strength but also evokes a sense of leadership.

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His thin, minimal crown is also beautiful in its restraint. One might expect The Hulk to have a massive, bombastic crown on his head. Instead, King Hulk wears a refined headpiece, indicating a level of wisdom to go along with his power.

8 Gladiator Hulk

Though King Hulk’s refined royal look is solid, it’s not nearly as exciting as the Gladiator Hulk outfit, which preceded it. The look of leather armor suits The Green Gargantuan well, evoking a sense of rough and sturdy strength.

The leather armor is further elevated by metal accents, like studded shoulder pads and belt. Finally, the classic gladiator helmet pulls the entire look together. Gladiator Hulk is a champion of colosseum fashion.

7 Avengers Endgame Smart Hulk

It took only 22 movies, but the MCU’s Hulk finally got himself some tailored clothing. This heroic look is the main outfit for Smart Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, however, it isn’t quite as good looking as his more casual cardigan look form earlier in the film.

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Nonetheless, this Hulk costume fits right along with the rest of the costumes on the MCU Avengers team. It retains the classic purple color that goes so well with The Hulk’s complexion, and also adds some interesting patterning to give the outfit a sense of flow.

6 Apocalypse Hulk

Apocalypse Hulk deserves a spot on this list for trying to pull off an outfit this bold. Between the over-sized shoulder pads, garish gold accents, and giant gauntlets, this costume is a little too extreme even for The Hulk.

The Bane inspiration is pretty clear in this look, as is the heavy ’90s aesthetic in general. It might not have aged well, but it is a solid attempt at experimenting with Hulk’s style.

5 Nul Hulk

Many argue that Nul Hulk is one of the most powerful incarnations of the Hulk, what with him wielding his own cosmic god-powered hammer. One thing is for sure, Nul Hulk certainly has a powerful and unique fashion sense.

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Several elements of this look evoke a godly, almost futuristic appearance. The glowing accents are especially appreciated, as well as the metallic arms. To top off the look, Hulk sports a slick, light-up bald cranium.

4 Doc Green

Doc Green is a Hulk persona who worked hard on his doctorate, so he wears his laboratory garb to make it known. He wears the lab coat well, and it perfectly communicates his level of intelligence and professionalism.

To offset the level of professionalism a little bit, Doc Green also wears a very stylish mohawk. The short mohawk paired with lab gear says, “yeah, I’m a genius. But hey, I also know how to party.”

3 The Maestro

Maestro clearly got the memo that beards are in this year. Who knew Hulk was able to grow such thick facial hair? The luscious beard gives this Hulk a manly, regal quality. This is a Hulk who smashes, but who can also probably carve a beautiful canoe out of a log.

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Maestro Hulk also knows how to accessorize, with some lovely gold bling around his neck and very powerful gold bracelets to match. Sure, he might have omitted to wear a shirt, but truthfully who would dare cover up such a masterpiece?

2 Professor Hulk

Professor Hulk keeps his outfits simple, but that’s exactly why they never go out of style. A black tank top, well-fitted pants, and a strong belt to emphasize the waistline is a timeless look. Professor Hulk also has a great haircut, with a perfect amount of neat flop atop his noggin.

This is perhaps the most handsome Hulk, and he shows his confidence in his looks by keeping his outfits minimal and classic. He can even make a pair of pink bunny slippers look good. If that ain’t confidence, then nothing is.

1 Joe Fixit

ZZ Top said it best, every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. Joe Fixit deserves the number one spot on this list because he knows that a well-tailored suit never goes out of style. Plus, he is one of the few people who can actually pull off a fedora.

No matter where he goes in the world, or in which era, Joe Fixit is gonna look stylish. Everyone is crazy ’bout a sharp dressed Hulk.

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Hulk has had many different looks and personas since his first appearance in 1962, but some are more well-dressed than others.

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