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For years, it was common not to do anything too risky with Superman. The character was consistently powerful, so people preferred not to upset things too much with the stories being told with the character. But when Sterling Gates, James Robinson, and Geoff Johns came onto the character, they went completely all out. It wasn’t enough to revitalize Clark Kent’s Daily Planet co-workers, but they brought back tons of classic Silver Age concepts like the bottle city of Kandor, restoring it completely and making it into its own world.

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Superman: New Krypton made Superman into a character that people wanted to read about every week. Though the story lasted for over a year, this looks at the original New Krypton crossover, showing their coolest moments.


So much of what Superman was in the Silver Age comes back in this storyline. Like for instance, Jimmy Olsen comes to the forefront. He’s the first person to discover people are watching Superman, and he spends several issues tracking down who’s responsible.

His coolest moment? Riding his bike off a cliff, hiding in a river from an assassin with an itchy trigger finger. Jimmy’s unwillingness to be deterred from the story leads to him learning about the military black bag operation to take out every Kryptonian.


Giving viewers their first look at Kandor was a big deal at the time. Though this was a common thing back in the era of the Silver Age, Crisis got rid of pretty much everything Kryptonian and left us with a Superman who only had the relics of his homeworld in the Fortress of Solitude.

Since then, they had to slowly modernize Kryptonian concepts until it ended in the introduction of an entire Kryptonian society. Watching so many people from different classes in the world of Krypton fly around was pretty cool.


The first major reveal of this crossover was that Lois Lane’s father, Sam Lane, was still alive. In the storyline Our Worlds At War, Sam was believed to have been killed in the fight against Imperiex, but he actually managed to survive.

He comes back with a very specific and powerful hatred of the Kryptonian, and somehow attains incredible funding to research multiple ways to take Superman out for good.


The first plan General Lane has is throwing the biggest threat Superman had ever dealt with right at him. It took everything Superman had to bring Doomsday down in their first fight.

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But bring him down they did, and in the end, Superman still managed to come back thanks to his unique physiology. While Doomsday came back stronger than before, he also came back to fight thirty different members of Krypton, all with yellow sun energy. It does pretty poorly for him, as within but a few pages he’s defeated with almost no effort.


The midway point of New Krypton featured some of Zod’s former allies attempting to release him from his prison in Superman’s Fortress. Fortunately, the arrival of two new superheroes quickly shut him down—Flamebird and Nightwing. This was a pretty sweet moment at first, though in hindsight, it felt like they were messing with long-time fans.

There were some pretty obvious nods to Flamebird and Nightwing being completely different characters. When it was eventually revealed they were actually Chris Kent and Kara’s friend Thara Ak-Var, it was difficult not to be disappointed.


Once Doomsday was defeated, people from Kandor suddenly believed the best way to protect themselves was to take out all of Superman’s villains. Though they managed to capture them, the real problem in the end was bringing two specific villains back to their city.

Reactron and Metallo quickly caused a bunch of chaos, introducing these Kryptonians to classic Kryptonite and Gold Kryptonite as well. The end result, unfortunately, was Kara’s dad Zor-El being killed trying to save her life—a true tragedy that made events later on unavoidable.


Believing themselves superior to humans, a few Kryptonians got into it with some of Metropolis’ science police, killing them as they took Parasite from a Metropolis prison.

Demanding justice, many of Superman’s closest allies come to Kandor in the hopes of talking Superman into handing the criminals over. Though Superman tries to help, what ends up happening is a massive battle between the heroes and all of Kandor.


In the end, New Krypton ends with the city of Kandor, deciding there’s no way for them to work with humanity.

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Rather than wage all-out war, Alura activates a piece of Brainiac technology that turns their city mobile, making it a planet of its own and settling it on the opposite side of the sun. This was far from the end of the story, but it was certainly over for the dream of peace between humanity and most people on Krypton.


Just prior to New Krypton, Johns and Donner got to tell a story about Zod and his people getting free of the Phantom Zone. Expecting to turn Earth into another Krypton, they tried to subjugate the planet…and almost succeeded.

Unfortunately, Zod still has some loyalists remaining in Kandor. While they’re unable to free him at first, once Kandor properly becomes a planet, they immediately get him out, making the choice to make him the leader of their military forces once more.


It’s obvious from the moment Kara meets Superwoman that something isn’t right. She seems too friendly, even though she speaks perfect Kryptonian. She pries for too much information, then vanishes off-screen.

It isn’t until the story’s epilogue that we learn her motives, though. As Agent Liberty, bodyguard to the President, figures out who’s behind Superman’s troubles, he gets caught by Superwoman…and murdered by a blast of heat vision.

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Superman: New Krypton has been popular since it was released, but there are a few scenes from the comic that truly stand out.

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