10 Incredible General Grievous Cosplays (That Every Star Wars Fan Needs To See)

General Grievous’s appearance is just as unique as it is intimidating. Furthermore, there is an undeniable beauty and style about the legendary Jedi hunter’s slender robotic appearance and the way his hunched figure is tightly covered by his majestic cloak. Cosplaying Grievous is not an easy task – his arms, legs, head, and torso are too thin for a human to authentically fit in them.

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This is why many cosplayers resort to the brilliant tactic of hiding in the character’s cloak and controlling remotely the head and limbs to imitate his movement. Here are 10 technically and artistically incredible General Grievous cosplay that will impress every fan of Star Wars.

10 Johan Joao Gonzales

A black and white version of Grievous, which is not exactly accurate but refreshingly original, gives him an even more authoritative look and all the main components of his body and armaments are in place and accurately depicted. It is the work of cosplayer Johan Joao Gonzales and the character’s more commanding appearance brings to mind Grievous’ coldest and most brutally calculative decisions such as the bold abduction of the Chancellor at the end of the Clone Wars.

9 JinYo

JinYo’s cosplay is quite accurate to the original film version from Revenge of the Sith and perhaps the only thing that is visibly missing is the General’s prized collection of lightsabers, claimed from the corpses of the Knights he has killed.

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What really makes this cosplay come to life is the subtly placed paint scratches on the metal. They give viewers the impression that this particular droid commander has been on other much more perilous journeys than the one he took to Star Wars Celebration IV.

8 Star Wars Celebration 2017

The cosplayer who arrived with his own portrayal of General Grievous at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration didn’t get the movie version of the villain exactly right, despite decorating it in the same colors and using a similar design. However, the slightly disproportionate face will successfully remind viewers of Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Clone Wars (2003), in which due to the animated presentation of the character, no two depictions of the antagonist were exactly the same. Furthermore, the cruder nature of the metal ribs and feet give this depiction of the General a more ferocious appearance.

7 Wondercon 2017

Wondercon 2017’s General Grievous cosplayer put up a lot of hard work for his rendition of the antagonist especially if one takes a closer look at the exquisite surface of the metal – polished, yet slightly damaged, as it would befit a notorious, frequently hunted droid commander. The only element that doesn’t quite sell the character is the plastic lightsaber but if one day that technology is invented, Star Wars cosplayers will surely be among the first to take advantage of it, for better or for worse.

6 Brandonale

Brandole’s depiction of the droid general is based on The Clone Wars show and despite the fact that Grievous’ most memorable scenes from the TV series feature him without his cloak, the cosplayer has added one.

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The body of the half-human villain isn’t decorated with many details. That allows observers of the cosplay to absorb more clearly the character’s dark story. These simple pieces of metal are sustaining a life that once upon a time belonged to a fully organic body before it suffered severe injuries.

5 Star Wars Celebration V

The General Grievous cosplay that made an appearance at Star Wars Celebration V is proof that the details are what make a great outfit. A close-up shot of the cosplayer’s terrific work shows just how many little elements and decorations are part of Grievous’ facial area and even when compared to the film version, this astounding recreation of the character is not quite enough. The fan artist has come up with a unique version of life support systems, which in this case are several tubes.

4 Otakuthon 2014

This cosplayer that showed up at the 2014 Otakuthon is a great example of how to portray General Grievous through one’s own body. The black suit covers the artist’s full body. It is decorated with numerous painted details and even when someone looks at it from a small distance the illusion is still quite successful. That being said, there is still a number of elements that are actual parts such as the helmet, vambraces, and robotic feet.

3 Manchester Comic Con 2014

This cosplay, from Manchester Comic 2014, nails Grievous’ battle stance. This was among the last thing many Jedi Knights saw during the Clone Wars before their lives were ended by a deadly combination of lightsaber slashes.

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It is obvious that this is one of the best fan artist portrayals of the droid general because of its high level of detail and its resemblance to the film version of the villain, but what also allows it to stand out are the additional sabers stored in the cape pockets.

2 Wicked Armor

It would be quite difficult to top Wicked Armor‘s achievement when it comes down to creating a General Grievous cosplay for a variety of reasons. It is so good not just because of its mobility and the almost seamless way in which the cosplayer is controlling the character, while he is hidden in the cloak. The most impressive part is the level of detail and one has to take a good hard look at the similarity between the cosplay’s face and the live-action character’s to grasp just how good these fans’ work is.

1 Metarnes

Departing from the source material can sometimes have questionable results when it comes down to cosplaying. The risk that Metarnes took was more than worth it. His gilded Grievous looks a bit more regal and fashionable for a warrior that participates in such intense battles, but the rich yellow color matches his terrifying eyes and the villain seems to become even more threatening than he was in his original form.

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General Grievous has one of the coolest designs in Star Wars. But the character is hard to cosplay, which only makes these cosplays more impressive.

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