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Pokémon and superheroes are a logical combination, especially for fans of both who have spent their formative years with the main characters in those stories. Imagining your favorite Marvel hero training with your favorite Pokémon is a great daydream to spend some time with.

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Everyone has their own opinion on who should be on which team, and this article will go through a few ideas on the matter of which Marvel heroes would be a good match with which Pokémon. Try to avoid making eye contact, as nobody should want to mess with these trainers when they’re not saving the world.

10 Captain America & Gallade

The loyal Gallade and Steve Rogers have a lot in common, mainly their combined desire to protect those close to them. Though, Steve’s Gallade would have its work cut out for it, as Steve doesn’t make it easy to keep him safe and protected; however, since Gallade grows stronger while protecting its trainer, Steve’s would be incredibly strong.

They could definitely work happily together to keep everyone else safe. Their combined quick thinking makes them a dangerous team in a fight.

9 Nick Fury & Absol

Absol has been seen as an omen of disaster in the Pokémon world. If there’s anyone in the Marvel universe that would know what to do with such an omen, it’s Nick Fury. Not only can Absol warn its trainer of coming disasters, but its dark type also moves work well with Fury’s style of working from the shadows.

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Absol’s mostly solitary existence also fits well with Fury’s temperament, even if Fury’s fake-dead at the time. They both fit the model that Fury’s grandfather set out. They love people but they don’t trust them very much.

8 War Machine & Braviary

The hero of the skies, Braviary would happily fly side by side with War Machine. Brave in defense of friends and allies, both Rhodey and Braviary have a deep sense of honor. They won’t hesitate to go into a fight and stay in it, even if things aren’t going as well as they’d like.

Rhodey’s ability to lead and command respect from those he fights with will also make him an excellent trainer for a Pokémon that needs a little reigning in.

7 Thor & Luxray

The god of thunder can’t team up with just any Pokémon. Luxray’s battle style matches up with Thor’s really well. They are both likely to beat the tar out of something before zapping it.

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With Thor’s quest for clear vision, it would seem like Luxray’s ability to see through anything while tracking its prey might fit in well with Thor’s character growth as well. And were Thor to have a shiny Luxray, well, it would look great with all that Asgardian golden opulence.

6 Iron Man & Porygon

Given the number of times Tony Stark has tweaked and redesigned the Iron Man armor over the years, it only makes sense that he should have a Pokémon that is also tweakable.

Porygon exists because of technology and tinkering. In fact, would anyone be surprised if Tony had a hand in that kind of project in a Pokémon world? Probably not. Maybe Tony could even perfect that final evolution for his Porygon. No doubt, he would take it as a challenge.

5 Wolverine & Pancham

Sometimes the trainer is the perfect fit for the Pokémon to learn and grow from, and in the case of Logan and Pancham, that would definitely pan out. Pancham would learn to be the toughest fighter possible with Logan at its side and Logan would no doubt nurture — but subtly while being gruff as possible — his Pokémon’s skills and talents.

Once Logan’s Pancham evolved to Pangoro, they’d become a team to fear.

4 Gamora & Corviknight

Strong, intelligent, and determined, Gamora and her Corviknight would be a lethal team. They compliment each other’s tactical sense, relatively calm demeanor, and intimidation factor, which only ups the game for both of them.

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When not battling, of course, Corviknight could give Gamora a bird’s eye view of the area. A little scouting and a little sightseeing would let them hone both claws and the Godslayer sword for their next epic encounter, whoever the enemy might be.

3 Silver Surfer & Alolan Raichu

This one might be a bit on the nose, but picture these two, happily surfing around the galaxy. Raichu’s star-shaped lightning attacks would also compliment the cosmic power of the Surfer.

Also, with Future Sight, Raichu can assist in any and all avoidance of major cosmic events, or at least help the Surfer get to the right place at the right time to stop some serious threats. Either way, their travels throughout the galaxy would be totally epic.

2 Storm & Castform

Whatever happens, this pair is ready for it. With her Castform being able to match whatever weather Storm is using, they can strengthen each other in a fight.

Blowing blizzardy cold? No problem, Castform’s cold form is there to back Storm up. Wind and rain and hurricanes, Castform’s feeding on that too. They can get the job done as a team, and when the fight is over, a sunshiny Castform can definitely help out with Storm’s garden.

1 Captain Marvel & Noivern

Decidedly aggressive, there isn’t much that could stop these two. Carol Danvers is a go-get-it type and her Noivern will back her up in anything she goes after.

Well before Carol’s powers go binary, the rock-crushing ultrasonic cry of her Noivern will definitely kick the door in. When they’re not scaring the stuffing out of baddies though, there’s always time for some fun night flying, with a few berries for Noivern and a virgin daiquiri for Carol.

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What if the worlds of Pokémon and Marvel collided? Which Pokémon would be a perfect fit for some of Marvel's greatest heroes?

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