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The Marvel Universe has plenty of compelling heroes to continue its dominance in the movie and comic book industry. However, while many have interesting rogues galleries, it might be interesting to switch up some of these characters.

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Some of the heroes of the universe might function a lot better as villains. Therefore, here’s 10 different heroes from across the Marvel Universe that could be compelling to see as villains instead.

10 War Machine

War Machine has an interesting back story that could be turned into something more villainous. This could be done by looking at the MCU and his accident or perhaps how he is treated as a war veteran, which may be less than honorable considering his rank.

There’s enough here to build in some sort of tragic, villainous origin, and the War Machine armor is perfect for backing that up with action. The bulky suit is a real threat to many heroes.

9 Daredevil

The man without fear has briefly flirted with the darkness within, but perhaps the character would be far better at creating some fear in the people of Hell’s Kitchen. In fact, it could be a perfect role for him.

With the Hand by his side once again, Daredevil ruling over the city makes him a far more interesting villain than hero. His martial arts and increased agility mean he is a physical threat as well as tactical.

8 Hulk

The Hulk has been treated as an enemy to the Avengers a few times and has even had to have a redemptive arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s actually pretty well placed to be a villain.

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His unstoppable nature and the fact you can’t reason with him both mean that he could be a real threat to the group. What’s more, his angry personality can be played upon in order to defeat him; any good villain has a weakness.

7 Rogue

Rogue has the ability to steal the powers of other heroes and villains. This is a dangerous ability for anyone to have, especially since she can take on these abilities as well.

Her powers are, therefore, perfectly suited to take down a group like the Avengers. She could be turned evil if the world rejects her for her abilities, especially since she has accidentally killed before due to her gift.

6 Wolverine

The Wolverine is violent, vicious, has a healing factor that makes him nearly unstoppable, and has a bad temper. It’s a surprise there isn’t a version where he leads some kind of criminal organization.

Whether it be the Hand or some other group, Wolverine could make a great villain as a leader and eventually get dirty himself. He’d certainly be one of the few villains that the Avengers couldn’t put down.

5 Hercules

Hercules could be an interesting antagonist for Thor if used correctly. There’s plenty of reasons that the demi-god could turn evil, but he could actually fit the bill quite well.

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There aren’t very many other characters featured from Greek mythology, so perhaps creating Hercules as a villain could allow other Greek heroes to be introduced. He could even have a group of other fallen heroes join him.

4 Cloak And Dagger

Cloak and Dagger normally come as a pair, so it’s important to keep them together. Although the light and dark balances one another out, it could very easily tip one way or another. At the moment, they fight for the side of good.

Their gifts lend themselves to a more villainous streak, and it would be interesting to see how they work together as enemies that actually support one another rather than backstabbing each other like most foes.

3 Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman has been both friend and foe in the past, as she is the master of manipulation. She’s been an agent of so many organizations and is a great double agent.

She’s been a Skrull villain before, and that gave a taste of how great she could be if she actually became a villain. The characteristics would fit really well for her, and that costume already feels a little threatening in its design.

2 Man-Thing

Man-Thing is a monster in every sense of the word. While he’s been used sparingly and often in environmental stories, it’s easy to turn this creature into a villain that people can fear.

Living in marshlands and hunting human prey, the character could, in some way, play off the environmental terrorism that Poison Ivy often uses in the DC universe.

1 Drax The Destroyer

Drax has a pretty tragic back story involving the death of his family. That’s enough to drive anyone insane and could indeed lead to the start of a villainous arc. After all, he has relentless violence deep within him.

It’s amazing that his revenge has quickly turned into a bitterness that seeks to wipe out most living things. The hero could turn villain easily by trying to spread the pain that he has endured.

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The Marvel universe is filled with morally good superheroes, but some of these heroes would be better suited as villains.

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