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The Marvel Universe contains some truly iconic heroes and their rogues’ gallery. While the roster of characters is therefore diverse, the roster of villains in particular has a real depth to it, perhaps unlike any other franchise.

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Many of these villains could actually operate well as heroes, though. Whether it is their powers, their motivations, or even their designs, they might just be a better fit when fighting on the side of good. Here are 10 villains that should make the switch.

10 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom has turned his hand to heroism before, but the character is not normally known to be using his skills for good. However, his magical abilities and huge resources make him an excellent hero candidate.

Perhaps he would be trying to set a good example for his daughter, or maybe in order to lead his country in a much better way, Doom could make a real difference in the world if he made the decision to change his ways.

9 Black Cat

Black Cat has been an ally and an enemy of Spider-Man’s for a while. She serves as a much better friend than foe, but unfortunately, her nature means she is likely to betray him when given the opportunity.

The character can certainly apply some sort of Robin Hood actions, stealing from the rich with her great skills, but much like DC’s Catwoman, she will always look out for number one.

8 Magneto

The master of magnetism has flirted between light and dark, but he has often turned to terrorism to achieve his goals rather than complete his redemptive arc.

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His powers are certainly useful, making him a valuable ally. But, the character is also incredibly inspirational, often getting large amounts of people to follow him and his missions, no matter what the results may be.

7 Ultron

Ultron was originally designed to help humanity. Imagine that this project was a success and he actually protected the Earth from threats that live on it and from beyond the stars.

The planet would have a really effective security force that could actually fight off anything. With an army of skilled robots, there may be genuine peace on Earth for some time.

6 Enchantress

The Enchantress was at one time an ally of Asgard and it is a shame that she could not continue to serve her home in some way. Her magical abilities and loyalty could have been very useful for the kingdom.

Perhaps the realm would not have fallen if she had helped out, as any unknown factor could have swayed exactly what has happened to Asgard in the past. She really could have been a hero for Midgard and allied with the strongest warriors.

5 Kang The Conqueror

Kang has abilities with which he has become very reckless. He is a leader in the future, although he acts as more of a dictator and can time travel in order to move the time stream to suit what he needs.

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All of this would be a huge advantage if he was actually a hero, leading his people with a merciful fist and changing the time stream in order to actually favor humanity.

4 Kingpin

Kingpin has always wanted what was best for New York. Unfortunately, that normally results in him taking a criminal route in order to try and save his city. His logic is warped and intentions are sometimes unclear.

Kingpin needs to use his money and political power for good in order to genuinely improve New York and therefore become somewhat of a hero. He could be a very inspirational leader, and perhaps even run for mayor.

3 Dark Phoenix

Of course, the Phoenix is usually a moniker of Jean Grey, with her powers being used to help both mutants and humans alike. But, the powers of the Phoenix are much stronger in their darkest form.

When tapping into that dark set of abilities she is no longer a hero, but an all-powerful villain. It is a shame that she cannot tap into that dark power while still maintaining the light of the original character.

2 The Hood

The Hood is an interesting villain with a traumatic backstory. However, he turned to crime, becoming more power-hungry with every taste of both magic and money. As a hero, he could do a lot of good.

He could be very useful in trying to set up youth programs to help kids get off of the streets and would be brilliant as a street-level hero, relying on his skills with mystical abilities and his guns.

1 Emma Frost

Emma Frost is another mutant who could use her resources to help all of the planet rather than just her own kind. She has a leadership position over the Hellfire club which has meddled in events they really should not have.

Her powers are almost limitless and she is perhaps one of the strongest characters on this list. As a hero, therefore, she would simply thrive serving her kind.

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Marvel offers complex characters, including villains, in its comics. Here are 10 villains who have the potential to be great heroes.

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