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What is the coolest type of Magic power? Fire Magic of course. Most of the anime is based on a fictional world with things like magic, gods, and/or demons. And with those imaginative worlds, the viewers are granted a fascinating power system of magics, devil fruits, and flaming swords.

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Fire is one of the strongest powers in anime. From the badass like Natsu to the overpowered characters like Yamato, the fire magic users in anime are able to give chills to the viewers. Here are the top ten most powerful fire magic users in all of anime. For this list, any supernatural power, like devil fruits, is regarded as magic power.

10 Madara Uchiha

The co-founder of Leaf Village is a master in fire Jutsu. Madara was the main antagonist of the series for most parts of Naruto Shippuden. As the head of the Uchiha clan, Madara is extremely powerful and adept at using different Transformation Jutsu.

During the ninja war, Madara was the only one seen to be able to use the fireball just in the massive extend. His Magistic Destroyer Flame technique is a gigantic fire style Jutsu exclusive to him.  With so much firepower at his disposal, Madara Uchiha was surely earned a spot in this list.

9 Roy Mustang

Roy is one of the main characters in the Full Metal Alchemist series. Roy Mustang is known as the flame alchemist and is the most talented fire alchemy user in the series.

The technique used by Roy is not as simple as it seems. First, he increases the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, then ignites it with the help of his special gloves. The extent of his power was clear during his fight with Lust when he blasted a barrage of explosions until nothing was left.

8 Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe is the protagonist of the series Fire Force. He is the third generation pyrokinetic for the Special Fire Force. As of now, Shinra has become one of the strongest characters in the series.

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Shinra blasts fire from his feet to fly at insane speeds and provides kicks to shake the internals through its core. With the power of Adolla Brust, Shinra is also one of the 8 pillars holding the powers of the original flame. Even with this much power, Shinra has only one way forward and that is to become even stronger.

7 Portgas D. Ace

Ace is the sworn brother of the fifth emperor Monkey D. Luffy and revolutionary army’s chief of staff Sabo. Before his devastating death by the hand of the holder of Magma devil fruit user Akainu, Ace possessed the flare-flare devil fruit.

With his devil fruit powers, Ace was able to create and control fire. Consuming a Logia fruit, Ace could also turn his own body to fire. Being the second commander of the Whitebeard’s crew, it is safe to say that Ace was surely a very skilled fire user and a person capable of clashing with Black Beard.

6 Mareoleona

Mareoleona Vermillion is the wild beast user of fire magic. She is the eldest daughter of the royal family, Vermillion. Mereoleona is also the former captain of Crimson Lion’s magic knight squad.

As a royal, Mareoleona has an immense amount of mana which she can utilize in her Mana Zone technique. She is the definition of a powerhouse who was able to fight off against 5 of the elves all by herself. Even when she was on the brink of passing out, she would come back with even more devastating power to save the people she loved.

5 Alibaba Saluja

The 3rd prince of Balbadd is not just all talk. Alibaba is a metal vessel user with the Djinn called Amon. This pretty face with his Djinn Weapon Equip can become a force to be reckoned with.

Amon is a fire Djinn who can convert his sword into a sword of fire. After burning his whole body with the flames of Amon, Alibaba was able to wield an insanely powerful sword called the Sword of Melting. Alibaba, with the skill of Djinn equip, was even able to cut down three Black Djinn in one slash.

4 Endeavor

Enji Todoroki, better known by his hero name Endeavor, is the Number 1 Hero in the world of My Hero Academia. Endeavor has a quirk called HellFlame, through which he can control and create fire.

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As one would expect from the flame hero, Endeavor is a master in using his quirk and strategizing. With his quick thinking and massive flames, Endeavour is able to overpower even the highest of villains. When things are getting tense, he can utilize the technique called Prominence Burn and vaporize his opponents.

3 Escanor

Escanor is the Lion Sin of Pride and the bearer of Sunshine. After the introduction of Escanor, he has been nothing but a total badass. Unlike other superpowers in Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor is just a human. But, if anyone looks down upon him, he would be sure to show them their place.

Escanor’s power comes from the sun and as noon grows near, so does his power. At peak noon, Escanor becomes the incarnation of power, defeating even the strongest of demons in just one chop. Moreover, his sacred treasure can store any excess power which can be used anytime he wants.

2 Yamamoto

If there was an old insanely overpowered shinigami who lived for thousands of years, even he would be defeated by the flames of Yamamoto’s Bankai. The commander of Gotei 13 was the kind of person who would not use his full power just to prevent the place from melting away.

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This overpowered leader of soul society only used his Bankai once, and the readers got to witness what the 2100-year-old monster had in his closet. Moreover, the good news is, with the Bleach anime being announced, even the anime fans will not have to wait long.

1 Natsu Dragneel

At the end of the Fairy Tail anime just a few months ago, Natsu had become the strongest character in all of the series. The fire dragon slayer is the brother of the Black Wizard Zeref, the most powerful mage in history.

In the last arc, Natsu was able to defeat not only the immortal being Zeref but also put an end to the terror of Acnologia, the king of dragons with his near-infinite magical power and save the world from destruction.

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Fire magic is a cool magic system often used in anime. Here are the 10 most powerful fire magic users in anime.

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