10 Mysteries You Didn’t Know About Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun revolves around the mystery of the leader of the seven school wonders, Hanako-kun. This evil apparition resides in the girls’ bathroom of an old school building, granting wishes in return for a price.

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Nene Yashiro is a hopeless romantic and has no luck when it comes to her love life. This led to her seeking out the rumored Hanako-kun. Her fate became intrinsically linked to Hanako’s after one mermaid scale led to another. It’s the start of a tale layered in mystery upon mystery. Let’s delve into the more obscure components of the anime that become a mystery in themselves.

10 Akane Aoi And The Seven Wonders

Akane Aoi is Nene Yashiro’s friend, and they often take care of the class plants together. After linking lives with Hanako-kun, Yashiro’s mind is often tied up with thoughts of her afterschool activities, which leads Aoi to believe that Nene is down in the dumps.

To cheer Nene up, Aoi tells her scary stories, which all originate from a rumor. Here’s the mystery: Why is Aoi the only person who approaches Nene with the rumors, and how did she come to learn them herself? Even with a supernatural broadcasting system, why aren’t other students actively spreading rumors? In other words, is Aoi somehow linked to the seven wonders?

9 Space Theme

Although it’s secondary information and not the main focus of the anime, Amane Yugi (aka Hanako-kun) was obsessed with space, specifically the moon. This becomes a secondary theme of the show as seen in Nene’s class as the teacher drones on about Apollo 11 and the space race.

When Nene is finding her way back from Nowhere, she stumbles into the past – August 1969 – to Amane’s crying face. It’s a year that became a milestone for America as Apollo 11 landed humans on the moon for the first time. It’s no wonder that he was obsessed with space during a time when the world itself was wrapped up in its mystery.

8 Rocketship Keychain

Speaking of the time Nene Yashiro traveled back in time to August 1969, she ends up picking up Amane’s dropped rocketship keychain. This object is another that speaks to the theme of space. This encounter brings to light a vital question: When Yashiro keeps the keychain, does this change a fundamental part of the future?

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So far, nothing changes, but that doesn’t mean that Yashiro’s interference amounts to nothing. It was lucky for her that Hanako found her and brought her back to her own world before she could stir up even more trouble.

7 Hanako’s Age

One can guess that Hanako-kun’s life changed during 1969, because he died and became an apparition. If this anime is set in the present (2020), then he’s been dead for 51 years. Tack on his living years and it comes to an approximate 65 years of age. That’s one mystery not too hard to figure out if the math is done right; however, this brings in another question concerning age.

How long has his teacher, sensei Tsuchigomori, been teaching at the same school. He’s an apparition himself, but he also appears in flashbacks as Amane’s teacher. He may blend into society, but how does he do that with no outward appearance of aging? It’s a mystery.

6 Nene Yashiro Is Self-Centered?

Nene Yashiro does not necessarily have a one-track mind, but she does often spend her time fantasizing about situations that will never come true. She’s wrapped up in self-delusion, which Hanako loves to tease her about.

What’s surprising about Yashiro is her self-centered personality. It’s not apparent at first, but when Hanako admits that he’s a murderer, she’s not particularly upset. She’s concerned about Hanako, yet not about his actions. It’s more along the lines of how she should treat him going forward. Yashiro’s realization of Hanako’s evil ways comes a bit too late, but that’s just a part of her charming self.

5 Linked Lives

After swallowing a mermaid scale, Yashiro’s life is changed forever. She clings to Hanako’s hope as he swallows the other scale to help her keep a human form. By doing so, Yashiro is now able to touch Hanako, and he states that their lives are now linked.

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However, Yashiro mentions a time or two about finding a way to break the link and ridding herself of her mermaid scales, but why does she hope when Hanako clearly explained the unbreakable circumstances of her decision. Not only does Nene question this once, but twice. When confronted with a mermaid’s blood, she’s given a chance to link herself to another, but that’s also not completely breaking the link. So, is there a way to break their link (or any link), or are they stuck together forever?

4 Mitsuba’s Wish

Mitsuba wished for friends, and that they’d remember him. Mitsuba died in an accident, but now haunts the entrance of the middle school in the hopes that someone will remember him. Kou is an exorcist that decides to help Mitsuba fulfill his regret so that he can live happily in the afterlife.

When Hanako’s twin brother, Tsukasa, grants Mitsuba’s wish, he twists it so that Mitsuba is less than human. Tsukasa creates a rumor that ends up turning Mitsuba into an unidentified monster. But, why does the new rumor that Tsukasa creates transform Mitsuba into a strange creature? It’s not mentioned in the rumor and becomes one of the many mysteries of the school.

3 Assigning A Wonder

Hanako mentions that once everything settles between the wonders, that he’ll reassign their boundaries. This indicates that he’s able to dictate who becomes the overseer of which boundary.

On the other hand, Tsukasa sweeps into No. 3’s territory, tears out his heart, and commands Mitsuba to devour it. This grants Mitsuba new powers and domain over the Hell of Mirrors territory. If it only requires destroying one’s yorishiro, or treasure, then why doesn’t Hanako seek out and break the power of the boundary? Only theories can answer that mystery when it comes to matters of boundaries, Hanako, and his nefarious twin brother.

2 Haku-joudai

Those two little floating orbs are the mystery in question, otherwise known as haku-joudai, but what exactly are they? In essence, they are an extension of Hanako’s apparition powers. They monitor Yashiro, scatter the Mokke monster, and attack on command. It’s unclear if they enhance Hanako’s powers, but they do allow for remote surveillance.

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Little can prevent the haku-joudai from use besides barriers and inside boundaries, unless they have express permission from the overseer. Their overall presence is a mystery, but they can also simply be chalked up as a supernatural part of Hanako’s character.

1 Hanako’s Mermaid Scale

Because Nene swallowed a mermaid scale, she’s become a princess. As per the fish’s customs, whoever partakes of the Queen mermaid’s flesh or blood is now slated to become the next ruler. This begs the question: why isn’t Hanako considered for the role of ruler as well?

Because he swallowed the other scale and linked his and Yashiro’s lives together, it would make sense that he’d either be in the running as a prince or become Yashiro’s betrothed. Or, Hanako is already considered a leader, and therefore of no concern to them. Either way, this custom presents a unique mystery.

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There are many mysteries hidden within Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun that you don't know about.

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