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Mysterio has been at the center of fans’ attention following the release of the highly entertaining Spider-Man: Far From HomeJake Gyllenhaal‘s performance was amazing and so was his gorgeous costume – a neat combination of blue garments, golden and scarlet armor, decorated with teal lights, and featuring an equally lavish red cloak.

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Many cosplayers have come up with their own versions of the costume – some almost identical to the one from the MCU and others adopting a more unique style. Here are 10 Mysterio cosplays, which can easily inspire Spider-Man fans to transform themselves into the mischievous villain.

10 Renzo Suarez

Cosplayer Renzo Suarez has come up with a version of Mysterio’s costume that emits an aura of strength through its gigantic, gilded gauntlets and the intimidating, slightly oversized black helmet. The massive dark sphere gives the character a more empowering vibe, especially since it is surrounded by the appropriately big neck decorations. Furthermore, a broader helmet probably means a more extensive interior display that would allow the villain to control his illusions in greater detail.

9 DaShanghaiKid

This meticulously crafted Mysterio suit posted on the Imgur account of DaShanghaiKid is quite similar to the film variation. There is something special about each one of its components – from with the shiny metal material that covers the armor and greaves to the interior lighting and the misty helmet. Original touches such as scarlet paint on certain sections of the leg and waist armor further confirm the designer’s creativeness.

8 Cevpalomita

Reddit user cevpalomita posted a pic of her exceptional Mysterio costume that she showcased at PAX East 2020. The massive amount of work she has done to complete this suit could put most cosplayers to shame.

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The cloak is covered with intricate decorations, whereas the armor, boots, and lights are all made of different materials. That being said, the helmet’s remarkable mist effect and the subtle, yet powerful surface glow are by far the costume’s highlights.

7 2018 New York Comic Con’s Best Mysterio Costume

This admittedly simplified but undeniably stylish costume was the best representation of the popular Marvel antagonist at the 2018 New York Comic-Con. The green spandex is subtly colored. The belt, as well as the chest armor holding the red cape, have special engravings and perhaps the most original and coolest detail is the transparency of the helmet that allows a glimpse of the wearer’s epic expression.

6 Handsintheair

Handsintheair posted this overly lit costume from the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 on their Instagram account and all are the better for it. The added light allows the best part of the costume – the royal blue elements, to stand out and glow spectacularly.

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The green gloves, golden armor, and red cape beautifully match the dark sapphire-like “lights.” Overall, this is one of the more refreshingly lively Mysterio suits created by fans.

5 Atmcosplay

A costume that stands out with style, color, and detail, Atmcosplay‘s version of Mysterio’s suit doesn’t need a complex combination of metal and lights to look glorious. The decorations upon the armor, the main green suit, and especially on the purple cape almost make it look like something that royalty would wear. The countless crevices on the helmet are also a smart and original idea. Because of them, the wearer is not completely blind and the outlines of his head and face become visible in a very subtle and intriguing way to observers.

4 Zombie Mysterio

The Comic-Con in Palm Springs 2017 was graced by the presence of a special, extremely creepy version of the visual effects mastermind that can give the queasiest of fans long-term nightmares. The dome of the helmet is shattered and all that is left is a brain, instead of a face.

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The chest area of the costume is bleeding profusely, while the entrails are spilling through the ripped-off green clothing. This is more similar to something Spider-Man might encounter in a special projection, which Mysterio has specifically prepared to frighten young Peter Parker.

3 Troydrucosplay

This ambitious cosplayer is obviously a massive admirer of golden armor. His version of the Mysterio costume is reminiscent of the type of protection which a late medieval knight might wear, not to mention the fact that each section of the armor is uniquely decorated. The mist in the helmet has a dirtier, messier appearance, which goes well with the darker, crimson color of the cape. The idea is quite right – after all, in order to fool his audience, Quentin Beck needs to be able to sell himself as an experienced, battle-tested warrior.

2 Imperial Rook

The Mysterio suit designed by imperial_rook is original in several impressive ways. In his costume, the wearer is in possession of two helmets. The regular big transparent one is the exterior dome and the interior one has a shiny surface. While many cosplayers choose to place their Mysterio lights around the chest area, imperial_rook has put them on the inside of his vambraces, which lets them glow in the dark with fiery, yellow shine.

1 Kierancosplays

The Kierancosplays version of the Mysterio outfit is extremely similar to Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie costume. The difference between the two actually allows the maker’s skills and laboriousness to stand out – the mysterious rune-like writings at the very center of the armor are more elaborate in the case of the cosplayer. Otherwise, the suit offers every feature imaginable – it glows with blue light, while the cape and armament are covered with countless little objects.

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Mysterio has one of the best and most unique costumes in all of comics. Still, these cosplayers nailed his look in some cool ways.

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