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The world of shonen manga/anime is often all about fighting, from swords and bows to fists and magic powers, and even competitive cooking. One of the famed “big three” of Shonen Jump is Masashi Kishimoto’s series Naruto, which ended a few years ago and really left its mark on the shonen world. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia seems poised to take Naruto‘s place as one of the three shonen titans.

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Rather than jutsu and ninjas, the heroes of My Hero Academia have quirks, and All Might has the incredible quirk One For All, and he can pass it on to a successor. But not just anyone can inherit a quirk like this; All Might wants a successor with courage, resolve, selflessness, and strength, and some Naruto characters have certainly qualified. Let’s meet them.

10 Naruto Uzumaki

This was probably a given, but not just because Naruto Uzumaki is the hero (and namesake) of this animated series. Just being the lead character doesn’t make him a great guy, but in this case, he’s actually gone the distance.

Naruto knows the pain of isolation and despair, and he is a good-hearted kid who wants to become Hokage for recognition and to become the champion of his village. He’s brave, tough, defends others, and never gives up, and he loves melee combat, too. All Might would be impressed.

9 Hinata Hyuga

This girl has come a long way, hasn’t she? Hinata is a good example of Naruto’s habit of uplifting other people, and she has seen the light. Hinata was once a weak-willed and timid member of the Hyuga family’s main branch, but not for long.

Now, she is brave and will lay down her life for her friends and village, just like her personal hero, and she is also a powerful melee ninja with the Byakugan to back her up. If Naruto qualifies for One For All, then Hinata does too, and she would put it to good use (and respect its power).

8 Gaara

Gaara has come an even longer way than Hinata. He is a jinchuruki like Naruto, carrying the one-tailed Shukaku, and he was brutally ostracized for it. He only got validation from bullying and killing others.

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But he changed once Naruto fought him to a standstill and opened his heart, and now, Gaara is like the Naruto of the Sand Village. And humble, too. This balanced perspective and newfound respect for others makes him a good recipient for One For All.

7 Rock Lee

Rock Lee is a taijutsu master, since he was born incapable of performing ninjutsu or genjutsu. Like Izuku Midoriya, he dreamed of greatness despite lacking natural talent, and instead trained like crazy to hone his abilities.

This ninja’s sheer grit, martial arts mastery, and wholesale personality make him arguably the best recipient for One For All in this entire list, and Rock Lee would be deeply grateful and humbled if he received it.

6 Tsunade

She is the 5th Hokage, and another example of “Naruto inspired me,” like Hinata and Gaara and many others. Tsunade is also one of the three famed Sanin ninja, along with Orochimaru and Jiraiya, capable of healing jutsu.

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Tsunade is tough and smart, and she has some serious strength to contrast with her advanced healing jutsu. That, combined with her faith in others and protective nature, make her a natural choice for One For All.

5 Kakashi Hatake

He is a quirky one, but a great teacher and a highly protective friend. Kakashi is a flexible jutsu user with his Sharingan eye, able to imitate most jutsu aside from kekkei genkai. His skill set is pretty well-rounded overall.

Better yet, Kakashi once learned the true value of looking out for his comrades, and he now says that those who abandon their duty are trash, but those who abandon their friends are even worse. That’s the kind of attitude All Might wants to see.

4 Konohamaru

Even during the events of Shippuden, the boy known as Konohamaru is really just a kid, but he is not to be underestimated. He’s a bit like Naruto, feeling that he has a lot to prove when no one takes him seriously (he’s the 3rd Hokage’s grandson).

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He learned to use the Rasengan at a young age, and he even confronted one of the Pains during the battle for Konoha and dealt an impressive blow without any fear. This kid also understands that on the path to greatness, there are no shortcuts, and he’ll give it his all.

3 Kiba Inazuka

This ninja is a melee type like many others on this list, but rather than being modeled on Bruce Lee or using a Byakugan, he has a dog-based fighting style. He has a close companionship with his oversized dog, Akamaru, and they have each other’s backs in battle.

Kiba is not the most powerful Leaf Village ninja, but he’s still brave, tough, and confident, and his sense of dog-like loyalty is perfectly suited for One For All. He’d be jumping with joy if he got that quirk.

2 Choji Akamichi

Another melee fighter joins the list, and like most of his Leaf Village peers, Choji’s spirit is rooted in loyalty, friendship, and unshakable courage in the face of steep odds or great danger. Nothing can discourage him.

All of these are fine attributes for One For All, and Choji may seem silly by snacking all the time, but don’t be fooled; he’s as tough as they come, and with One For All, he could truly pummel villainous ninjas to dust. He’s also a humble guy who wouldn’t get carried away with it or go rogue (that’s important).

1 Minato Namikaze

Let’s not forget the venerated 4th Hokage (who is also Naruto’s father). Known as the Yellow Flash, this blond ninja was capable of incredible speed, and he could teleport to the location of his special kunai knives, giving him an edge.

He’s also skilled with the Rasengan, and he lay down his very life to stop the nine-tailed Fox and take the fight to Obito. This selfless spirit is just what a wielder of One For All needs to have.

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All Might wants a successor with courage, resolve, selflessness, and strength, and some Naruto characters have certainly qualified

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