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It’s amazing the lengths people we go to all for a jawbreaker. What’s even more amazing is that in 1999, Ed, Edd n Eddy premiered, and, despite ending with a beloved movie, its fan base is still going strong. Fans couldn’t get enough of these three schemers to the point that they took these kids beyond the Cul-de-sac.

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While it’s common for fans to take their beloved franchises and introduce them to another one, introducing these kids to different worlds is a bit tricky. How could you mix this Cartoon Network classic with shows like One Piece or Marvel? Well, here are ten artists that figured it out.

10 Moon-manUnit-42

It’s amazing how some characters can easily be recognized with just one word. Homer Simpson has “D’oh!,” Pinky has “Narf!,” and Lemongrab has “Unacceptable!,” Kevin and Peridot’s catchphrases are so similar that Moon-manUnit42 decided to cut out the middle man and merge the two. Not only do they both call people names, but they both talented mechanics and pretty full of themselves. It’s a good thing humans and gems can’t fuse, otherwise their fusion would be an obnoxious nightmare.

9 Carrotchipper

It seems like anyone can become a Pokémon master these days. Carrotchipper on Tumblr seems to agree, as demonstrated by this picture of the Eds with their respective pokémon. How they managed to get starter Pokemon is beyond me, but they’re no doubt used in all of their schemes.

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Each of the guys has a pokémon that fits them to a T. Eddy has the shifty-looking Meowth, Ed has a Slowpoke that may or may not have a higher IQ than him, and Double D’s Kabuto shell is similar to his hat. What lies beneath both are mysteries we will never truly know.

8 vaness96

Just when the Eds thought it was safe to pull off another scam in the woods, vaness96 on Deviantart has them running into the Slenderman. Ed’s knowledge of monster movies and Eddy’s fast-talking won’t get them out of this situation. At least they have proper lighting matching the show’s night-time color scheme of greens and blues. They even managed to recreate their unique running style. At least the Eds can take comfort in the fact that they’re not facing the Belly Button Eater.

7 Rob Specht Art

To face off against Count Dracula, you either have to be incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. RobSpechtArt didn’t make it entirely clear in this picture, but he did a fine job casting the Eds as the protagonists of Netflix’s Castlevania series. The choices are strange yet oddly fitting.

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Ed may not be the brightest torch in the castle, but he has plenty of heart and drive to kill monsters much like Trevor Belmont. Double D is a perfect match for Sypha given their mastery of books, and who else but Eddy is a big enough show-off to play Alucard? Although, we’re sure they’ll mostly be whipping the walls for hidden jawbreakers or quarters.

6 TonyCrynight

Just when you thought Mr. Krabs was the cheapest water-breather in the sea, TonyCrynight on Deviantart dares combine the Eds with Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward. While the artist normally draws FNAF fan art, they took a break to match up the Eds with characters that work almost too perfectly.

Patrick and Ed are practically long-lost brothers, and Double D is just as big a killjoy as the aquatic clarinet player. Eddy as Spongebob feels a bit off until you stop and think about how those two are both big dreamers that drag their friends into their adventures.

5 ShyKittyDesigner

Submitted for a contest held on Deviantart, ShyKittyDesigner drew three of her favorite characters together in one big group hug. As surreal as it is to see Double D, Spinel from Steven Universe, and Star Butterfly from Star vs. The Forces of Evil, there’s no denying that this is an adorable picture.

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The shading on the arms and clothes are a nice touch, and the characters are expressive. Their shiny eyes with distinct irises are a cute detail that suits their chibi aesthetic. An odd pairing, but certainly bound to be an entertaining one.

4  stanzdad

It’s not easy being the sweet, innocent member of a group of miscreants. Good thing Butters from South Park has Jimmy to confide in stanzdad art piece on Tumblr. After all, he has a lot get off his chest starting with Eric Cartman.

We could spend hours talking about the horrible acts Cartman has committed against Butters, but who has time to list them all? The real humor lies in Jimmy assuming that Butters is talking about Eddy, which makes you realize how similar he and Cartman are. Hopefully, those two never try to collaborate on a scam.

3 Jasinator

While Eddy is lacking in size, power, and intimidation he does share Thanos’s determination. The Mad Titan’s desire to wipe out half of all existence is just as strong Eddy’s desire for jawbreakers and money. So, in a way, Jasinator on Tumblr hit the nail on the head when he redesigned Eddy with the Infinity Gauntlet. The few pencil strokes remaining but they’re barely noticeable and don’t take away mad glint in Eddy’s eyes. Now, all we can do is wait for Captain Melonhead to make an appearance in Phase Four.

2 TheEdMinistrator765

For this Halloween picture, the Eds have gone old-school and dressed up. TheEdMinistrator765 has the Eds dressed up as characters from Final Fight and Street Fighter. For those not familiar, Double D is dressed up as Guy, Ed is Haggar, and Eddy is Cody.

Given Ed’s incredible strength, he fits the role perfectly, and Eddy’s schemes are sure to get him behind bars eventually, so the stripes suit him. Double D seems like a stretch, but we suppose he studies just as hard as Guy does. Either way, they rock the look, and the shading looks remarkable.

1 1-N-F-E-C-T-E-D

If you ever wanted to see what the Akatsuki from Naruto would look like dressed up as the characters from Ed, Edd, N Eddy, 1-N-F-E-C-T-E-D has got your back. As odd as these characters look wearing such colorful, vibrant clothes, they fit their new roles nicely. Hidan captures Eddy’s confidence, Mein has Sarah’s temper down, and Deidara matches Double D’s meekness perfectly. It’s easy to miss, but the best part is that Johnny is played by Itachi, and Plank is played by his crow, turned yellow. Let’s just hope that Johnny doesn’t try to join.

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Crossover fan art can get pretty weird, and here are 10 Ed, Edd, n Eddy pieces that are oddly fitting despite their strangeness.

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