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Over its 24 year run, the Pokémon franchise has given us a variety of weird and wonderful creatures for us to fall in love with. With the total roster of monsters now reaching over 900, there’s no shortage of amazing and unique creatures that could only exist in our wildest dreams.

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It has also given us monsters whose powers are so ridiculous, they are capable of putting even the most deadly superheroes known to the Marvel and DC universes to shame. From IQ levels that make Batman look like a moron, to a strength that makes the Incredible Hulk look like a weakling, here are 10 Pokémon that are stronger than superheroes.

10 Brock’s Happiny

At first glance, this adorable pink blob couldn’t possibly have any sort of strength behind its tiny little arms, and you would be entirely wrong for assuming that. During its life as a baby, it performed many feats of strength that should otherwise be impossible for such a young and small creature, such as lifting a boulder many times its size over its head and stopping a rampaging Mamoswine with ease. While Happiny may not hold a candle to the likes of Superman, there are plenty of other heroes whose strength pales in comparison to this adorable baby.

9 Yveltal

Wolverine and Deadpool may have the most well-known healing factors in all of comics, but even their abilities are nothing compared to this legendary bird. Its Pokedex entry states: When its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more. Not only is this monster functionally immortal, but it has the power to drain the life of anything unfortunate enough to be alive when it’s close to death. If it wasn’t for its counterpart, Xerneas, being able to share its own eternal life, the Pokémon world would probably have died out long before the series could take place.

8 Gigalith

While Tyranitar may be the first Pokémon that comes to mind with mountain destroying capabilities, it’s certainly not the only one. Gigalith is a weird-looking rock-crab hybrid holding a deadly secret within its body. By compressing the solar energy in its core, it can fire off an attack capable of blowing away a mountain.

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Iron Man and Captain Marvel may have powerful rays of death at their disposal, but neither of them can brag to the Avengers that they have destroyed a mountain with ease.

7 Espurr

Don’t let the cute, fuzzy look fool you, this kitty’s psychic powers are possibly the most deadly of all Psychic-Type Pokémon. While Alakazam and Metagross are arguably much more powerful, with their 5000 IQ’s and supercomputer brains, they have total control over their power. Espurr doesn’t. The only thing stopping it from going full Dark Phoenix and killing everyone is its ears. Yes, its ears are the only thing that stops Espurr’s uncontrollable psychic abilities from spilling from its body and wreaking total havoc on its trainer. Forget Pikachu, Team Rocket should be tracking down every Espurr they can find to take over the world.

6 Lugia

When you think of weather-controlling superpowers, Storm is probably the first superhero that comes to mind. So why is Lugia stronger than Ororo Munroe? This Flying-Type Pokémon causes storms for 40 days with just a flap of its wings and creates gusts of wind that are capable of ripping down houses. Although it spends most of its time at the bottom of the sea, if it ever chose to come to the surface it would cause rainstorms on a biblical level.

5 Victini

Overpowered is an understatement for Victini’s powers. It has an unlimited amount of energy that is used to turn the tides of any battle in favor of whoever is lucky enough to be bestowed with Victini’s power. The weakest hero in the known comic universes could be facing off against Thanos with nothing but a plastic straw, and Victini would make them victorious in battle.

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Forget finding the Infinity Stones, the Avengers could have just grabbed one of these guys and saved themselves the trouble of half the universe dying.

4 Porygon Z

The Porygon line is one of the strangest the series has seen to date, even including the abominations that were the Fossil Pokémon from Sword and Shield. The original could jump in and out of cyberspace and Porygon2 could survive in the vacuum of space like a cute version of Frieza, but Porygon-Z can hop entire dimensions at will. Doctor Strange and America Chavez may have the same powers, but neither of them also possess the powers of the previous Porygons.

3 Houndoom

This Fire/Dark-Type looks like it climbed the walls of hell to become friends with Pokémon Trainers, and it’s fire breathing powers reflect its hellish design. While Charizard can melt boulders with its fire, you probably won’t feel any pain if it ever breathed on you, you would just die. Houndoom on the other hand, purposefully inflicts a burn so horrible that the pain never goes away. Ever.

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Imagine if Human Torch or Ghost Rider could do that, they would probably lose their hero status fairly quickly.

2 Inteleon

As of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Game Freak seems to have calmed down a bit with their ridiculous Pokedex entries, though it looks like Intelleon didn’t get the memo. This lizard has a glider attached to its back and can fire jets of water from its fingertips that reach speeds up to Mach 3. For context, this is faster than a standard sniper bullet. This unassuming starter Pokémon is Batman with a sniper rifle built into his hands, and once again is left in the care of children to make sure it doesn’t outright kill whatever it’s battling with its Snipe Shot attack.

1 Arceus

Arceus is Pokémon God. That in itself is a terrifying thought considering it can be caught by 10-year-old children. According to its Pokedex entry, it was born from an egg that existed in nothingness, then created all the known universe. Even among the most powerful comic book superheroes, the ability to create something from nothing is incredibly rare, reserved for the likes of Franklin Richards and the various Lanterns of the DC universe. Arceus is responsible for the creation of all the previous entries on this list, which makes you wonder what it was thinking when it decided to create the Pokémon world in the first place.

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Pokémon has given us a variety of weird and wonderful creatures for us to fall in love with. Some being stronger than superheroes.

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