10 Powerful Justice League Teammates That Superman Should Be Afraid of

While Superman is often considered the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, even he has to turn to the Justice League for assistance when the threat is too great for him to handle alone. The League is full of equally powerful heroes who are up to the task of helping Superman deal with world-ending threats.

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Of course, Superman likely never thought that he would have to worry about his teammates, but there are a few powerful members of the Justice League that Superman should be wary of should they, or he, ever decide to switch sides. So today we’ll be taking a look at a few Justice League members that could give Superman a run for his money.


Superman may be physically stronger than almost any character in the DC Universe, but he also has a few specific weaknesses that help level the playing field. Superman has always been susceptible to magic, with magical bladed weapons even managing to cut his skin.

Zatanna has worked alongside the Justice League and Justice League Dark, and her powerfully unique backward magic could deal with Superman in a number of ways, from stranding him in another dimension or removing his powers completely with a phrase.


Billy Batson is the World’s Mightiest Mortal, and as Shazam, he has proven time and time again that he is a physical match for Superman, with both heroes coming out on top of different fights over the years.

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However, one of Shazam’s greatest advantages when dealing with Superman is the fact that his abilities are derived from magic, and he can end most of their battles with a few well-timed magical lightning bolts.


J’onn J’onnz is the Martian Manhunter and for years he was a defining member of the League. He’s also one of the team’s powerhouses, with physical abilities on par with Superman and a powerful Martian Vision to match Superman’s Heat Vision.

Martian Manhunter would possibly be able to gain the advantage due to either his powerful shape-changing abilities or the fact that he is one of Earth’s most powerful telepaths, something that Superman has a limited defense against.


The New God known as Big Barda is an incredibly powerful woman whose abilities and training more than making her a match for heroes in her strength class, but she also wields the powerful Mega-Rod, which could potentially turn the tide in her favor.

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The Mega-Rod uses Apokoliptian Boom-Tube technology in various ways, from transportation to powerful concussive blasts, and Big Barda has even previously used it to take down Superman, though he technically wasn’t fighting back at the time.


There have been a few different characters who have been combined using the Firestorm Matrix over the years, but each character has the incredible power of the Nuclear Man, which includes the ability to reconstruct molecules in various forms.

This includes the transmutation of molecules that allows Firestorm to create pretty much anything as long as he has the scientific knowledge to do so. Firestorm could create synthetic kryptonite or even generate red solar radiation to weaken Superman enough to take him out with his numerous other nuclear abilities.


Nathaniel Adam was a military man who was irreversibly connected to the Quantum Field during an experiment, which propelled him forward in time and encased his body in a nearly indestructible protective shell.

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Captain Atom has access to nearly infinite amounts of energy that he can manipulate in various ways that include molecular transmutation, and energy absorption and manipulation so he could even shut off Superman’s abilities, though Captain Atom subconsciously limits his own abilities so he rarely displays that kind of power.


One of Superman‘s closest power matches on the Justice League is his close friend, former lover, and longtime teammate Wonder Woman. Diana is a powerful Amazon demigod who can match Superman in speed and strength.

However, she also has an armory of magical weapons at her disposal that she could use against Kal-El if she needed to gain the advantage in battle, along with magically-protected armor and an army of equally equipped Amazons that Superman should definitely fear.


With most of the match-ups presented here, the assumption of Superman’s defeat generally relies on his super-speed not coming into play, because any battle can arguably be won by a speedster if their reaction time is quick.

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So while Superman can usually take the edge with his super-speed in most of his battles, The Flash has proven repeatedly that he is much faster than Superman, though the two have exchanged wins a few times when they have raced for charity. The Flash is also a much more capable speed fighter and has the power of the Speed Force at his disposal.


Rex Mason became the transmuting hero known as Metamorpho after a scientific experiment went wrong and gave him the ability to transform his body into various elemental compounds that he can shape and manipulate at will.

This means that not only would Metamorpho be able to transform into Lead to negate most of Superman’s abilities, but some versions of the character have been able to create Kryptonite, which would weaken Superman enough for Metamorpho’s other abilities to gain him the win.


With Lex Luthor’s rise to extreme villainy as Apex Lex as the leader of the Legion of Doom, it can be easy to forget that the character was a member of the Justice League not that long ago, and he even wore a version of his Apokoliptian Warsuit that was designed to honor Superman.

However, over the years Lex Luthor has developed numerous ways to fight Superman that includes kryptonite-powered weaponry in his armor, not to mention the extra abilities his new human/Martian hybrid body and nigh-omnipotence grants him.

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While the Justice League includes some of Superman's closest friends, it also features a few potentially dangerous members he should worry about.

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