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When it comes to anime tattoos, there are probably none as regularly seen as Sailor Moon tattoos. The series has millions of fans, and lots of people, especially women, grew up watching the series and therefore feel very attached to it.

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While a lot of people get the more recognizable things, like the Scouts themselves or Sailor Moon’s brooch or Crescent Wand, others get slightly harder to spot tattoos, so only eagle-eyed fans would know them to be Sailor Moon tattoos or referencing a specific thing in the series. Here are 10 deep-cut Sailor Moon tattoos that true fans will recognize.

10 The Millennium Crystal

This tattoo is extra fun, since it also seems to be a coverup of a faded lotus blossom tattoo. The Millennium Crystal is also shaped like a lotus blossom, so covering up the faded tattoo with this vibrant Sailor Moon reference is a great idea. The tattoo is pretty subtle by way of a fandom tattoo, and it likely wouldn’t be recognized as a specific anime tattoo except by those who know it to be the Millennium Crystal.

9 Sailor Moon Anime Eyes

Anime eyes are a tattoo idea that’s pretty in vogue right now, the idea being, of course, to just get a pair of eyes in the style of an anime or manga. They are often crying in a very anime school girl kind of way.

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These eyes don’t look particularly like the eyes of any Sailor Moon characters, but the crescent moon over the eyebrows definitely lets fans know that this is likely supposed to be Usagi, Sailor Moon’s resident crybaby.

8 Rei In Overalls

Everyone from Tumblr to Facebook is obsessed with Rei Hino’s pink overalls and slip-on shoes. It’s an extraordinarily ’90s look, but it also seems so weirdly fashionable. Maybe it’s because fashion queen Rei is wearing it. Lots of people have tried their hands at recreating the look. But this Rei stan just got the look tattooed on her, complete with her iconic scowl.

7 All Artists Tend To Be A Bit Weird

This is another meme-worthy tattoo. The screenshot of Usagi walking down the street, Luna in her bag, confidently pointing out that artists are weird, has made the rounds on the internet and made artists nod their heads in agreement.

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This perfectly executed tattoo is a super-specific reference for Sailor Moon fans. The best part of the tattoo is the inclusion of the subtitle, in that very specific Sailor Moon subtitle font.

6 Crescent Moon And Top Hat

This gorgeous tattoo takes some of the Sailor Moon iconography and translates it perfectly into a tattoo. While more subtle than just getting Sailor Moon’s face tattooed on one’s arm, any Sailor Moon fan would recognize these symbols together. The crescent moon, blooming with roses, and the top hat and white mask that is easily recognizable as part of Tuxedo Mask’s costume.

5 Usagi With Her Tongue Out

People who don’t watch Sailor Moon probably don’t know that Usagi has a terrible attitude problem and, in particular, doesn’t get along very well with Rei. Seeing her with her tongue sticking out is pretty normal.

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So this great black ink tattoo of Sailor Moon in front of a crescent moon, in her uniform, ready to fight, is really funny. She’s not striking her usual pose and doesn’t look much at all like the Guardian of Love and Justice. She just looks like a teenager sticking her tongue out at someone who was teasing her.

4 Neptune’s Mirror And Uranus’s Sword

The relationship between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus is one of the things that makes Sailor Moon pretty special. The two Scouts are in an openly queer relationship, and a lot of viewers really flock to that. These two tattoos, with Neptune’s mirror on the left and Uranus’s sword on the right, are subtle and lovely tributes to these two Scouts and the love that they share.

3 Actually, I Think Boys Are Pretty Stupid

This tattoo is drawn in the style of the Sailor Moon manga and is complete with a word balloon. This is another tattoo of Rei being generally amazing and telling the boy-crazy Minako that she thinks boys are stupid.

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Minako’s sweatdrop and boingy hair show just what she thinks about that. The juxtaposition of the lovely art on this and the hand-drawn lettering also make this a really cute tattoo.

2 Planetary Symbols

The Sailor Scouts each have a symbol associated with their planet. And for the most part, they’re just the symbols associated with the planets period, but the Sailor Moon versions often have hearts as part of their designs. This tattoo, which took some dedication, since it takes up an entire forearm, represents all nine of the Sailor Scouts. It even includes the Black Moon Clan symbol, the upside-down crescent moon, at the bottom, which works as a perfect bookend to the tattoo.

1 Don’t Cry

As mentioned above, Usagi is something of a crybaby. She’s often whining during fights and arguing with her teammates. But she’s also generally prone to feeling overwhelmed by life, and she’s often seen legitimately sad about the way her childhood has ended by her becoming a Sailor Scout. This tattoo, in which a sad Usagi is sitting with her head in her arms, bordered by the words “Don’t cry” in big blocky letters, is representative of the way even Usagi manages to pick her head up and get things done when she needs to.

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These Sailor Moon tattoos are ones that could only be spotted by the most hardcore of fans.

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